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Destiny Tip: The Best Way to Grind Ability Kills for Exotic Swords

Here's some advice on how to get elemental ability kills for exotic sword really fast. Take note that this is not a nitty-gritty guide but rather some quick tips on how to get it done a.s.a.p.

So here's some tips:
  1. Equip sword of the same element as the quest asks for.
  2. Get its ammo down to 1 by swinging the sword.
  3. Block (BUT DO NOT BLOCK ACTUAL INCOMING FIRE!), do not change weapons!
  4. If you die just quickly block that 1 ammo and repeat.
The reason this is not working for some people is if you have enough ammo for a full block charge, you end with 0 ammo and not 1. Why this works is if you block with 1 ammo that is not enough to really block anything, so the sword gets confused and acts as if you still have ammo to hit with thus dealing elemental damage.

Note: It will take no more than 20 minutes for this step of the quest on the moon killing thralls.

Here's another trick for Arc Swords on Hunter:
  1. Switch to Bladedancer
  2. Go to Skyhold Skywatch
  3. Equip the perk that lets your super unleash a wave of energy with R2
  4. Equip the perk that lets kills with Arc Blade regenerate Super energy
  5. (Optional) Equip Mask of the Third Man because why not
  6. Wait until 'enemies are moving against each other' or whatever, then go to the little room in the building the Hive ship crashed into, up on top of the cliff. You'll know it's the one when Hive start pouring out
  7. Arc blade each group of spawned mobs. When they spawn they won't be focussed on you, so they'll cluster up in the hallway. Killing them all with one Arc Swoosh will max your super out again. I did this for about 30 seconds on one Super charge. Must have killed fifty guys, and I got there just before the end.
This won't get you your entire quota, but it'll get you a hell of a lot of it for the time you spend. If you're just running around in circles farming Spinmetal and crying about the low drop rate for the elite sword mats, you may as well do it here. I was there for a few hours and the fighting event happened a few times, so you might be able to get the whole thing done in an evening. Who knows.

Another trick is the video you will see below which is the fastest way to get the Titan ability kills for the Exotic Void Sword.

Mission - Dark Beyond - Hard Difficulty.
Exotic Chest - The Armamentarium (For Two Grenades).
Primary - Grenadier Perk (Increases Grenade Energy On Kill).
Super - Armor Of Light
Grenade - Magnetic

There are many ways to grind ability kills for exotic swords for all classes. In fact, the tips below are just a part of them. But so far, I find the mentioned tricks below efficient and will give you lesser time in terms of grinding ability kills for exotic swords.

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Credits: Special thanks to ITycoRCI TV for the video guides and to Gruntytastic for the tips.