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Destiny: Taken King Glimmer Bug (Glimmer Buffs Not Working Sometimes)

On youtube, someone reported via video that there's a glimmer bug in Destiny: The Taken King.

Essentially, Bungie put in a mechanic to slow down your glimmer gain by restricting your character from gaining glimmer if you get over a certain amount within a certain time. In the video below by MeowzaForce Gaming, it reveals that he have on the Ghost that gives glimmer when killing Hive and you see right at 168 glimmer gained that he stop getting glimmer BUT he keep gaining candy. He is not at max glimmer yet.

The other part of the video shows fighting Fallen and how he have the Ether Seed buff active with 6 minutes left and he's not gaining glimmer. Check out the video below:

Personal Opinion: I have no clue yet if this is a bug or this has been intentionally made it this way by Bungie but, I do hope that it is just a bug. Why? It's because Bungie did say that glimmer will be very useful in the next update as it will be made as the currency to buy weapon parts.

To fix the weapon parts shortage, Bungie will let the arms dealer sell weapon parts to you for the cost of glimmers. Wow! Now the acquisition of weapon parts gets a lot easier...No more long hour grinds...As part of the November update, they will be authorizing Banshee-44 as your Weapon Parts dealer. He’ll accept Glimmer as a form of payment.

So obviously, with the weapon parts and other items to be sold at vendors sometime soon we need the glimmer issue fixed now. We want to be able to buy stuff with glimmer again and not be held back by a temporary time-gate on glimmer gain. Especially since we soon will be able to buy weapon parts and turn them in for faction rep.

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Source: Youtube