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Destiny: The Taken King Daily Reset for November 15th

Here's what's new for the november 15th daily reset of Destiny: The Taken King.

Daily Chapters: Last Rites (Story)

Ocean of Storms, Moon Using the stealth code, travel deep into the heart of the Hellmouth and slip away with a sliver of Crota's soul.

  • Heroic - Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • Legendary Marks x15
Daily Crucible: Control (Control)

The Crucible "It's a tactical exercise in reinforcing and defending acquired territory. Should the Vanguard ever decide to expand past the walls of the City, the Guardians will be ready." —Lord Shaxx

Capture zones to increase points for every kill.

Vanguard Bounties

Cosmodrome Reconnaissance- Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies in the Cosmodrome.
How to: Patrol the Cosmodrome, open Chests, collect Spinmetal, kill some enemies, and do some Patrol Bounties and this will get completed very quickly.

Call Lightning - Get 30 kills with Arc Abilities.
How to: We've Woken the Hive on the Moon is great due to all the enemies rushing forward. Just be careful not to zap the knight otherwise the checkpoint may be lost.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades- Kill 15 enemies with attachable grenades.
How to: Can anyone say "We've Woken the Hive!!!!!!". Great place to do this on the Dark Beyond story mission on the Moon due to the tight cluster of enemies that can be killed easily and quickly.

Heavyweight- Get 5 kills within 3 seconds 5 times using a Heavy Weapon.
How to: Can anyone say "We've Woken the Hive!!!!!!". Great place to do this on the Dark Beyond story mission on the Moon due to the tight cluster of enemies that can be killed easily and quickly.

Eliksni Hunting - Defeat 50 Fallen.
How to: Either Venus Patrol, head left to Ember Caves and keep running laps, or The Archive mission on Venus.

House Breaking- Defeat 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras.
How to: The Archive mission on Venus is great for this. There are 3 majors right before the Vault Entrance opens. Then another ~5 throughout the rest of the fight. Right before the mission ends, kill yourself and repeat to get the remaining majros.

Crucible Bounties

Press the Advantage- In a team game mode, defeat 3 opposing Guardians while your team has the lead.
How to: In a team game made (ie Control, Clash, Skirmish) but not Free For All or Rumble, kill 3 enemies while your team holds the current lead.

Killing Wind- Rapidly defeat 3 Guardians.
How to: Defeat 3 Guardians within a short amount of time. Using your Super or Heavy Ammo on control points or during Heavy Ammo spawn is great for this.

Aerial Surgeon- Defeat an opposing Guardian with a Throwing Knife headshot.
How to: On the gunslinger subclass, kill a single guardian with a throwing knife headshot in the crucible.

Control Freak- Capture 5 Control zones.
How to: Stick with your team. Where they move, you move. You see that zone the enemy just took? Go there, take it back, with your team. Repeat 5 times.

Take the Middle- Capture Zone B first in a match.
How to: Be bold, be risky, but don't be stupid. Grab your team, head to Zone B. Secure the landing zone, go in, and take it!

Precision in Tandem- As a Fireteam of 2 or more players, defeat 10 opposing Guardians with precision headshots.
How to: Grab a fireteam, and collectively kill 10 guardians using headshots.

Speeding Locomotive- Defeat an opposing Guardian using Shoulder Charge.
How to: Striker Titan Class. For extended Shoulder Charge use the Mk.44 Stand Asides (Exotic Boots). Sprint until the corners of the screen go blurred, then press R1/RT to melee an enemy

Withering Strike- Defeat an opposing Guardian in the Crucible with Energy Drain.
How to: Embrace the Void and slap a fool.

Trials of Osiris Bounties

Attack of Opportunity- Defeat 5 opposing Guardians who have already been damaged by a teammate.
How to: Get those kill steals! Work as a team, roam with your group. Where they go, you go. Let your teammates injure the enemies first, then come in and mop them all up.

Ticket to Fight- Complete a single Trials of Osiris ticket.
How to: Either 9 Wins or 3 Losses, whichever comes first. You need a preformed fireteam of 3 to enter the Trials, and 100 Glimmer to purchase a ticket from Brother Vance.

Teamwork- Defeat 5 opposing Guardians while both your teammates are alive.
How to: Load up 3v3 and make kills when the whole team is alive and kicking.

Determined- Complete 5 Trials of Osiris matches or win 1 Trials match.

Valor's Reward- Earn 75 points in Trials by round wins (+3), losses (+1), and ties (+1). As a Trials Fireteam, defeat 3 opposing Guardians without anyone in your Fireteam dying.
His Eye Upon You- Complete 10 Trials matches. As a Trials Fireteam, defeat 75 opposing Guardians.

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