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Destiny: Sunbreaker with Immolation Fists DOES NOT Disable Flameseeker

Okay, there's a thread on reddit that has been upvoted by many redditors. What it discusses is that Sunbreakers with Immolation Fists disables Flameseeker.

The thread was started by redditor major_danger. He said and I quote:
So since the newest patch I've encountered an odd issue with the Sunbreaker and the Immolation Fists where the hammer of Sol does NOT seek enemies. 
On numerous occasions inside the Iron Banner I've witnessed my hammer sail directly between two opposing players and kept going. At first I thought I had disabled the perk in the tree but I hadn't so I waited patiently and time after time I watch as my hammer just goes soaring off in no particular direction as the enemies scurries away. 
If I was tech savvy enough I'd record it all on Xbox and submit it up for review but not that tech inclined anymore.
Is anyone else having this problem?
A lot of redditor also agreed with this as It seems that they have experienced the same problem. However, I beg to disagree!

I think that Immolation Fists does not disable Flameseeker.  To prove check out the video below:

I think people overestimate flameseeker's tracking strength, it's a slow projectile and flameseeker is that extra 5% to get it on target. Hammers, while overpowered, are not an instant win button, you do have to aim them.

Now help me tell this to those angry mobs who agrees with immolation fists disables flameseeker. :)

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Credits: Special thanks to Trav for proving that this argument is not true.