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Destiny Oryx Hardmode Pro Guide: Small Tips That Makes A Big Difference During the Fight

Okay. First of all, I would like to stressed out that in this page, there will be no "Knight Strategy" or "No Knight Strategy". The only thing you'll see in this page is some straight forward tips on how to defeat Oryx in Hardmode.

Here is just the basic outline of what we do for anyone interested. Pretty basic but just so we're all on the same page:
  • Blessing/Weapons bubbles dead center of map right when he slams with two ToM's killing ogres
  • Full time platform runners numbered 1, 2, 3 based on where Orxy starts it
  • Assign permanent running lanes and bomb assignment so there is no guess work on who gets which bomb or where you're running. You could just do it based on numbers but why add any extra thought to a very busy encounter?

That's it! If this doesn't make any sense to you then you probably haven't ran Oryx before. FYI: we call 'front' the side that Oryx pops up, and 'back' the end you enter the room from.

The Two Keys to Successfully Winning This Fight

Small things make all the difference in this fight. These will be second nature to people who have this encounter figured out already, but I know a lot of you are still struggling so the things we do that make a big difference:

#1: If you are holding one of the front two platforms, you have zero time to waste getting to the center bubbles because of the ship. The second you hear the relic holder say he's gotten to the last platform, you stop what you're doing and get to the bubbles in the middle and just chill until it flies overhead. Similarly, if Oryx starts on the left side of the map, the guys shooting ogres from the bubbles need to be extremely aware of the ship as well because they will be killing ogres in the front while the ship is shooting towards them. Yell out a reminder to them if you see them trying to kill that last ogre in the front to just hang back for a second until either the ship passes or the aura arrives.

#2: You have to also prioritize Centurions, and call them out quickly. When your ogre dies and you look across the map to watch your knight spawn in, identify if a Centurion is also spawning there and call him out. Then, rather than try to kill him which can be difficult without a team shot, just destroy any darts he shoots at you or a teammate. These fuckers cause nearly as many deaths as the ship blast and half the time you never see it coming because he spawned in a direction you weren't looking and nobody protected you from the dart. Their darts are easy to one shot and move pretty slowly so long as people are actually looking for them. Be wary of acolyte eyes also, these are much easier to kill so wipe them out if you can or prevent them from being spawned by sniping the hell out of those two acolytes that will spawn with light eating knights as well.


If you manage the ship and the Centurions, the rest of this fight is going to be pretty damn simple because you will have 6 guys alive the entire time. Believe it or not, managing just those two things makes this encounter about 50% easier. If people are dying, it's almost always to one of these two things, gauranteed. And they're easy to deal with - you literally just hide from the ship and shoot slow-moving darts.

It doesn't sound groundbreaking in theory, but it's a little counter-intuitive to say 'hide' and 'don't kill the guy just shoot his projectile'. Trust me though, it works. I'm sure you'll still have moments of RNG and weirdness from time to time but if you consciously manage these two things that are very controllable, you'll have a good time.

Few other notes:

1. Jumper/runner/relic guy make sure to grab blessing of light before getting the knight in the front. It can be hairy up there in the split seconds before you take his brand. You should have more than enough time if you're even a decent runner. Then you bring that aura back ASAP and let everyone help kill vessel rather than making us hide in the bubble waiting for you to solo kill him.

2. Nobody leave the aura right away when oryx is staggered. Clear any centurions and eyes that may be out, then have somebody give a nice long count down so you all enter your bombs within 1 second of one another. Timing of these things is so much more important with no revives.

3. The backside also has to watch for the ship but obviously they have more time until they are in sight of it. Still, there is very little reason to stay on your platform for even a split second longer than you are required because the knights will run right past you and can be team-shot. You staying alive is so much more valuable than getting all four bombs every round.

4. At the start of the encounter, tether all the thrall in the middle to create a nice pile of orbs for everyone right off the bat, ensuring supers are charged constantly in the fight when combined with all the bubble orbs.

5. Platform holders don't need to shoot their Ogre, although they can. But make sure you land a grenade on them. It makes the melting time so much faster for ogre squad.

6. Self-rez warlocks can sacrifice themselves to the shade to protect their teammates when that shade bastard just won't swing already. You should theoretically have bubbles to spare as a titan also, so putting a blessing in the middle of the shade can be huge as well.

That's it! Hope these tips will help you guys in your fight against Oryx in Hardmode! Goodluck!

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Credits: Guide by fulldamagebois