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Destiny News: November Update Coming Next Week Plus Return of Iron Banner

Bungie has revealed some details on the upcoming update this November which will be arriving next week. Plus, they have revealed that along with the November update, is the return of Iron Banner.

Bungie says that they had tweaked several of the reward gains from Iron Banner. Reputation gain from winning Iron Banner matches will be increased by 20 percent, and activity completion rewards will be increased for all ranks, with the most significant increases affecting Rank 2 and above.

Iron Banner Artifacts will be obtainable from the Rank 3 package, and packages from Lord Saladin will be obtainable upon hitting Rank 3 and Rank 5. Iron Banner Ghost Shells will be obtainable from Rank 5 package or activity rewards.

In addition, the update will fix the Hunter Shadow Shot glitch that delayed the return of the Trials of Osiris event. In addition, once next week's update has gone live players who have completed the "Blademaster" quest to obtain their Exotic sword will be able to purchase all three Legendary swords from Lord Shaxx. Sweet!

So get ready for next week guys!

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If you want to see the full details of this news, then head to the official bungie site or you can just click this link https://www.bungie.net/7_Bungie-Weekly-Update--11122015/en/News/News?aid=13977