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Destiny: A New Way to Kill Oryx in Hardmode Faster- "The Double Titan Knight Strategy"

I don't know if this is new or maybe done Guardians have already done this strategy but, for those who doesn't know this yet, then you better check out this new strategy to kill Oryx in Hardmode.

This strategy is called the double titan knight strategy. Why it is called this way? Because you need two titans to kill the Knights in King's Fall HM.

So how to do this strategy? I will be listing some points on how to do this strategy below as you can watch the video, demonstrating on how to do it in the bottom of this page.

So, here's some key points on the Double Titan Knight Strategy:
  • In the beginning of the Oryx fight, try to create as many orbs as possible.
  • Only one Titan is really necessary but having a double Titan with Weapons of light will make it easier
  • If you only have one Titan make sure he Runs Blessings to keep the Team alive.
  • Titans must put the bubbles on the side and not on the middle 
Other stuffs will be explained in the video below:

Personal thoughts about this strategy: Me and my group tested this strat and it works absolutely amazing! We have 2 Titans in the middle with ToM, Blessing & Weapons, and the Ogres absolutely melt, and it saves special ammo for the Echoes.

The Blessing of Light makes the strat even more better. In fact, when we have tried this strat, the only death occurred during the run, was a random unexplainable failure to stagger Oryx, and twice with the relic-runner getting one-shot while in the brand-stealing animation. It was a good group but those two bubbles in the middle were a fantastic addition.

Is it better than the "No Knight Strategy"?

Well I have no hate in the "No Knight Strategy" but IMO, it's way better. It's really fun and it feels like you and you're team are really in sync trying to kill big bad Oryx with a bad ass strategy.

I know why people insist on the "No Knight" strat, and I can empathize with them to an extent. Most of the time they're underleveled. Or maybe they just aren't as good as they think they are. Maybe they're lazy. Or maybe that's just the way they were taught.

However, for those Guardians who are game enough, and geared enough to do the King's Fall Hardmode, then I absolutely recommend using this strategy.

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Credits: Special thanks to Jedi Gill Gaming for sharing this very awesome strategy in Oryx HM.