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Comprehensive Guide to Terminal Hacking in Fallout 4

With this Guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Terminal Hacking. From the basics to the advanced techniques. 

After that, you will hack every Terminal in one go !


To start this guide off, some basics about what to expect when hacking a Terminal.

The idea is, to find the correct password to unlock the Terminal.

You will see a mix of letters, words and special characters. 

Many assume to just "trial and error" until they get the correct code, but there is a bit more to it than that.

Let's take this Terminal as an example:

We choose MARKS as our first try.

It wasn't the correct password, but it has likeness = 2 which means,

the correct code has 2 matching letters at the same spot as MARKS

It might be helpful to visualize it:

The important thing is, the characters have to be in the same spot in each word!

So if you compare MARKS with NUKES, it only has a likeness = 1 because each word has an S at the end. Some people would think, both words share an S and K so it must be a likeness = 2, but the K is in a different spot in both words. This is something important you should remember

Now you can go for the next word that fits, until you find the correct code.


Your Skills play an important role when hacking.
You can hack every Beginner Terminal, but for advanced, expert and master Terminals, you will need the perk "Hacker" in the intelligence tab. When you reach LVL 33 you can upgrade the "Hacker" perk so Terminals won't lock after failing all trys.

Another thing to mention is the "Science Bobblehead" It will give you a permanent 5th try for every Terminal you try to hack.

The Science Bobblehead can be found here:

Location: Inside Vault 75 (which is inside Malden Middle School). In the Lab, in a room overlooking the Combat Course. You'll need an Admin Access Card, which can be obtained by killing enemies in the area.

Modifying the Code

Since you now know the basics of finding the correct code, here's a few secrets to make it much easier.

Everyone should have noticed already that there are not only words, but special characters on your Terminal screen. Clicking a single special character gives you an error, they are pretty much useless.


When hacking a Terminal, there are always arrangements of special characters, like this for example:

See how you can select a bunch of special characters, like a word ? These are special codes that modify the Terminal. If you select one of those, the Terminal either removes 1 wrong word, or it resets your Try's. This is very very helpful, since you can click those without loosing a try.

You must first try 3 different words before you go and use the special codes, so you get the most out of your try's.

In-Game Example

Now you are ready to hack some Terminals.

Here is a full example of hacking an advanced Terminal.

As for the first word, the player picked HUNTERS

He then assumed that the likeness = 1 was the first letter (H) and since there is only 1 other word starting with a H, I gave HAMMERS a try.

Likeness = 1 but still not the correct word. Now you can assume that the likeness probably has to do with the ending ERS. One of these letters must be correct. Then he choose BATTLES next and got a likeness = 2. So the "S" at the end must be correct.

After wasting 3 try's, he started using the special codes to reset his try's and remove some wrong words.

With 4 fresh new try's, he was going for the next word ending with ES

BOTTLES being wrong leaves only one word ending with ES

DESIRES, which was the correct password

So that's all about it guys! Hope you've learned something from this guide.

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Credits: Special thanks to subkut for this guide and tips