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Call of Duty Black Ops 3: New Secret Cheat Menu in Campaign Discovered!

This dude named Ron Scottznbrgr has found a new secret menu in campaign on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and you can check it out how he did it below:

The Devs were pretty sneaky with this one. They hid ANOTHER secret under the secret dead ops button location in the data vault. I have no idea what this menu does, or what it can unlock, but this is how you get to it:

  1. Open the data vault.
  2. Go to top left area of the screen. You will be highlighting the weird "S" logo, and your cursor will disappear. (Hitting "X" [PS4], or "A"[X1] here will take you to the Dead Ops mode, although this is not at all necessary to get to the menu)
  3. Hold all of the Shoulder Buttons, then press {[PS4] Square, then Triangle}, or {[X1] "X", then "Y"}

This brings up the secret menu, where you can input text.

Video is here

So what is this secret menu? IT IS A CHEAT MENU!

There are actually 2 button combinations. Hold R2/RT, and hit Square/X, then Triangle/Y, OR Hit Square/X, then Triangle/Y, then press R2/RT. No need to hold all of the shoulder buttons. Still unsure of PC button combos.

There are absolutely no confirmation, noises, or any sort of visual/auditory feedback that you entered a cheat correctly. This sucks. We could have entered a bunch of codes already, and would never know.

The code entered was below the 10 character limit. It is still unsure if all codes are below that limit, but this one was. This leads me to believe that 10 character codes do not exist, since you cant actually hit OK or Cancel.

In addition, there's an issue with scrolling vertically past the letter "J". Start at the letter "C" and scroll down. It skips over "J". Does the same if you scroll up from "W". Also seems to happen when scrolling down from "B". It'll go down to "I", then skip "P", and go over to "Q". Doesn't work in reverse.

Finally, the cheat codes are exactly that. There ARE cheats. They make the game MUCH easier. The code is PERMANENT. No undoing it.

Working Codes:

MANIFEST- The first confirmed code. Sets your Fabrication Kits to 100. Cannot be used again. Also permanent. 

Here's a proof that it's working:

More codes will be available as soon as they are discovered.


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Credits: Special thanks to Ron for discovering this and sharing it.