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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Knife Only Build - Best Setup and Tips

Quick and easy guide on how to build a Knife-Only class, which basically means being able to get a decent amount of kills while using only your knife. 

Keep in mind that stuff might be patched and thing might change, so it wont be a permanent guide.

1. Class Setup

These are two classes ideas.
Keep in mind that a good combination of perks and equipment is mandatory in order to have a solid chance in combat. 

Option A (No Primary)

Straight forward, knife-only setup. 

Sixth Sense is by far the most useful perk in its slot: since you will be doing a lot of Close Quarter Combat, it will help a lot, as it allows you to always know where the enemy is. 

Ghosts is also very important: with this on, you can sneak behind the enemy team unnoticed. 

Perk 2 and 3 are really up to you, to be honest.

Tracker and Hard wired are great, but not essential. Same goes for the Perk 3 slot. Just go with the ones you prefer, according to your playstyle. 

Option B (Primary)

Ok, dont kill me. This aint a Knife only class and this is a Knife only guide. I know. 
But a primary will be very useful in a number of occasions and it only fill up 1 slot (Basically, same importance as a secondary grenade). 

Just go with a very basic SMG to keep yourself light at your feet: The Razorback is great without attachments and it allows you to quickly switch to it and get out of sticky situations (Especially in objective based modes). 

2. Specialist

Outrider - Vision Pulse is the choice. 

It's very useful to spot enemies and it allows you to keep killing with your knife, without having to switch to another gun. 

Some say that Prophet - Glitch is useful as well: in that case, using the Overclock Perk 1 slot, to shorten the ability refill time is highly recommended.

3.Game Modes

Some game modes are better than others.

You cant go Knife only in SND or Team Deathmatch.
Technically, you can, but you'll have a hard time. 

Objective base modes are WAY easier to approach with this playstyle, since the enemy will probably be too focused on the actual objective to even care about your ninja skills. 

Domination and Demolition are the best in this case, as you can tell their spawn points as well. 

4. Pro MLG Tips

Use Flashbangs!

Blind the enemy and sneak behind them. Flashbangs and Cuncussion grenades are very effective and allows you to take your time, stalking other players. 

Sneak Behind them

As you can see here, the player is behind 4 players that have no clue on where he is. That mean four easy kills. 

In objective modes, it's easier to sneak to the enemy spawn and get them from behind.

Snipers = Easy Kills

Watch for snipers: they usually stick to the same damn spot the entire game, which means you can easily sneak up on them since you know here they at.

Slide, slide, slide

Boost sliding is effective against a enemy that spotted you: you can catch them by surprize by quickly sliding to them and knife them. 

Use the ability

Vision Pulse allows you to see through the walls and have a better understanding of your surroundings.

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Credits: Special thanks to Laura for this guide.