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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Accolades Guide


Accolades return to Black Ops bigger than ever. Each level features ~16 challenges specific to that level which you must complete. Completion rewards you with XP and fabrication kits (and obviously a giddy sense of achievement).

This guide will begin by outlining the mechanics of accolades, then proceed through each level in turn. The accolades are listed in (my) rough chronological order as they would be acquired on a playthrough, rather than the order listed on the game, since the whole guide will form a (light) walkthrough with an emphasis on the accolades.

The guide is designed to be used like a walkthrough, as a companion to a playthrough while the user hunts for accolades. Alternatively, it can be consulted for specific clarification on a single accolade. It is designed for a single player.

The guide will feature description only, mostly because an entire video guide seemed excessive. Describing how to get the accolades, and where is most preferable to do so, should suffice. I am currently toying with the idea for video guides on certain of these accolades which present real difficulty, but that is not something which will happen immediately. 

Points to remember:
  • Accolades may be acquired on any difficulty. The easiest difficulty setting (recruit) is recommended in almost all cases.
  • Accolades DO NOT have to be completed on a single play through. Once an accolade is complete, it is saved and does not have to be completed again. It is not even necessary to complete the level.
  • However, progress towards an accolade is saved only when game progress is saved. E.g. if the accolade requires you to get five grenade kills and you get two, then those two will only be saved to your running tally if you reach a checkpoint. If you die, then the counter resets to whatever it was at the most recent checkpoint.
  • You can check your progress towards accolades of this sort on the accolades menu during play.
  • Accolades can be acquired in Co-op, and it is occasionally preferable to do so. The rules for what counts are further obfuscated by having multiple people doing the same thing. Sometimes a player's individual actions count for everyone, sometimes just for themselves. I advise sticking to single player first and using Co-op more as a last resort. 
  • If you miss the opportunity for an accolade, then you can kill yourself to go back to a previous checkpoint and start again. Cooking a frag in your hand or blowing up thermite on your feet is a quick way to do this.
  • If you cannot suicide, or if you have already triggered a checkpoint, then there is a solution for the next time that you try. Instead of selecting a mission, choose to go through the missions as part of the campaign (i.e. click 'resume story' when you log into 'campaign').
When you do a mission as part of the campaign, it is divided into major and minor checkpoints. When you reach a major checkpoint, it will says 'progress saved' in the top right. However, these are not the only checkpoints in the mission - there are minor ones interspersed too. You may have noticed this if you played through the story, reached a point where you died a lot and quit (ostensibly saving your progress), only to resume at a checkpoint further back.

What's important here is that if you do the campaign properly instead of selecting individual missions, you can exit and it will save your progress at the last major checkpoint. However, if you choose 'mission select' and pick an arbitrary mission, you don't seem to be able to save progress if you quit halfway through. 

As a result, if you play through a mission in true campaign mode, you have the option to quit and then reload. This is useful if a) you cannot suicide to retry or b) the window for the accolade extends over a long period, but there's a minor checkpoint in the middle. 

Of course, this does mean that you may have to go through lots of campaign missions to get to the one that you want. If you're doing a run through where you want to pick up all the accolades, it may be wise to do it this way instead of selecting each mission in turn.

All missions feature the 'Untouched', 'Score' and 'Got 'em' accolades. 'Untouched', as the description says, means completing the entire missions without dying. This is clearly most easily done on recruit. Mission failures arising from other means (e.g. friendly fire) do not invalidate this accolade. If you die, you must click 'Restart mission' and try again. 

'Got 'em' requires you to find all the collectibles on a map. There is already an excellent guide on Steam to these, so there's no point in duplicating any info here. The style of the guide will be walkthrough-esque, so I'll point out when intel is in the area, but specific instructions can be found elsewhere. The idea is that you flip over to a video guide for the intel to pinpoint the exact location.

The score system has been greatly simplified. There is now no difficulty bonus, nor any bonus for having all accolades. Mostly, the system is simply 100 points for a kill and a small bonus for enemy vehicles. That's it. Achieving the required score is therefore about simply killing as many enemies as possible.

I will operate under the assumption that players have the necessary weapons/abilities unlocked to fulfil the requirements. In particular, reaching level 20 so that you can bring all three cyber cores with you saves a lot of repeats. When I suggest a loadout, this is purely for the sake of bringing specific useful weapons for certain accolades; it is not mandatory or even necessary.

You are advised to read the entire section for a single level first in order to get a sense of where each accolade will be picked up and acquire some justification for the recommended loadout. 

Please comment on the guide if there is anything here that is obviously incorrect or could be improved. I am particularly interested in alternative strategies for any of the listed accolades.

I also recognise that the guide, in its current form, is very ugly. I am working to try to make it more pleasant to use.

Black Ops

  • Suggested loadout involves the Haymaker (extended mag) and L-CAR 9 + frags. Repulsor Armour on Tac-Rig is useful.
  • These can all be done in one playthrough; although, some are a little awkward, so you'll be repeating a couple of specific sections several times which rules out 'Untouched' on your first play through.
  • Untouched is very easy since the enemies pose little threat.
Locate Minister Said

The mission begins in the control tower. After you pass under the plane wheels, check the desk on the left for collectible 1. You then follow Hendricks to the camera room. Before you scan the cameras, check the room for collectible 2.

Go To the Interogation Room

Wildfire: Now things get loud. Proceed down a corridor and kill the three guards who enter. You'll emerge into a narrow room with vehicles and a gantry. Dotted around this area are numerous red barrels that will set proximate enemies on fire. Immolate 9 in 7 seconds for the accolade. The trick is to rush in aggressively so that all the enemies spawn, then quickly blow up as many tanks as possible. Consult Youtube if you're having trouble.

Proceed through and you'll come to the interrogation area.

Quick on the Trigger: Breach the observation room and wait for Hendricks's countdown. Rather than waiting for him to finish the count, start shooting as soon as you are able and quickly massacre the guards before he even enters.

Grab collectible 3 from the observation room. 

Go to the Extraction Point

Once Khalil is rescued, you'll proceed through a set of double doors and engage some more enemies. The pathway bears right, through two archways, opening into a larger area. In this area, there's a walkway in the middle and a lift at the back.

Overburdened: To the left of the room you'll see some concrete tubes hanging from the ceiling. Shoot these to drop them on anyone below. You'll need good timing - try moving into the room via different routes to change how the enemies move around the area and hence whether they move under the tubes. The checkpoint is just before this area, so you have as many retries as you want.

Turkey Shoot: If you proceed into the room, Hendricks will mention the elevator. It contains four rather unfortunate guards. You need to massacre all four before they leave the lift to get the accolade (Haymaker is useful here, as is standing in the exit to prevent any getting past).

Enter Taylor and friends. After some tense dialogue, you'll leave the hangar and Diaz will incapacitate some guards. Follow him up the 'stairs' and proceed through the window.

Toasty: Once Diaz is on top of the plane, he'll unleash his fireflies (the white flies). Kill any guards swarmed by these. Note that I have no idea whether you can simply use your own fireflies (here or on other parts of the level), but this method works regardless.

Phoenix's Nest: Proceed into the next hangar and you'll be pinned down by heavy fire. Hendricks has the bright idea of shooting the missiles, but for this accolade, you'll want to dislodge them using a grenade (semtex is easier, but I specified frags because they're useful later).

Before you leave, check the inside of the structure on the left side for collectible 4.

Go to the Comms Room

Truck Stopper: Once Sarah has dealt with the technical, you'll become embroiled in a firefight. In the distance, you'll see a bridge (the subject of the game dialogue). Across the bridge will come two technicals (they are usually highlighted by objective markers to make it obvious). Destroy these (grenades are fine) for the accolade. 

Master of Shadows + The Unseen Blade: Once the lights go out, kill all of the enemies inside the room with melee and without taking damage to get both accolades. Note that any hostiles killed by allies do not count, so you don't have to kill everyone in the room; you just have to ensure that you use melee only. 

Next you'll watch Taylor dispatch a VTOL single-handed and enjoy a brief firefight. Head up the stairs on the right and jump down into the 'alleyway'.

Cover Taylor

Force Multiplier: Smoke goes down and five robots appear. KIll these (these five are too widely spaced for the accolade), then wait. A second wave of (densely massed) robots soon appears through the smoke, giving you an excellent opportunity for this accolade. Just cook and throw.

Once inside, grab collectible 5 from one of the shelves before you mount up.

Go to the Secondary Extraction Point

Clear Skies + Trail of Destruction: These aren't too difficult if you keep an eye out for the VTOLs. The MG is outrageously powerful and enemy vehicles explode easily. Overhearing on the gun takes a long time, so don't be afraid to spray wildly. Co-Op partners can help if you're really struggling.

Cover the Extraction Point

Whites of Their Eyes: For this final accolade, you need to defend your exfil using only a pistol. Switch to your L-Car and drop a couple of enemies. Then simply go prone behind the rocks and wait for the end of the mission. Do not use any of your other weapons.

New World

  • Recommended loadout is LMG + Argus with EMPs and Traversal Enchancement on Tac-Rig.
  • 'Untouched' is made much easier with Hijack abilities.
Multi-Tasker: Fairly simple if you have the right equipment. Shotguns make wallrun kills easier, but any weapon will do. You need three singles and thiese can be done at any point in the mission.

Punch Through: Self explanatory - use tactical mode to see enemies in cover, or just deliberately move so that objects obscure your shots. 

Here You Dropped This: Just wait for enemies to throw them and toss them back. This accolade can even be accomplished with a single grenade if you're lucky. Best done in the first section (Diaz).

Go to Suspected Terrorist Hideout

Inferno: You need to blow red containers to immolate three enemies three times. This is a tricky one to get right. The first potential barrel is visible as soon as you start, located almost straight ahead. Proceed up the left flank and wait for three enemies to get close. There is also a barrel on the right flank that may yield some success. You'll manage one of these, but probably not both - just keep restarting until you do.

After you go up the stairs, there's another group of enemies with a green horizontal walkway high up, and, below it, some crates and drums with another explosive on it - this should be number two.

After Diaz mentions your enhanced mobility, you'll engage in another firefight. Stick left on the high ground. You'll proceed through a room, there's the walkway to your right and then a left turn into another room. After going through this, there's a gap in the path - look down and you should see a red container with enemies clustered around it (that's number 3). 

If you haven't managed three up to here, don't worry - there's a couple of red barrels in the warehouse. Just wait for them to cluster around and then blow it. 

Make 'em Count: Ths follows along similar lines, though you have much more agency. Just wait for clusters and dash in with explosives. There are lots of opportunities, so don't be too concerned if you only get one on the Diaz section.

After you've cleared the warehouse, either take control of a Talon or proceed on foot to another warehouse. There are opportunities here for inferno if you shoot the vats. PIck up collectible 1 shortly after entering. Clear the place out and blow the generator.

Locate the Terrorists' Command Centre

Turn the Guns on 'Em!: The next warehouse features three turrets. Take control of them ('Remote Hijack') and gun down enemies. 

Once the enemies are cleared, go through another door and Diaz's section ends. Then the scene changes to the chase.

Pursue the Suspect

Conservationist: Either take a weapon with a large enough ammo capacity that you won’t have to reload (LMG), or use melee on the robots and cybercore on the Talons (or even just run through). Note that you may still have to fire a shot, even if you intend not to use your weapons, just to tell the game that you don't intend to reload. The accolade will drop when Maretti's section starts.

Discretion: The award for the most misleading description goes here. You can de-rez civilians (they go blue and phase out) not only by shooting them, but also by running through them. When the groups of civilians panic, stay out of their way so that they don't try to pass through you. Likewise, watch your fire. The accolade will drop when Maretti's section starts.

Parkour: Once you enter the station proper, Sarah will prompt you to use the billboard to get over the maglev train. Stick to the right and wallrun along the pink billboard as the train passes below.

Locate the Explosives

Spike-cicle: The scene changes to Maretti. As soon as you have control turn about 60 degrees to your left and look up for the icicles. Shoot them and they should drop on the group closest to you. 

Pick up collectible 2 by going up the stairs to the left.

Caught 'em Sleeping: Once you've cleared the enemies in the room, a large group of robots appears at the exit. EMP them and set to work. There will be plenty of robots from this point on, so use your EMPs and get kills to complete this accolade.

Proceed through a couple more areas full of enemies. You'll do a section in smoke and then come to a much larger maintenance area (Maretti requests fire on bots moving a railcar). Drop into the 'pit' section and pick up collectible 3. Then finish up Maretti's section, completing any outstanding accolades up to this point.

Locate the Explosives (pt. 2)

Stopping Power: The Argus is a better bet here than the KRM, since the KRM only packs 8 rounds by default, meaning that every shot has to kill. The Argus packs 10 and fires heavy slugs, so you have more leeway (extended mags makes your life easier in both cases). Aim centre-mass rather than at the head.

Now that you're on the train, pick up collectible 4 from the bar and clear the first carriage. You'll move through into another where a robot drops through a glass panel in the roof. When this carriage is clear, head up the stairs onto the second floor and grab icollectible 5 from one of the seats.

You soon end up on top of the train; fight your way across, drop down, then jump back up on. At this point, Taylor will warn you about running out of time. You'll drop down for a second time into a pair of bots. There's an ammo crate here and another pair of bots. 

Fast Learner: You'll now see a closed carriage with a large number of robots. You need to kill five in under two seconds. Concussive Wave/Unstoppable Force are good choices here. Run to the far end first to spawn everyone, then unleash hell.

In Darkness

  • Recommended loadout is Drakon + KRM.
  • This is one of the easier levels to acquire all accolades, though you will have to make separate attemptes for specific accolades.
  • 'Untouched' is only an issue if you rush some of the larger engagements.
Neutralise the 54i Combatants

Commandeered + Matched Firepower: Rush to the technical and turn its gun on the unfortunate 54i. Kill the Warlord with it for the second accolade. You probably won't get the full 20, but there are more technicals later on.

Duelist: You have to kill the Warlord using only a pistol. The L-CAR probably packs the best DPS, so just unload it into his head.

Blown Away: You only need to deliver the killing blow with a barrel. Experiment with dealing damage to the warlord until he is on low health, then lure him to a barrel and blow it. This is tricky and frustrating.

Fire for Effect can be done here, but there is a better spot further on, so don't worry too much. Once everyone is dead, grab collectible 1 from one of the buildings, then proceed up into the wind.

Go to the Docks

No prisoners: After your foray into the wind, you come to a dilapidated building and hear Kane talk about a drone strike. Look over in the direction of the waypoint marker and you'll see a small number of enemies at the power station. When the strike fails, they flee - shoot them before they can escape.

Take a brief dip in the water, then emerge into another firefight. There is a technical here if you're missing turret kills (there's a third section further on, so don't worry if you haven't got close to 20). Collectible 2 is round the outside of the building, on the opposite side to the docks. To find it, from the water, instead of going onto dry land, follow it around to the right.

Clear the enemies off of the boat and prepare for breach.

Breach and Clear: Headshot three enemies. You have to be quick, because Hendricks likes to steal them.

Go to the 54i Communications Hub

Enjoy the underwater interlude and don't forget to pick up collectible 3.

Fire for Effect: When you emerge on dry land and proceed to the surface, you'll see a shooting gallery of targets. Line up five and unleash pain. 

Target Variety: If it hasn't happened yet, kill a human and a robot without reloading. Should be fairly simple.

Head inside the building and enjoy another firefight. You can find collectible 4 at the far end in a side room on the ground floor. Hendricks will announce riot shielders.

Push the Line + Expert Flanker: These are unfortunately mutually exclusive. The first two riot shielders don't seem to count as a phalanx, so you can kill them as you will. When you see the four coming down the next corridor, use your camo to sneak up behind, then chain your melee strikes to devastate them. For the second accolade, perform a similar process, except with headshots. 

Go to the 54i Secondary Comms Relay

Kane will bail you out from a Warlord in the cutscene. Once you've shown your gratitude, jump out the hole in wall and follow the waypoint markers. You have a choice of two accolades here. Collectible 5 can also be found here, but is not easily explained (use a video guide).

From Nowhere: You'll emerge into a room missing most of its floor and glimpse, in the distance, patrolling robots inside another building. If you don't have it yet, you can pick up this accolade by taking out five enemies with the missile launcher. 

Power Denied: Without shooting, simply rush the bulding ahead, jump through the window and bear right. You'll see some robot housings on the wall with robots still inside. Shotgun the robots before they have a chance to power up. This is tricky to get right.

Secure the Black Station

Once you've regrouped with Kane, you'll be presented with some zipline opportunities. Take either one and descend into the urban jungle.

Blast Zone: Two RPG enemies can be seen in the buildings at the back, high up in the windows. Either pull off some seriously quick shooting or use your cybercore powers. 

If you still need technical kills, there are several here. Once the enemies are cleared away, follow Hendricks through the door. A discussion of debris will ensue; follow your team up the stairs into a new room and find collectible 6 on a desk to the left.


  • No specific recommended gear. A shotgun is useful for speeding up engagements and a thermal sniper can help with the final section. Also make sure that you have a class with a pistol of some description.
  • 'Untouched' will require a bit of patience because the number of enemies is large.
Get to Cloud Mountain

Begin your day with a leisurely stroll through the marketplace. Bring a shotgun to deal with the 54i though. In fact, while you're there, pick up collectibles 1&2. You'll then be warned of an enemy turret.

Give 'em All Nine: Hijack the turret and kill eight enemies. This is easier if you rush through and then kill all of the retreating enemies you just passed; but there are turrets further on if things don't pan out. 

Fight your way through the next group of enemies and you'll come to another open area akin to the first, complete with turret (if you need more kills) and RPG overwatch. Check one of the buildings close to the ditch for collectible 3.

Next up is an mess of containers with 54i, robots and Talons. You can potentially get the Skeets accolade here, but there are better spots. Fight your way around to the other side, grabbing collectible 4 as you go. You'll see the door, through which you are supposed to proceed, closing - resist the temptation to kill the enemies you can see behind it! 

Once the door shuts, a Warlord crashes your party, but is dropped easily. Two friendly robots will now open the door. Have your 'Remote Hijack' ready to go.

Bigger than You: Rush forwards (with the hijack going) on ground level, around the crates, to a group of rusted barrels. Take cover here and complete the hijack. Once it's done, rapidly destroy the enemies with the P.A.W.W.S.. I have had trouble at this section finding enough enemies, which is why I advocate leaving those soldiers alive when you first see them through the gate.

Locate the 54i Servers

The Pointy End: Enter the building in front of you and look up. Now you just have to wait for an enemy to pass beneath and shoot the stalactite. Note that you may have already destroyed it with overzealous P.A.W.W.S. fire, which will probably necessitate a restart of the entire mission. There may be other stalactites that you can use.

Fight your way through this building (made easier by hacking the drones) and head outside. Some Talons will appear, offering an opportunity for 'Skeets' again. You may be tempted to destroy the Wraith, but there's a much easier opportunity later on. 

Move back inside and check the display cases for collectible 5. More Talons will appear as you leave on the opposite side and Hendricks will exclaim about the enemies on the walkways below. Clear out enemies as necessary and head to the top of the stairs.

Three for One: A large, dense group of robots appears here. They are perfect for a cheeky nade. 

Destroy the turrets and move into the server room.

Protect Hendricks

Repelled: As soon as the action starts, make your way up the stairs to the second floor and out onto the balcony. A VTOL will appear and jettison two lines towards you along which enemies will travel. Kill them all before they land for the accolade. You have to be quick on the trigger - this is much easier in Co-op.

After mounting a successful defence, you'll end up on the Super Trees. Amongst them is collectible 6.

Skeets: Drop 3 Talons without missing. This is most easily done when they're clustered since you can take them all out at once.

Air Superiority: Hijack a Talon and use it to shoot down the wraith. Or, just use your own weapons. 

Action Hero: You can travel repeatedly back and forth on the ziplines. Keep trying until you get the requisite number of kills. Note that you need a pistol to be able to fire while ziplining. There is a mobile armoury at the start of the Super Trees, so have a pistol class ready. 

Clean Sweep: You have to kill all enemies on the Super Trees. This turns out to be very awkward because enemies take a long time to spawn, the area covered is quite large and certain enemies play dead. Make sure that you check all the corpses - there always seem to be some 54i who are wounded but not dead. Keep circling around for several minutes, even if you're sure that the place is clear, enemies do like to pop up long after the fight has started. Keep your fireflies permanently scouting for hostiles. The accolade only drops after you advance to the next checkpoint, so you want to be absolutely sure before you do so.

Secure the Dock

You'll end up underwater (again). Somewhat handily, four enemies will appear on the bank.

Up Periscope: Kill the enemies whilst underwater. You must be submerged - use tactical mode to see your targets.

Board the Air Boat:

Trick Shooting: There is one particular section, early on, just after Hendricks says "Go left, go left", where large numbers of Talons fly at you - spray with the MG and their high density should cause mass casualties. If you miss them on the first pass, they do come again over your right shoulder; however, they seem to be harder to hit in that configuration. 

Wreckage + Vehicular Slaughter: These are fairly self explanatory. You're not paying for the ammunition, so go crazy. Trucks tend to spawn at the base of towers.


  • A class with a suppressed sniper rifle + Traversal Enhancement is necessary for the first few accolades. Make a second one with a thermal Gorgon and Haymaker for when inside.
  • 'Untouched' can come undone if swarmed by melee robots or through carelessly falling from great heights.
Go to the Facility Entrance

Hypocenter opens with a slew of enemies available to you. A stealthy approach is necessary for some of the accolades, so keep it in your pants for the first couple of minutes. Your first task is collectible 1, which is atop a crate beneath the yellow canvas close to the spawn.

Caught You Napping + Where’s That Come From: Use a suppressed sniper rifle and knock out the snipers (3) from range for the first accolade. Kill a fourth enemy to net the second.

Patient Hunter: Hopefully, if everything is still quiet, you can pick up the remaining kills. You don't need to snipe, any supressed weapon or melee attack is also a stealth kill. Enemy units in the buildings either side are isolated and vulnerable.

Two Birds with One Stone: You don't have to do this here, but there are some good opportunities, particularly the cluster of three having a conversation.

Bombardier: Use your Traversal Enhancement to jump high and simultaenously grab a double kill. It is worth doing it here since there are lots of enemies and plenty of rocket launcher ammo.

Search the Coalescence Facility for the Signal Beacon

Head inside and go to the left to pick up collectible 2. Then return to Hendricks. He'll use the recon drone and you'll proceed down. About halfway down, you encounter a 54i group. Annihilate them. Proceeding all the way to the bottom, you are attacked by robots. After fighting them off, check the side room for collectible 3.

Go To the Signal Source

Descend into the bowels of the faciltiy and you'll enter a room with the SP/Corvus mural, Hendricks will open a door and insist on following the blood trail. Right after you go through the door, take a left into an office for collectible 4. Then, follow Hendricks into a two-level room. Suddenly, the robots will reanimate and attack.

Devastator: This is probably the best place since the robots will charge you singly and you can use your martial cyber core to destroy them. 

Shocking Results: If you want this accolade, follow Hendricks through the ground level door. You'll come into a slightly more open area with a couple of glowing orange boxes. These electrocute enemies when shot, so dash around the area waking the robots, then lure them to the box and blow it. 

After dealing with these robots, you'll head into a rec room with lots of funky white chairs. Hendricks takes a left down the corridor. Instead of following him directly, head into the large office on the right side of this corridor. 

Good Listener: Visit each of the computer stations in turn and listen to the audio recordings (there should be seven). You need not listen to the whole thing, merely activate each one.

Investigate the Server System

After the next cutscene with all the pods, search the room for collectible 5 on the right side. Then, head down the next corridor and help Hendricks up. The door is opened and you enter a partially flooded area to do battle with robots. After clearing a path to the exit, you'll find that your enhancement systems come back online. As soon as this happens, turn right into an orange/red room with a broken, beeping t.v. to locate collectible 6.

Fight your way through the corridor of robots to get to the lift and hence the server system. When you enter the room, you'll see a large number of robots stood waiting.

Decapitator: Given that they are stationary and a long way away, they are perfect targets for precision headshots.

Complete the first two rounds of grenade throwing and defend Hendricks. When the third tower is exposed, destroy it as normal, but don't throw the grenade in. Instead, appreciate that enemies will continuously respawn in the vicinity of the tower.as long as you wait to destroy it. This gives you the perfect opportunity to level weapons, increase your score, and complete any remaining accolades (scorcher can be done here). When you're satisfied, toss the final grenade.

No Survivors: The key to this one is a mix of speed and care. The thermal Gorgon is perfect, though the thermal Drakon works as well. The section splits into two parts. The first section is the robot corridor. There is a cluster of enemies close by and a handful in the adjacent corridor that runs parallel. Shoot the ones that are close, but keep your scope trained on the distance - enemies from the adjacent corridor are fleeing and need to be gunned down as they run for the exit. 

Once those are all killed, you can proceed to the next part. Switch to 'Overdrive' and sprint through the corridor, ignoring enemies, taking a left into the partially flooded room. Try to get to the door at the other end and gun down anyone trying to get through it (you are now ahead of most of the enemies, so shoot them as they run past you). The accolade should pop before the next checkpoint, so you have plenty of opportunities to suicide and retry. Try Youtube if you're having real trouble.

Scorcher: While Hendricks tries to open the door, you are left the task of holding off the robots. Switch to 'Immolation' and wait for a suitable cluster of robots.

After your swim out, there's only the final escape from the depth charges. 

Mine-Sweeping: Destroy ten depth charges ... doesn't come much easier.

Mercurial: Shoot all of the depth charges in the lower section before the first checkpoint. As soon as you pass the first checkpoint, swim straight up to the metal pipe. If you swim quickly, the depth charges won't get close. Follow the pipe and go left at the end. Destroy the two bots there and the depth charge that's ominously close. Then turn to swim upwards, shooting any charges that look too close. The key to this one is speed.


  • Recommended loadout is a thermal sniper + suppressed SMG. The Enhanced Traversal kit is necessary for certain accolades.
  • 'Untouched' is easy since this level has numerous stealth elements.
Go to the Safehouse

The mission begins with you on the streets. Instead of following Hendricks, turn back on yourself and gather collectible 1. Once you have it, follow Hendricks into the apartment block.

Aggressive: By 'all' enemies, it really just means three. Rush ahead and bring your SMG/shotgun out to feed on the 54i soldiers in the building. This one is made much easier if you know which direction to go i.e. it may take a second attempt.

Once they're dealt with, you make your way out of a door/window(?) onto a rooftop to reminisce about the old days when you killed people (instead of whatever it is that you do now). 

Floor 'em: You need to kill all of the enemies during the slow motion sequence i.e. ensure that everyone is dead by the time that the slow motion section ends.

A technical will turn up with some friends, but they will obviously be no match for your superior skill. Once everyone is pacified, head into the alleyway. You'll come upon some sort of execution scene where you ironically end up slaughtering everyone.

Aerial Assault: Just jump (enhanced) and shoot someone in either one of these areas.

Keep the next little section quiet (or don't). It doesn't really matter. There's a chance to refit your class if you want something more stealth orientated, although the Sheiva you are given is very serviceable. 

Like a Ghost + Cut Ya + Whisper: Ignore the people being burned alive and proceed into the building on the left. Melee the guard within and bear left, heading up the stairs. Melee the two guards up top and come back down and continue through the building. Once outside, you will be looking down a long alleyway with a sniper at the far end. Drop the sniper. You can sneak up to, then rush, the two guards in the alley with melee to complete these accolades. Simply exit this section and you'll complete 'Like a Ghost'. 

Eye in the Sky: Destroy all of the Talons - this usually ends up loud, so consider a separate playthrough. I imagine that it is possible if you killed all of the infantry, then simultaneously killed all of the Talons with something like 'Mass Paralysis', to still classify it as 'stealthy'.

Another stealth section follows with corresponding achievements. There's also collectible 2 in the temple gardens. 

To the Shadows: Remain undetected. This isn't too hard, just stick to the shadows and shoot anyone in your way. The jetpack can also help you to get over walls if you want to avoid engagements.

Stealth Double Kill: There are numerous opportunities for this with enemy units working together in close proximity - check the side alleys in particular. 

Show Off: The alleys on either side have relatively smooth walls for extended wallruns. Pick a target and get the wallrun going, then spray and hope. If you're having trouble, use C4 and detonate it while wallrunning. 

After you have made your way through the this section, you'll proceed through a building and get some dialogue from Goh. You'll then emerge into the middle of a battle. 

Counter-Snipe: Focus your energy on the snipers while they are distracted by other units. Either use the plant pots for cover and snipe them, or use the technical. 

After killing the snipers, you can focus your fire on the remaining units. As you advance to the building an A.S.P. appears. Hijack it (it's usually faster) and use it to kill the Warlords whoarrive as reinforcements. Once that's done, proceed through the judicious hole in the wall and turn to the left to secure collectible 3.

Moving up to the second floor, you come across yet another full blown battle. Instead of joining Hendricks on the ground, cast your eyes directly across to the opposite side and hijack the turret there. 

Bring the Pain: Hijack one of the turrets and get kills with it. These turrets are snipers. If you don't have the correct angle or your turret gets destroyed, there are several others dotted around, high up. 

Once you drop down, the battle will intensify and a P.A.W.W.S. will appear. 

Now You’re Mine: Hijack the P.A.W.W.S. and get kills with it. 

Finish off everyone in the area however you wish (turrets, P.A.W.W.S., Talons) and head into the building. Deal with the first few robots and move up the stairs. You'll come into a large open room with a raised stage in the middle. On the right side of the room, on a table, you'll find collectible 4.

Rise & Fall

  • Recommended gear is a longer range SMG (Kuda, Razorback) + sniper. Take Enhanced Traversal and Respulsor (because of all the vehicles). 
  • This mission has 17 accolades - remember to scroll down
  • 'Untouched' is easy if you stick to the objectives and don't waste time.
Go to the Holding Room

Your first task is collectible 1 lying on a desk in the interrogation area. 

Protect Doctor Salim

It's time to enter the battle. Once an anonymous soldier has shielded you from the R.A.P.S., head into the main area and head left up the escalator. On the far side of the server bank you'll find collectible 2. Deal with the enemy infantry, but don't worry about any of the accolades just yet. Make your way outside and mount up.

Demolish the Street

When you return to the fight, you have the spike launcher. Firstly, head out of the left-most 'doorway' in the bunker wall and scan the brick wall to the left for collectible 3. Enemies here will respawn continuously, so it is an excellent opportunity to get the requisite score for the accolade. Aside from that, lots of accolades are possible in this area, so listed in no particular order:

Aggressive Marketing: Look up to the right where there is a rather garish billboard of vegetables with an enemy sniper. Fire a spike (aim slightly high because the projectiles are affected by gravity) into the billboard. Detonate it and it will crush the sniper.

Lawn Darts: Aim at the enemies below this sniper. It takes a few shots to gauge the projectile drop; but assuming you are far enough away, it should count. Note that you have to kill the enemy by skewering them, not by exploding the spike.

Fly Swatter: Jump on top of the tent in the middle and use the martial core to strike a Talon that gets too close. 

Death From Above: Jump and shoot enemies. Or even plant spikes and detonate them while jumping. 

Skewered: Flank enemies crouching behind the same cover to get the skewer shot.

Strafing Run: Hijack a Talon and get five kills

Lethal Sideways: Plant spikes in areas that enemies cluster, then wallrun (where you found collectible 3 is a sensible choice) and detonate.

Having done these, plant (and blow) all the spikes as part of the objectives. As your team requests that you fall back to detonate the explosives, remain where you are. Through each of the breaches, a squad of 4-5 robots should appear and remain in place.

Wide Area Effect + Like Lightning: Plant 2 spikes next to one group and 3 next to the other. They need to be close enough to do lots of damage (in the centre of the four, but separate). Use 'Active Camo' to make things more survivable. When you blow them, it should kill both groups of four and net you both accolades. If it doesn't work, kill yourself and try again. Indeed, enemies here respawn continuously, so you have plenty of opportunities. Note that you must get the seven kills with a single group of five spikes - you cannot plant 20+.

Don't worry too much about the R.A.P.S. accolades, these can be done later. 

Go to Safiya Square

When you come out into the battle zone, move round to the right, taking the high ground. On the right hand wall you will see a doorway and some stairs down. In the room at the bottom, you will find collectible 4. This whole area is called (imaginatively) 'The Alley'. 

Clean Sweep: As it says, make sure that no one survives in this area, including the open space with the Cerberus drones. It can be a little awkward to find everyone - check all of the side rooms, such as near to where the intel is located and unleash fireflies regularly. Unlike some similar accolades, there are no enemies that can escape (as far as I know), although this accolade does seem to be temperamental. It should unlock when you hit the checkpoint at the entrance to the building at the far end.

Open the VTOL Hatch/Destroy the ASP ML

You'll come to a crashed aircraft. Head to the right and pick up collectible 5, before helping Hendricks with the pilot. This will cause you to be deposited rather unceremoniously into the battle. You can find collectible 6 in the theatre/cinema on the right hand side. 

Power Slide: Simply slide through the legs of the tank (the first one works). You need to disable the repulsor shield with bullets first. 

Destroy the first two A.S.P.s. When the third comes, don't destroy it immediately. Enemies will respawn continuously here (including R.A.P.S.!) which means that one can fish for the last few accolades. 

Aerobatics: Use the wall of the theatre when enemies start spawning and equip the martial core. Just tap melee, when prompted, while wallrunning close by. 

Epic R.A.P.S. Battle: Awkward because of the last specification. Try to hijack one of a pair that spawn - the other one will almost certainly make a beeline for you; you just have to squeeze in two kills it reaches you.

Stuffed: Hijack a R.A.P.S. and get some air (be creative), then exit the hijack, destroying it. This counts (or at least it did for me). Alternatively wait for a hostile one near ramps and nail it when in mid-air.

Demon Within

  • Recommended gear is thermal sniper/LMG/AR + Haymaker.
  • The first accolade requires a substantially different build, so should be done separately.
  • The score requirement is quite stringent. Take your time to kill every enemy.
Defeat Sarah Hall

As it says on the tin, you have to defeat Sarah Hall. She has no shield, so you can just hit her with bullets/explosives. 

Quick on Your Feet: This is a little bit tricky because of the spike launcher she has. Pack yourself a War Machine and Drakon. At the beginning, retreat to the left to the two pieces of beige masonry, one lying on the other (forming a handy crawlspace). Use indirect fire with the War Machine (no need to be conservative here). Drop your camo to dash for more ammo when necessary. If she jumps onto the building, unload Drakon shots. The key here is to dispose of her quickly. 

Pursue Sarah Hall

Interface with Sarah and follow the trees etc. until you end up in Bastogne. From the spawn, bear right in the first bunker for collectible 1.

Volume of Fire + The Fastest Gun: Now rush fowards up the left flank, past the half-tracks (use Overdrive/Camo as necessary) and you will eventually come to a gun emplacement. Jump on the MG42 and mow down the Germans you've just rushed past. If done fast enough, you should get the second accolade too.

In this same emplacement, you will find collectible 2 (likewise, if you're confused about where this MG42 is use an intel guide to figure it out). 

Hat Trick: Just get headshots - the helmets pop off of their own accord. 

Fight through the waves of Germans. The sky will darken and the ground will start to shift repeatedly. Eventually, you'll come to an open area with an ammo crate, half track and small bunker. You can find collectible 3 here. More importantly, you will also find the Dire Wolves. 

There are three accolades that relate to these wolves. You can't get all of them in one go.

Prey Instincts: Mostly, you just need your wits about you. The first couple of wolves tend to roam around by the ammo crate and are excellent at sneaking up on you. After this, there is a chokepoint which is easily defended.

Way of the Fist: Use your rapid strikes and melee follow -ups. You want to take them in ones and twos rather than getting swarmed. 

Snagged: Past the ammo crate, there is a 'bridge' of sorts on which two wolves spawn. This is the chokepoint that I mentioned. Look into the distance. On the right, you'll see wolves approaching at ground level, whereas the ones on the left are moving around higher up. These ones on the left have a ledge that they jump from. Learn their trajectory and drop some shots into them while they're in mid-air. If you miss these, there is a fork in the path further on -  look to the right and you'll see some that jump, providing a second opportunity.

With the wolves pacified, there is another confrontation with Sarah, a platform jumping section and more cutscenes. When the action resumes, you battle across a farmstead. Look into the large barn on the left flank for collectible 4. Proceed in the same direction, between the two half-tracks into a smaller shed where you will find collectible 5. 

Beat You To It: After the map goes Inception-mode, rush forwards to grab the rocket launcher. Drop back and fire on the Tiger from as far back as possible. This accolade takes a little bit of experimentation, but staying back seems to be effective. You just have to defeat it before it can fire its cannon. 

Jump into the building almost directly in front of your spawn location. It extends to the right and has an open roof section where enemies spawn. You will find collectible 6 in here. Fight your way through the graveyard to the chapel (beware glitches here). After a short cutscene, you'll be thrown into another confrontation, this time with a modern tank. 

Defeat the A.S.P.-C

Unscathed: You are not allowed to take damage from anything, which I presume includes enemy infanty. There are some safe areas on the staircases. Use your fireflies to eliminate the enemy infantry first. Once they're gone, keep your distance from the tank - peep out to whittle down its shield/health. This might be easier on Realistic, since you know when you've been hit (cause it will kill you). The Repulsor makes things easier, but the rockets can rebound onto surfaces and detonate. 


Incinerator: I have no idea how this happened. Experiment with explosives and luring enemies to certain areas.

Right Between the Eyes: As it sounds - try doing this early on when the zombies are slower and less numerous. 

Hands Off: This is immensely difficult solo, but much easier in Co-op. If you want to try solo, I recommend strafing from side to side, using your superior speed. The Haymaker is the best choice of gun. 

Out With a Bang[/u]: When Sarah asks you to kill her, use a grenade. 

Sand Castle

  • Recommended gear is any AR + SMG/Shotgun. Repulser Armor is useful. 
  • Accolades are simple, but awkward to explain because you transition from from foot to jet frequently - you are going to have multiple plates spinning. Make sure that you read the whole thing first.
  • This is probably one of the easiest levels for 'Untouched' and accolades in general.
  • There's only 15 to balance out the 17 on Rise & Fall.
Eliminate Enemy Air Threat

Dog Fight: Use only your guns. not missiles, in the dogfights. The number of enemies you can shoot down is based on how quick you are. You need to destroy four in each section, with a potential maximum of six, maybe seven, in each.

Fill It With Holes: Take out the marked ground defences (A.S.P.s) with your machine guns only.

As long as you don't destroy the final A.S.P., enemies keep respawning. You can use this to ensure you acquire Raining Fire and Bring them Down.

Raining Fire: Destroy 90 hostiles (the accolades menu keeps a counter - Wraiths and some aircraft seemingly don't count).

Bring them Down: Shoot down seven Wraiths. These spawn on a lower platform level. Keep one A.S.P. alive so that they respawn - rinse until complete. 

Phantom: You need to avoid getting hit with defence missiles on three occasions. This is the first. The general tactic is to move quickly and blitz enemy defences. Use your superior manoeuvrability to dominate. Obviously it might be best to do this separately from the accolades listed above.

Disrupt NRC Communications

Pick the left landing spot (if you are facing the platform in VTOL mode) and dismount. Head towards the objective building. Instead of heading to the roof, go one floor down to find collectible 1. Protect Kane as she works on the first half. 

Destroy VTOLs: An enemy VTOL appears almost exactly above where you landed when progress has reached about 10% Two rocket launcher shots is enough, but it doesn't stay around for long. A second VTOL appears around the 60% progress mark to the left of the first one. 

TNT: Wait for enemies to cluster near barrels and blow them. This map features a lot of barrels, so this one should be quite easy. Do bear in mind that destroying VTOLs means fewer boots on the ground. 

The procedure for the second comms array is analagous to the first. You reboard your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ark - use your guns to disable the A.S.P.s and shoot down any Wraiths + kill infantry if you need more kills. When you land, head into the buildings to the left for collectible 2.

As soon as the process starts, a large enemy contingent approaches from your right - there is a very judicious barrel that can net lots for the TNT accolade. Indeed, the second area has lots of barrels on gantries that make TNT easy. 

Two VTOLs will appear at this one, as well, in a similar fashion (one almost immediately, one just after halfway). Take these down too. 

Locate Taylor and Maretti

The game switches to an indoor section. There isn't much to help your accolades here until you get back in the jet. You'll be dogfighting again, so use your machine guns only to get the 'Dog Fight' accolade.

Provide Fire Support

Back into VTOL mode, you must provide fire support for friendlies. Destroy the final two A.S.P.s with machine guns to achieve 'Fill It With Holes' (the accolade won't drop until after this section).

Defense: Kill 45+ enemies. This is not hard; just move from side to side, strafing with a mixture of missiles and guns. 

Fire For Effect: Wait for a cluster to spawn and drop a missile in.

Multiple KIA: Wait for one side to fully spawn and cluster, then strafe across unleashing everything. 

If you miss the last two, the next section (clearing a landing zone for the third time) may also be profitable. Note also that waiting for the perfect shot(s) for accolades might leave you with <45 kills, voiding the 'Defense' accolade.

Apprehend Maretti

The final VTOL appears soon after you land above the helipad next to yours. Note that this one sometimes has issues with target lock, so just use direct fire when it is stationary. 

Fight your way through the infantry. There's still more barrels here (including a nice set just before the rappel) if you're missing the TNT accolade. After the breach, clear the corridors of enemies (you can rush this on recruit since you should already have plenty of score). 

Evasive Maneuver: Just run from side to side - try not to get caught up in jumping Just sprint a fast, direct route and slide at the end. The flames make things awkward of course. Overdrive helps, but the camouflage seemingly does not. 

All Too Powerful: Don't shoot at the troops. Simply put on Overdrive and rush from generator to generator. The idea is that in the room you use nothing but your cyber abilities, thereby defeating Maretti using only them. Accolade should pop when you breach the door.

Lotus Towers

  • Recommended gear is AR + Haymaker. You'll need EMPs too.
  • These accolades are tough because they rely on factors largely beyond your control (e.g. whether Hendricks wants to steal kills).
  • The score requirement is very stringent.
  • 'Untouched' is not too bad if you play the vehicle sections sensibly.
Crowded AO: Nothing massively outrageous here, just watch your shots in the early sections. If necessary, play a 'safe' playthrough where you allow your allies to do the leg work to minimise risk.

Grounded: There are a couple of occasions where robots jump down from ledges. Keep an eye out (it's not necessary scripted). This is the sort of accolade that happens by accident. 

Assassinate General Hakim

Other Ways: As soon as the mission begins, look down the hall to two riot shielders trying to hold back the crowd. Use Sonic AP to incapacitate them. Do something similar for the next group you run into. You should have five by the time you reach Hakim. 

Mob Justice: As you proceed through the first few corridors, you'll see civs attacking soldiers - shoot the soldiers to put them out of their misery. You should be able to manage five before you get to Hakim. After killing him, take the first right and you'll see two more available to be put out of their misery for the seven total. If you're one short, there's one at the top of the mobile shop lift.

Capture the Security Station

Another four riot shielders turn up in the first engagement area (2x2). Two or three more appear in the fight by the lifts. That makes 11/12 in total so far (though Hendricks often steals one or two - don't worry if you only have 9 or 10). 

Ride the mobile shop up to the top floor (the +1 for 'Mob Justice' that I mentioned is directly in front of you when you arrive). In a shop on the left flank is collectible 1. 

As you proceed down the corridor, R.A.P.S. will turn up, as will one more riot shielder. 

Rolling Death: Hijack the R.A.P.S and try to run over as many people as possible (not civs). I think it counts towards 'Other Ways' if you run over the riot shielder. 

Prep your Hijack again before you hit the checkpoint at the corner. When the bots and R.A.P.S breach the wall, hack a R.A.P.S and try to score as many kills as possible. Hopefully, by this point you've managed about 6. Breach the vent and find collectible 2 in a locker on the left side of the room.

Capture Taylor

Once the hack is complete, the wall to your left will be breached. You have two choices here; I recommend doing one accolade then commting suicide to do the other.

Stun and Gun: Wait for the smoke from the breach to clear and kill the R.A.P.S. as they roll through. Then move into the breach and drop 'Mass Paralysis' onto all five robots. Slaughter them quickly for the accolade (Haymaker is great here). 

Alternatively, have your hijack ready again and take control of another R.A.P.S.. If you're good/lucky you can finish this accolade here, but more likely Hendricks will steal lots of the kills. You can either keep replaying until you get it (checkpoint is literally just before the breach) or pick up the R.A.P.S. kills later. 

Allow the friendly VTOL to hose the next set of hostiles and make your way into the next mobile shop. After it stops prematurely and you exit, fight across the bridge into a building. In here, more R.A.P.S. will turn up, so this is definitely the opportunity to finish Rolling Death. 

Once the room is clear, you'll proceed up a ramp (or wallrun the billboard like Hendricks). When you enter the room (and witness some poor gentleman's fate), head quickly up the stairs across the room. Slay the guards and grab collectible 3 on the table. Then look past the table, through the window, to the top of a staircase - you should see some riot shielders and a sniper. Use your Sonic AP to finish up 'Other Ways'.

Mini-Tank!: In the next area, rush straight in towards the sentry gun, then hang a left. Down in a small space to your right will be a Cerberus. Hijack it and use it to destroy the five robots that have appeared at the far end. This one is infuriating because Hendricks loves to kill the robots before your can get to them. I believe only five spawn here. You can always suicide to retry.

After the cutscene, you'll start to see rogue robots around. The interesting type (for accolades) is the type that charges. Try to get these before Hendricks does. 

Hold It: As I said, look for the robots with electrical arcs on them that charge towards you. Hendricks is unusually aggressive in this mission which make it much harder. The best tactic to rush ahead as quickly as possible. You should be able to grab four before you get outside. When the section of masonry above the door explodes (instead of the door opening), you enter a new area where you can pick up three. 

Go to Tower Two

You'll clear a large piece of debris together with Hendricks, then emerge into the outside world. Some sporadic engagements with robots/NRC follow - try to kill the ones that are charging at you. You should be able to grab one from each separate engagement. If you're still one or two short, you can pick them up in this last area. 

At some point you'll emerge into a corridor of sorts with some stalls in it. Climb on these to get onto the roof and find collectible 4. Finally, climb onto the crashed VTOL and back inside.

Go To the Mobile Shop

There's a brief cutscene and then you continue along a corridor. The wall blows and a robot charges out (he's useful to the accolade). You then emerge back into a hellscape. Drop down and go left. 

Killswitch: Try to kill robots before/as soon as they emerge from their housings. Sprint forward and drop the first two in the left corner. Head up the ramp and drop the three along the walls. Head up the final staircase and spray the housings in the corner for the remaining two. If you fail, suicide and try again.

You'll head upwards again through the skeleton of some sort of building, just before a large bridge - collectible 5 is present in this wreckage on the floor to your left. 

Bring Down the VTOL Leviathan

You can find collectible 6 in the set of the ruins to the right of your starting bunker. 

Minute Waltz: Don't play about; just hit the engines repeatedly with either the Drakon or XM-53.

Triple Threat: Use a primary, the XM-53 and a minigun to take him down. Simply damage him with two of the above, then finish him with the third. The XM-53 is found in the armoury closest to you, while the miniguns are found in the armoury on the opposite side. 

Skeet Shoot: After a while Taylor will drift off to one side an eject R.A.P.S. from the top. Use the minigun to shoot these down (you can hit them even if they are far away). Note that he deploys R.A.P.S. several times, so you need only hit one each time. 

Nopenopenope: The missiles travel slowly and are directed against the structures primarily. From the start, rush to the far side where the miniguns are (drop some small arms fire in for good measure). Aim for the inner engines first whilst sheltering inside from the missiles - you should be able to destroy both of them before he drops down to deploy R.A.P.S.. He remains stationary, so you can hammer shots onto one of the outer engines. 

When the R.A.P.S. land, destroy them with the minigun, whilst retreating to the other armoury. Hammer the final engine before his missiles blow the armoury apart.


  • Recommended gear is AR + Haymaker with semtex. The Repulsor is helpful as usual.
  • Despite this being the final mission, these accolades are quite easy.
  • For destroying the 35 containers, I have kept a running total based on a playthrough. As long as you match the numbers I post at each checkpoint, you'll get it. It was simpler this way than writing a very lengthy walkthrough. I do not pretend to have found all of the containers, so it is a guide only.
Assault the Coalescence Headquarters Building

Immediately flip round and find collectible 1 on a black doorway. Deal with any robots on the first street and you'll reach the first proper engagement that provides opportunity for several accolades.

Robo-Slappers: Equip your Martial core and use the combo strikes to get this.

I Know Now Why You Cry: There is also a turret here, in line with the vehicles, on the far side. Kill ten robots. 

Jump up into the parking structure and blow the set of barrels you see.

Explosive Containment: You'll need to destroy 35 of these. I'll try to point them out as we go. Mercifully, no enemy needs to be nearby. There's another on the upper floor. 

Pass through a railcar and emerge into a terrifying landscape. Stuff's exploding everywhere. BUT, there is ample opportunity for accolades.

Explosive Entertainment: Grab the War Machine lying against a set of boxes on the right flank. Find a group of three and kill them.

Bots Go Boom: Kill 20 bots with the grenade launcher. Enough said. 

Dodge This: Several strategies here. You can simply snipe from long range. Or you can use indirect grenade launcher fire. Or, can camo up and head into one of the side rooms with an ammo crate. The P.A.W.W.S. spawn right outside. As soon as they do, spam your grenade launcher shots out of the door. Because you are so close by, they don't have a good angle on you. 

Hand Cannon: Grab a class with the L-CAR 9 (the Field Ops kit handily has one) and go to work. It's surprisingly effective.

Two for One: There are many places to do this. The obvious choice is to wait for human enemies and line them up, but there are opportunities with the bots. If you have a heavy sniper loadout (SVG), then you could try it. By the sound of the accolade, you could get this by sniping a Talon whose explosion would blow up one that was proximate (confirmation needed).

Locate Hendricks

After you've got inside, you face a more modest engagement with robots. Don't forget to destroy the two containers in the room. Drop down into the next fight with two P.A.W.W.S.. Again, destroy the two containers in this area (there's a small one upstairs). In the next area Kane will meet a grisly end (which is a shame, because she was very likeable). Console yourself by picking up collectible 2 (6 containers so far).

Once you get out into the snowscape, start using your grenades to get kills - you're going to need 20 by the end.

Perfect Timing: Just keep using them any time you are near ammo crates.

Clip Their Wings: There are several good opportunities immediately. When you first arrive in the forest, three enemies spawn around you. If you aren't quick enough, more spawn on the hill as you leave. Another group spawns in the water - there iare plenty of good spots. You could potentially try Quickslap here too.

Section 1

Burn the first set of vines and start getting into the combat proper. Taylor is now with you (though he is pretty incompetent). Make sure you don't miss any containers.

By the time you come to the first ammo crate, you should have at least 14. Replenish your grenades and then go nuts. After the section with the cars, there's another ammo crate on the left in a corner. You should be up to about 18 containers. By the end, at the portal, you should be on 20. Kill the talons and burn the heart.

Section 2

When you reach the extending bunker, you'll want to look for collectible 3. By the end of the mini section (the next ammo crate), you'll want to be on 25 containers destroyed. After a brief engagement with more troops and Talons, there's another crate (27 containers). Don't forget your grenade kills either. 

Quickslap: After you descend the stairs, there's a tight grouping of enemies (they respawn with the crows) which offers a potential opportunity for this accolade. Head into the portal (31 containers). 

Not a Fan of RAPs: Kill the six R.A.P.S. (without either of you taking damage) to get the accolade.

Section 3

Emerge from the blood lake. You'll find the remaining containers in this section to finish Explosive Containment. There's another swim and another gun battle. If you're a couple of containers short, you can pick up some in this last section. Then let the current carry you into the portal. 

Got 'em All: You'll start this section underwater. Simply advance slowly and shoot all of the depth charges You don't appear to have a breath limit, so make sure you search thoroughly if the accolade doesn't come up. Allowing any to touch you and detonate voids the accolade. Burn the third heart


While your DNI is purging, move into the next room. At the far end, you'll see a desk beneath the Coalescence logo. Go around the desk to claim collectible 4, the final one. 


Q) How do I do X accolade - your guide isn't helping?

A) Post in the comments which one it is, what's going wrong, and I'll try to help/throw the issue open to the community. This is only the first incarnation of the guide.

Q) What do you mean by X set of directions?

A) Again, this is my fault because a section is unclear. Let me know which one it is and I'll work on it.

Q) Why isn't the accolade unlocking?

A) There are several possibilities:
You have, in fact, missed the criteria. There is sometimes a bit of subtlety the conditions of completion. Be patient and try again.

You need to advance further on in the story. Sometimes accolades don't unlock until you visit the next checkpoint.

A glitch of some description, or something temperamental - it does happen and there's not much you can do. I have had occasions where I felt I deserved an accolade and didn't get it, as well as vice-versa. Sometimes you can do the same thing twice and get the accolade only on the second run.

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Credits: Special thanks to Perdiccas for this guide