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Blade & Soul Online CN Update: Black Skyscraper, New Elemental Gem, New Pet and More

Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new contents for the upcoming 2nd anniversary in Nov 2015, including new 24-man raid instance: Black Skyscraper, Dawn of Heaven Shattering Island, new elemental gems etc. The test server update is translated as follows:

  1. New 24-man  raid instance: Black Skyscraper
  2. New instance: Dawn of Heaven Shattering Island
  3. Adjust the reward for daily quest
  4. Change the teleport portal at Gangryu City
  5. 2nd anniversary decorations added at Emerald City
  6. New items for 2nd anniversary event added to Wyvern Merchant.
  7. New event: increase the success rate for upgrading equipment
  8. New 2nd anniversary event quest and reward
  9. Client update
  10. UI update

The info here is based on the test server of the game; bugs are expected. The contents which will be released in the official update might differ.

2nd Anniversary Costume

This new 2nd anniversary costume is designed by a chinese player, through the costume design competition held since August 2015.

Anniversary Instance: Tower of Memory

A new anniversary event instance, Tower of Memory is added. The background is similar to Mushin Tower, except there are only 3 floors and it allows a 6-man party.

1st Floor: Flame Emperor

3rd Floor: Zombie King

The clearance reward includes scorching hepta-gem box & new elemental gem box

New Elemental Gem

New elemental gems are added. The basic one grants +120 elemental attack stats.

There are 4 types of shiny grade elemental gems:
* +170 elemental attack
* +170 elemental attack + 100 HP leech
* +170 elemental attack + 8 attack
* +170 elemental attack + 122 critical damage

There are 7 types of shiny grade elemental gems:
* +220 elemental attack
* +220 elemental attack + 140 HP leech
* +220 elemental attack + 12 attack
* +220 elemental attack + 204 critical damage
* +220 elemental attack + 12 attack + 204 critical damage
* +220 elemental attack + 12 attack + 140 HP leech
* +220 elemental attack + 204 crit dmg + 140 HP leech

The lower grade gem can be dismantled and converted to higher grade ones.

Apparently, the conversion is not 100% success. You will need some Elemental Gem Relic (seems like another cash shop item) to ensure 100% success rate.

New Pet

2 new pets are added.

The max level of all pets are increased to Lv10 (instead of 5). However, the stats gain every level is reduced. The max level 10 pet has the same stats as the previous level 5 pet.

Level 10 pet can then be further upgraded to Excellent grade.

2nd Anniversary Event Coin

2nd Anniversary event coins can be obtained by doing various event quests. The coins can be exchanged for various items, including elemental accessories (50 coins), legendary bopae box, and S1 Bless Evolve Stone (100% turn S1 weapon into Bless one, 200 coins).

New Daily Challenge 

The daily challenge quest for Night of Wind Plain has been added.. The rewards have been increased as well, with a box giving turtle bopae and extreme turtle bopae.

S2.5 & Accessories Upgrade Cost Reduction

The materials, gold and relic (cash shop item) required to upgrade S2.5 weapon and elemental accessories have been reduced significantly (~50%).

Upgrade Success Rate Increase

The Tencent officials specifically mentioned that (refer to here), only the success rate for S2.5 weapon BELOW Level 8 is increased. The success rate for S2.5 weapon above level 8 will not be modified.

A chinese player has tested the success rate of upgrading S2.5 from level 1, without using any Weapon relic (the cash shop item for 100% success). The results shows that the success rate is ~ 46% based on 13 tries (refer to here). He has also conducted another test for upgrading silverfrost soul from level 5 to level 10. The success rate is ~ 50% based on 10 tries.

Finally, take note that the success rate might be modified when it is implemented on the official server.

Black Skyscraper

The toughest raid instance for Blade & Soul, Black Skyscraper is released. The final boss is Musung, our senior brother who has betrayed us and, eventually possessed by the demon lord.


An additional row of inventory slot is added to backpack.

Note: Work-in-progress. More content will be added soon.

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