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Best/Recommended Character Builds in Fallout 4

Like the previous Fallouts before it, Fallout 4 has the SPECIAL system, which is designed so people can build up characters however they choose. Now, most veterans to the series (I've played Fallout 1-4, with the exception of Tactics and BoS) know how to use the SPECIAL system to get the most out of our characters. We've made snipers that can kill anything from long distances, super-sledge wielding monsters that eat bullets and spit out fire, idiots that blunder their way to success, and so on. 

Note that I said veterans. Anyone who's played the series, whether it be old timers that played 1-2, newbies that started on 3-NV, or (like me) people that love all of it, we all know how to use the SPECIAL system to some extent. However, I have no doubts that there will be people who are new to the series that are faced with the overwhelming SPECIAL point distribution and the new perk chart. What I also have no doubt of is that people usually pick what they think is convenient; I played Fallout 3 for a long time using "what seemed convenient" (SPECIAL 5's all across the board scenario except for five of em). 

We all learn, though, that this is a boring way to play, and specializing in something is all scores of fun; for those of you who don't know how, or maybe you are a more seasoned player who wants to compare notes, this is how to make a build for your next playthrough in the Wastelands.


Listen up children, this stuff's important.

For all you would-be guys and gals who are tempted by the thought of scavenging for Bobbleheads, here's a tip: You see children, the Frankensteins (and other enemies) might violently and viciously rip you to shreds, but only if you're under Level 15. According to most of our reports, the Bobbleheads are mostly in dangerous places that will get you hauled off to god-knows-where. 

Consider yourselves officially warned.

Note: In Sanctuary Hills, there is a "You're SPECIAL" book where baby Shaun's crib was at the start of the game. This book will add a +1 to a SPECIAL attribute of your choosing, which is pretty damn important. Not only that, but when you meet Preston Garvey, the room he's in has the Perception Bobblehead, adding a much-needed +1 to Perception for many builds. This guide will assume you picked up both, or at least bothered to read this part.


These are builds that are meant for a certain type of playstyle. They can be mixed and matched with Section 2, and really, the flexibility of the perk chart makes me highly recommend this.

Essentially, pick two. Do a VATS build with an Engineer, a snake-tongued sniper, and any combination in between. If not, then just follow one of the foundations and it'll carry you a great distance.

The crit/VATS build: Everyone's Favorite

This was my first build ever, and the one I always come back to. Most of us that have made builds know the true power of this build, and how ludicrously destructive it can be against opponents. However, in Fallout 4, this is jarringly different from previous games; rather than having a percentage define how often you can unleash crits (I played NV with a 75% crit chance or something like that), now it is filled by a meter. Not only that, but the speed of how QUICKLY this builds up is determined by your Luck (and sometimes your weapon). Crits are only unleashed in VATS as well, so Agility is also extremely important (though Agility has always been important with crit builds). Perception is also key; VATS accuracy is determined by how high Perception is. Can't build up that meter if we keep missing.

Strength- 1
Perception- 5+1 (Bobblehead from "When Freedom Calls") 
Endurance- 1 
Charisma- 1
Intelligence- 6 (Intelligence will always be important in these games)
Agility- 6
Luck- 8+1 (Apply YOU'RE SPECIAL book here)

Low strength, low endurance, and low charisma makes this a vulnerable character. Not only that, but since we can't get Armorer (Level 3 Strength perk), we have to rely on the BoS to dish out some decent power armor (just join the BoS and have a talk with Elder Maxson, then proceed to meet the crew. They will give you a T-60, Mark II with no obligations to do any further missions with that faction). Higher Int ensures we level up at a fairly nice rate, while being able to build whatever guns we want. High Agility and Perception ensures we have lots of AP and we can hit something in VATS, and having such a high luck ensures that we will unleash crits quite often (2-5 hits off an enemy).

Recommended weapons:
Righteous Authority (crit meter builds 15% faster AND double the crit damage)
Kellogg's Revolver (Restores all AP after a crit, which is GODLY)
Any weapon that either freezes opponents after crits, has 25% less AP cost, or restores AP somehow (Legendary enemies provide these)

Recommended Perks (choose these when the next rank is available):
Action Boy/Girl: I like this as my Level 1 perk. Regenerates AP 25% faster, 50% is the max.
Better Criticals: The meat of this build, allowing you to unleash better and better criticals up to 2.5x the normal crit damage.
Critical Banker: Allows you to store up to 4 crits (that's 3 in reserve plus a fourth that the meter provides) for whenever you need it. Nice for when you're facing horribly powerful monsters at high levels.
Four-Leaf Clover: Some will argue with me about this. It is a REALLY low chance, but when it happens, a hit on an enemy in VATS fills up ALL your meter, not just some of it; this perk has saved my skin quite often. 
Grim Reaper's Sprint: Gives an x percentage on a kill restoring AP. Combined with Kellogg's, you don't run out of AP very often.
Gunslinger: Adds increments of 20% extra damage to pistols, which we need for Kellogg's Revolver to be deadly and effective.
Rifleman/Commando: Adds increments of 20% extra damage to whatever rifle style you like. Keeping in mind that Righteous Authority runs on Fusion Cells (laser weapon ammo), which are expensive, I like Rifleman over Commando as I will mod RA to be non-automatic. I'm much more accurate with it and waste less ammo. Choose ONE, NOT both.
Gun Nut/Science!: We like RA and Kellogg, so we need to be able to modify them. 

From here, you can deviate however you like. Personally, I like both Lockpicking and Hacking, so I'll choose those, and I won't deny that I got my Strength up to 3 just so I could mod armor. It's handy in a pinch.

Recommended companions: 
Hancock- adds Critical Hit value by 20 (meaning it recharges 20% faster) if you have 250+ radiation (let's face it, you will be irradiated quite often in this game).
Cait- If health falls below 25%, AP regenerates faster (which happens a lot for me in this game as well).

Danse is useful too (20% damage increase against Ghouls, Super Mutants and androids), as well as McCready (20% increase in headshot accuracy in VATS) and Preston (20% extra DMG and DR when fighting 3+ enemies). You can mix and match these as you want, but getting all their approval can be a pain. 

What you're going for: 
All VATS. You go into VATS, you kill an enemy, AP restores by chance. Go in again, a hit adds a crit by chance. You proceed to unleash all the crits you want at a legendary enemy, AP restores thanks to your revolver. Seeing a snowball pattern here? Good. You also have so much AP that you can run away from Deathclaws all you like and still cap a couple crits at them. It's a pretty nice build, and being able to choose when you want crits is super powerful. 

THAT SAID, I also recognize that because VATS slows down time rather than freezing it, it's less powerful than it once was. The game is more dynamic and because the FPS aspects are much better, it makes this build mostly for the bullet-time enthusiasts, really.

The sniper build: Sniping's a good job, mate

Ah, the sniper, my second build. This is a staple for Fallout players, as snipers have been extremely valued since the days of Fallout 1-2 (seriously, a sniper/gauss rifle and VATS to the eyes in those games was super overpowered). Again, the name of the game has changed, much like the VATS/crit build: since the character is proficient in all guns, it's really more about optimizing the character to do as much damage as possible, have as much control as possible, and have as much VATS power as possible, since Perception and Agility compliment one another (and really, VATS is a skin-saver more often than not). 

Strength- 2
Perception- 8+1+1 (Bobblehead and You're Special)
Endurance- 1
Charisma- 1
Intelligence- 6
Agility- 8
Luck- 2

Getting maxed out Perception is crucial, as well as having super high Agility as well. Once again, a low Strength and Endurance character makes this a general weak character, so companions may be necessary. Low luck means the loot will not be as great, and low Charisma means your prices at the vendors will suck; that said, I doubt you won't be able to find a decent rifle, as hunting and combat rifles begin showing up around level 15, and that's where the meat of this build comes from. Sure, you can create sniper rifles out of plasma and laser rifles, but nothing beats a .50 cal in terms of sheer stopping power. 

Recommended weapons:
Really, this is left up to you. I am personally running a rifle (which I lovingly nicknamed The Broken Camera) that's a .308 caliber; the rankings in Gun Nut and Science have allowed me to make a great recon sniper rifle that actually points out where targets are with a red diamond above their heads. It's like the Sims, only way gruesomer (I think I found a new name for my rifle, actually). Kellogg's is great if you use VATS often.

EDIT: Renamed it "Grim Sims Sim" :)

Recommended Perks (choose these when the next rank is available):
Action Boy/Girl: Trust me, snipers need VATS, and more AP= awesome. 
Commando/Gunslinger: This is really up to you. When the sniping is over and they have gotten wind of where you are, it is up to you to have something ready for backup. Whether its a SMG, a revolver, a shotgun, whatever, you need to be able to fight close-quarter should the need arise. It's also good to have a long-range, a medium range, and a short range weapon (sound familiar?)
Concentrated Fire: Whoo, boy. This will always be one of the best perks in all the Fallout series. Targeting a body part repeatedly (say, the head) will increase the accuracy of VATS by an x amount of percentage. Max is 20%, with an extra 20% DMG stacked on. Holy cannoli, is that awesome or is that awesome? 
Gun Nut: Cause modding a perfect sniper rifle is a must. Can go hand-in-hand with Science if you need a sidearm that's a laser/plasma/gamma weapon.
Penetrator (giggity): This allows you to target people behind walls if they have a body part in exposure. So a raider taking cover (who forgets to put his stupid foot out the way) will allow this perk to kick in and shoot his stupid face off from behind cover in VATS. Awesome.
Rifleman: Let's face it, who the hell builds an automatic sniper rifle? That's not going to work. Not only that, but the crippling effect in later ranks is outstanding against charging idiots.
Sneak: Cause being able to fire and kill people from a distance is helped when you are significantly harder to detect.
Sniper: Adds extra control while zoomed in via scope, as well as granting a knockdown ability AND non-auto, scoped rifles gain an extra 25% headshot ability in VATS. This is THE perk to get for this build.
Quick Hands: Every shot counts, and most sniper rifles have very few shots. Ergo, reloading very quickly is a must, and why you have 8 Agility. 

EDIT: Ninja and Mister Sandman are godsends to this build if you're trying to get sneak criticals, which I'm sure many of you will do as sniper. A good silenced rifle can do wonders. 

Recommended companions: 
MacCready: OH MAN, is his thing dope. It's essentially the fourth and final rank of sniper, adding another 20% to your VATS headshot ability.
EDIT: Deacon's perk, which grants 20% extra sneak damage and 40% extra Stealth Boy duration, is a must if you're going for sneak criticals.

Other companions that boost damage, like Danse, can be helpful to dishing out more damage. 

What you're going for: 
You are sent by some settler to go take care of those super mutants. You find a nice vista to take them out, and one by one, you pick them off in a hail of long-distance gunfire. You are a silent death; most don't even see you before you blow their brains out. One or two may become aware of you, but your crackshot abilities makes it difficult for them to reach you, as you put a couple rounds into their brains with VATS. Was that last one behind cover, and you just put one in his eye anyways? Yes, he was. 

It's a staple of Fallout, and one that is enjoyed by many. I hope you do too. 

The melee build: Becoming the Bear Jew

"The Bear Jew" is from Inglorious Basterds. Please don't label me a racist. 

The melee/unarmed build has been somewhat of a clunky experience for Fallout players. This is mostly due to the fact that there were some pretty strong enemies in the universe (namely, the Deathclaw) that were tricky to fight/punch before they punched you. A mother Deathclaw in F:NV, for example, was impossible to deal with on Very Hard difficulty, and other enemies were tricky, due to the instability of the mechanics behind it. 

There's two ways one can play the melee/unarmed build, really: high Agility or high Intelligence. High Agility allows one to sprint, use VATS, and sneak to stay nimble. On the other hand, high Intelligence allows for the Science! and Nuclear Physicist perks, which allows a melee/unarmed character to wear and modify Power Armor as much as they please, soaking up large amounts of damage as needed in order for them to close the distance. The PA variant will have to really look around for fusion cores, but if you know where to look, they can be abundant. It really is about how you want to play the game, so I'll write both variations. 

Power Armor reliant: 
Strength- 9
Perception- 1+1 (Bobblehead)
Endurance- 5
Charisma- 1
Intelligence- 8+1 (Apply YOU'RE SPECIAL here)
Agility- 3
Luck- 1

Agility Beast:
Strength- 9
Perception- 1+1 (Get them bobbleheads)
Endurance- 5
Charisma- 1
Intelligence- 5
Agility- 6+1 (Apply YOU'RE SPECIAL here)
Luck- 1

The PA variant will enjoy frequent level-ups; the Agility beast will be closer to what the melee builds in other games have been like. Batting someone's face off when you remain undetected grants a crit, which is why the Agility beast relies on stealth and VATS to keep constantly ahead of their enemy. Not only that, but the Agility beast should be able to swing, then sprint in the opposite direction if need be. I know fighting melee monsters like the Deathclaw can be pretty hairy, but there are steps to preventing a bludgening death. 

Recommended weapons:

Furious Power Fist- Has bonus damage after every hit. If you don't know where to find it, go to Swan's Pond and... well. Shoot the swan. 
Super sledge- sheer power over the fact that it's a slow melee and costs a lot of AP. Recommended mostly for the Power Armor variants
Rockville Slugger- significantly decreased AP cost, which is a must for Agility beasts
Chao's Revenge- Great early weapon, easy to find too. 
World Series 2076 Bat- Novelty, really. But do you want to become the Bear Jew or not?

Here, you mainly want to keep to your variant. Agility beasts will be more inclined towards reduced AP cost weapons, while the PA variants relies on sheer power, since you can tank a lot of damage, so stuff like the super sledge is key.

Recommended Perks (choose these when the next rank is available):

For the PA variant:
Nuclear Physicist- Up to 2x the duration of cores. The meat of this, so try to scavenge as many fusion cores as possible. Once you've found like, 20, they'll last you a lifetime.
Pain Train- You may have to train in Strength or find the Strength Bobblehead, but when you do, man, this is the one for you. 

Agility Beast: 
Action Boy/Girl: Cause more AP= Awesome
Sneak- becoming harder to detect is crucial to closing the distance
Ninja- The best thing to happen to melee/unarmed characters. 
Blitz- This will take leveling up once or twice, depending on whether you look for the Agility Bobblehead or not. Some high-level raiders are guarding it in a wrecked ship (no spoilers here). When you do get to Agility 9, it's crucial so that AP cost to melee is reduced if you're even standing a small distance away from the enemy
Moving Target- Compensates for lack of power armor, and overall a fantastic perk. 

Pretty much half the stuff in Strength is for melee builds. Iron Fist, Big Leagues, Armorer, Blacksmith, ESPECIALLY Rooted. Ergo, why both variants have really high Strength
Toughness- gotta take that damage to dish out damage
Life Giver- Kinda bleh, but in reality, this may be the extra push one needs to stay alive.

Recommended companions: 
Strong- Man, Strong is such a wild card. For one, he says funny ♥♥♥♥ all the time and knows Shakespeare like the back of his hand. On the other, he doesn't like it when you do... A LOT OF THINGS. The PA variants will have a lot of issues with him, since he dislikes you using Power Armor. Hell, I'd consider going cannibal just so you can quickly get him to like you. If you can get him to idolize you, though, he'll grant you 20% extra melee damage if health is 25% or below. Nice for that finishing move whenever you find yourself low on health.

X6-88- Permanent 25 energy weapons resistance
Preston- cause man, such a boring character, such a decent perk

What you're going for: 
The PA variants will just charge on in, swinging madly and stumbling people over as they go as they take a super sledge and blow people's heads clean off. The Agility beasts, however, will try to get in as close as possible and unleash all kinds of hell via VATS, sneak and anything that is reliant on AP. Pick your flavor. Or train to merge both into a hellish beast that spits fire and eats bullets, which inevitably happens when you're Level 30+. Really, it's when you're lower that you have to pick one of the two, but with much playing, you can become both.

The heavy build: I am heavy weapons guy, and THIS... is my weapon.

NOTE: I am currently in the process of verifying the effectiveness of this build on Survival difficulty. Thus far, what I can say is, try to get Commando early, because you will be using small weapons in the first half of the game. Also, getting Gun Nut is crucial when using those small arms, because we need to build automatic receivers to actually have it count as an automatic weapon via Commando.

The heavy weapons is yet another staple of the Fallout series. In Fallout 1-2, if you didn't become a sniper, this was the second way to go, really. The miniguns and missile launchers in those games were devastating, and anyone who has fought a minigun-wielding Super Mutant knows that those ♥♥♥♥ers have to die, and die fast. 

However, it's again made different by the characters ability to pick up a minigun and start shooting it with little reduction in accuracy. So it's more about getting the player character to be, once again, as effective with large weapons as possible. Besides, you want the big ka-booms, no? 

Strength- 7
Perception- 4+1
Endurance- 2
Charisma- 3
Intelligence- 6+ 1 (You're SPECIAL here)
Agility- 3
Luck- 3
This is the one foundational build that you can stray from all you like, really. There's not too many perks to support this, the lifestyle is expensive and hard to find ammo for, and heavy weapons aren't really my thing, so I can't give more information on this than what I know.

Recommended weapons:
Anything that's big is good. To start off, I'd do a decent combat rifle with an automatic receiver; it's arguably the best small gun in terms of Commando. Eventually, when the vendors and other people start selling ammo for the big guns, then you can focus on them.

This build is about sheer power. So anything that adds any kind of extra damage (burning, freezing, etc.) is good for you. So guns like Ashmaker (unique burning minigun in The Big Dig quest), Big Boy (sold by Arturo, fires two mini-nukes for the cost of one) and Party Starter (unique rocket launcher that does more damage against humans) are awesome to get ahold of. 

Cross your fingers that the Legendaries provide you some of these. I got a freezing Rocket Launcher once, but I was a sniper. Twas a shame. 

SUPER IMPORTANT EDIT: I found it the awesome way that the Missile Launcher, as well as the Fat Man, count as both a heavy weapon AND as an explosive weapon, so the Heavy Gunner perk and Demolition Expert perk stack on it. It means that if maxed out, you can do 4x the normal damage (from 150 to nearly 600+), thus making those two perks really important. 

Recommended Perks (choose these when the next rank is available):
Cap Collector: Sounds weird, but hear me out. Missiles, 5mm ammo, and so on are really expensive. This is why it's in your best interests to try and get low prices at vendors, so this is actually a really good perk to do so.
Commando: Odd as well, but think about it. You're taking all the perks to improve hip-fire accuracy, and when you just don't have any more minigun ammo, then it's time to bust out a full-auto combat rifle. It goes hand-in-hand with this build 
Demolition Expert: Gotta crank out the damage with explosives if you intend on slinging around that missile launcher, yo.
Gun Nut: Gun Nut is just a great perk in this game, period. You can make a quad-bazooka and fire four rounds rather than just one. Sounds great to me. 
Heavy Gunner: The staple of this build, it increases the amount of damage you do with heavy guns like the minigun and gatling laser.
Science!: Cause you know, a gatling laser can only be modded via this. 
Scrounger: Again, a weird one, but we gotta find that ammo in boxes more often. It's crucial to maintaining this lifestyle. 
Steady Aim: Improves hip accuracy, a crucial component to heavy guns
Strong Back: You have heavy guns, you need to be able to carry tons of stuff. 

Recommended companions: 
I... guess it's really up to you. Preston's thing is good, and so on, but I can't really recommend a single person for this. In fact, I'd do the Lone Wanderer for this if you want, since their perks don't really compliment your lifestyle all that much. 

What you're going for: 

You want your enemies to be pummeled in a hellstorm of gunfire and explosions. Essentially, you're going full Michael Bay on them. Not much to it. 

Some people think they can outsmart you. Maybe. You have yet to see someone outsmart a bullet.

The pacifist build: Living the Monk Livestyle

Fine, you want to essentially be Jesus of the Wastelands. This is THEORETICALLY how one could do it, though I don't think I'll ever try testing this one out anytime soon (sorry, I like blowing up stuff too much to sustain from my trigger-happy ways). 

Deus Ex and its true sequel, Human Revolution, had the option of doing the Jesus run, so I thought it was bound to happen to Fallout. 

High Charisma and Intelligence are your friends
Strength- 1
Perception- 1+1
Endurance- 3
Charisma- 9+1 (Apply YOU'RE SPECIAL here) 
Intelligence- 7
Agility- 1
Luck- 6

Like Jesus himself, if you get shot, you're bound to go down pretty quickly. Low Strength, Perception and Agility will make this hard for a character to begin, but if you're truly devout and committed, I'm sure you can successfully pull this off. 

On the stats, you can see that I violated a fundemental rule of Fallout: Never get your character to a full 10 without Bobbleheads, without surgery, without Power Armor, or any other method that will increase your stats for you. However, I will argue that the reason I suggest Charisma getting to a full 10 right off the bat is simply because without it, the monk lifestyle doesn't work. You got to not only be able to befriend animals, creatures, and so on, but you gotta be able to do it to humans too. The Bobblehead needed to get you that +1 in Charisma is also in a long-winded, mission-burdened location that I cannot recommend going after it for this build. It just won't work to meet your ends, is what I'm trying to articulate. 

Recommended weapons:

Anything to keep you alive in the first 15 or so levels, until you crank out more and more pacifying abilities.

Recommended Perks (choose these when the next rank is available):
Wasteland Whisperer: Have a chance at controlling creature. I don't know about you, but inciting a Deathclaw to attack people for you sounds pimp as hell.
Intimidator: Having a chance to control a legendary raider theoretically sounds pimp too.
Animal Friend: Make some molerats your friends. Cause... why the hell not.
Life Giver: Cause you're Jesus and you need this perk. 
Toughness: No doubt that you'll have a few moments where you failed pacifying something, so maybe taking a couple bullets may help your cause? 
Cap Collector: Jesus needs money too, and you have high Charisma. I'd suggest using it. 

Recommended companions: 
Piper: Adds an XP bonus to finding new places and speech successes. Since speech is now your thing, she's the way to go. Plus, flirting with her is a hoot and she'll easily idolize you (seriously, she just gets SUPER TURNED ON when you lockpick anything). 

Anyone that helps you endure damage, like X6-88, may be of use to you.

What you're going for: 

I'm not quite sure in this segment. I think you can just start getting attacked, then point guns at people and basically tell them "Join me or DIE"...which is some Darth Vader ♥♥♥♥ right there. So maybe calling you the Jesus of the Wasteland is not the right wording for it.

Section 2: Complimentary builds

These builds are "incomplete", for the lack of a better word, and that is because they're not designed to handle it all alone. Sure, be an engineer, or an idiot, but some way or another, you have to fight something, and whether you like shotguns, assault rifles, and so on, I bet most the stuff you're building is to fight with your favorite weapons.

So take a foundational build, then tweak it with a complimentary build. You can change some of the SPECIAL points, I've put the points on the foundational builds as the recommended, but it can deviate from what I chose. Each person has their own preferences, and I respect that.

The "special" build: The making of an idiot

"Are you for war or for peace?"

Creating an idiot character is also another staple of the Fallout universe, mostly due to the hilarious conversations that ensue when your character has no intelligence whatsoever. In Fallout 4, however, there is no skill points, but rather, your Intelligence affects how quickly you level up. Which is awesome for you, cause there just so happens to be a perk to help you level up fast, perhaps even faster than most builds. 

Strength- ?
Perception- ?+1 
Endurance- ?
Charisma- 8 (something really high)
Intelligence- 1 (Go big or go home. If you're already home, go away)
Agility- ?
Luck- 8+1 (also really high, YOU'RE SPECIAL here) 

I think this build would work best with the VATS/crit build, due to high Luck needed to pull this off. Charisma has to be high to persuade people to pitying you and doing your bidding, so this is crucial as well. 

Recommended weapons:
Similar to the crits/VATS build, anything that increases the crit chance.
Recommended Perks (choose these when the next rank is available):

This is all up to you. The only perk I'd do without a question in my mind is Idiot Savant. According to what I've heard, if you're SUPREMELY stupid, you level up faster than most of the builds that I've listed off here. Maybe I'm wrong, so someone should report the success of this to me. 

Recommended companions: 
Whoever can stand you, really.

What you're going for: 
You want people to be so moved by you, yet nevertheless find you baffling stupid. It's been a tradition amongst Fallout character builds to make an incredibly powerful, almost Goliath-like person that just blunders to success.

The charmer/settlement build: A little less fightin', a little more talkin'

This will be the shortest, because out of all of these, this is the one that I won't play, probably ever. I don't really like the settlement features besides making vegetable adhesive, so their happiness matters very little to me. But I know many people will go NUTS over doing this stuff.

Essentially, you want all the Charisma you can muster, as well as some Luck. From there, it's all loose-y goosey, because the settlements can easily be applied to a melee character, a VATS character, a sniper, and so on. It's all about how you want to do it.

The perks you want is Local Dealer, to get trading between your settlements going; Cap Collector, because you gotta drive a hard bargain, and so on. Science! might also be very useful for this build, since some things you need LD and Science! to build in settlements. 

Finally, Piper's still useful from the Pacifist run here. If you're not interested in fighting badass monsters in the Glowing Sea and would prefer to open settlements (which really, that's kinda what would happen 200 years after a nuclear apocalypse in real life), then she's really the one for you. 

I dunno, if someone can report to me some other stuff to write in this section, I'd be happy to add it. For now, though, I'll just stick to some general pointers to help people along the way.

The engineer build: Designed by me; built by me; and you best hope... not pointed at you...

This one is new to the Fallout series, thanks to the fact that you can now modify and create almost anything from literal garbage. It's also the most flexible, as it can be taken apart however one likes and add it to a certain build (for example, my jet-pack wielding sniper). Most of the companions in this game look at me like I'm on crack when I ignore the shiny Marksman's Super Hard Penetratingly Long Compensating-For-Something Assault Rifles and make them carry... coffee cups, aluminum cans, and ♥♥♥♥ing glue. 

Seriously, where's all the ♥♥♥♥ing glue in this game? Vegetable adhesive is its own form of divine power in this game. 

Strength- 4 (for Armorer and Blacksmith)
Perception- Whatever YOU want
Endurance- Whatever YOU want
Charisma- 6 (optional, though Local Trader must be rad for some)
Intelligence- 6 (For Gun Nut and Science!)
Agility- Whatever you desire
Luck- Luck, you and I have a strained relationship now

Recommended weapons: 
I don't know. Build one, mofo. 

Recommended Perks (choose these when the next rank is available):
The ones that let your build stuff

Recommended companions: 
These mofos are brahmin for all your duct tape and copper. 

What you're going for: 
Scrap everything that is ruined in Sanctuary, then stick a bunch of corn, mutfruit, and tatoes, then install as many water purifiers possible. Watch your vegatable adhesives skyrocket. 

Then the fun part: let your mind go bananas. Build a bazooka with a bayonnet on the end for some weird reason. Make a sniper pistol. Create the most powerful auto-shotgun ever constructed. Hell, become Batman by adding a jetpack to your armor, then swoop down with a flaming sword of justice and dish out your own vigilante justice (there's actually a sidequest in Goodneighbor that allows you become your own Batman, it's awesome. Go do it.). Anything goes, as long as you pick up Every. Piece. Of. Crap. and turn it into a portable meatgrinder. 

NOTE: This build is SUPER flexible. High INT was a must for several of these builds, so Gun Nut and Science! where always available. High Strength characters have access to armor and melee mods, so really, it's taking what part you like and what you don't.


What's to be taken away from all this, really, is that these are quite flexible. These are just suggestions to get you going, but you are able to mix and match as much as you want. My sniper-engie is now the most intelligent mofo of all the wastes and for some reason, is very Charismatic? I dunno, I thought it fit her quite well.

You're probably wondering where the energy weapons build went and other fan favorites. Well, considering the PC's abilties and how they've been lumped together into pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, explosive and heavy weapons, these have basically gone the way of the dodo bird. It's all about the type of gun, and when you think about it, that makes a little more sense than, you know, sinking all my skill points into Guns and being proficient at both a minigun and a pistol. 

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Credits: Special thanks to Humbugger for this comprehensive guide.