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Best Resourcing and Leveling Guide in Fallout 4

This guide will help you start a brand new character that end's up having a legitimate endless supply of all the games material resource's & caps, as well as quickly leveling your character faster then exploring the game world.

This Guide is advised for more experienced player's who wish to start a second character or wish for a better start.

The Starting Required S.P.E.C.I.A.L

When the Vault-Tec Rep ask's for your name and stat's you will need 5 point's in luck and 6 points in charisma and maintain 1 point in intelligence, DO NOT ADD ANY POINT'S TO INTELLIGENCE.

You may place the leftover special however playstyle you like, maybe a strength and endurance based character or a perception and agility based character.

If you wish to further push and be a greedy salesman, invest 10 point's in charisma.

The Required Perk's & The Required Level To Aim For!

Initially when you first step out of the vault, head into sanctuary and complete codsworth's tutorial.
Then activate the workbench and salvage everything in the town.
Then build a few items untill you reach level two.

Add a point into luck 5's Idiot Savant, this is more benificial to leveling then having a high intelligence, and much faster considering what you will be doing at level 14.

Go about exploring the world doing whichever quests you like, exploring wherever you want.

The goal here is to reach level 14 ASAP You want 2 rank's of idiot savant, 2 ranks of local leader, 1 rank of cap collector.

Simply build a settlement beacon and establish a town fit for 5 people in sanctuary building two salvage benches and assigning settler's to them for additional resourcing, doing this should net you enough exp to reach level 5. 

Then head to abernathy and fulfill their quest to get a pendant back and gain their workbench.

Again salvage and build a settlement beacon and turn that farm into a town fit for 8 people and again a couple salvage benches for additional resource's while your away, this should get you to about level 10 with everything you have been through thus far.

Now find another settlement to clear out, red rocket truck stop is a viable location too, once you have either built and established several working settlement's or explored some of the world and reached level 14 now you will begin leveling insanely fast and getting rich and never running out of junk material's.

Time To Start You Economic Empire & Level Faster Then Everyone Else.

If you have followed the above step's, then you are able to build rank 2 trader's and turn settler's into provisioner's and establish supply lines.

At this point in the game you should be broke, you don't have any real caps, and you would think that a level 14 character could not possibly become a millionaire in 24 hours?

Wrong, your going to be the ruler of the common wealth leading a wealthy fully equipped army, rather then a struggling selfish explorer with a struggling people always in need of help.

By now your level 14 and have 2 ranks in local leader, 2 ranks in idiot savant and 1 rank in cap collector.

You should also have about 4 settlement's with 5-8 settlers each and they have enough food, water and defence.

Now is the time to turn them from struggling refugee's into a powerful nation army.

Here's how, start by making sure that one settler from each settlment connect's a supply line to another settlement. once all settlements are connected then the overall materials from every settlement is combined in every workbench,

Now start building mass water pumps where ever possible, and rank 2 pumps in water tiles and powering them up, if you run out of resources that's okay, go find a new settlement location.

The time it will take you to skip past all the danger's of the commonwelath and aim just to find a settlement location and clear that area out, and salvage the area and then begin building a few housing and beds, food, water and defences with a beacon, will be enough time to have had passed that the other settlement's excess water supply will turn into purified water bottles stored into the workbenches.

Continue down this path of building towns and making supply routes chained up. You will be gaining levels from idiot savant and building. Once you have at least 10 settlements fully functioning, now it's time to start selling the purified water to various people who you know barter, buyout useful materials and sell all water till they are out of caps.

Keep doing this until your out of water and have a nice couple thousand caps and heaps of various materials in your workbenches.

By now you should have enough water purifier's in every settlement i'm talking 100+ water per settlement. Then make sure that you can build a rank 2 trader in every settlement, try to build 2 or even 3 of them if you have the spare population and caps to afford them. This will mean after a day passes every settlement will stockpile purified water into the workbenches which happen to be shared to all workbenches thanks to your supply lines.

Aswell as all trader's will restock on their cap's and junk supply.

Now with cap collector you'll be able to sell water, that's right, you sell the most basic resource that everyone drinks to each town's trader and in exchange buyout any materials you need from their extensive list of junk they sell, and with all the traveling time taken between settlement's, you will never run out of stockpiled purified water to sell, and basically never have to explore the game for resources ever again.

Having just turned your character in to a travelling salesman, with infinite clean water to trade for anything you want. eventually you will have an infinite cap fund and access to every material in the game. 

Now your going to earn five times the build exp for one in roughly six item's constructed in those settlement's due to the fact that your character is a idiot savant with 1 intelligence who can't spell, and because you can sell an infinite supply of water and buy an endless supply of materials you can salvage anything you just built and gained exp from to re-craft them again for more exp and savant chance's. Not so much an idiot, more like a cleverly disguised genius. 

Everytime you run low on building materials, repeat your traveling route's through again, selling water, buying materials, building structures, furniture, resources and power. Gaining endless exp and idiot savant five times exp bonuses. 

Once you reach level 41 make sure you maxout cap collector and invest in your own store's so you can start maming more caps and if you havn't already go for 10 charisma so you buy low and sell high, also check a chemisty station and tag the materials for the charisma and barter mentat's, this will help you make even more money. While your at it, get all the ranks in wasteland whisperer and intimidation, this makes traveling the majority of the game easier when you don't feel like killing everything, just force the deathclaws, super mutant's and gunner's to follow you around as a ally instead.

Try to get every settlement in the game, don't bother with bunker hill or Boston airport, they are main questlines, but do use bunker hill throughout your daily routing cause they have several trader's. but everything else even the castle (independence) you wanna aim for a 10 charisma character who has 20 settlers in every settlement across 15 settlements, each with about 300 water supplied, don't concern yourself with town's under attack unless your actually heading there to barter, but eventually you'r going to have 10's of thousands of purified water bottle's stacking up in your workbenches, million's of caps, ifinite resources to build settlements and you will reach level 100 in under 2 days.

Don't forget to build a few weapons traders and armor trader's, your going to need to scrap those guns and armor's to modifiy your own. And once you reach level 100 i think it should do overall, the game feel's maxed out after 100 anyway, so start getting some intelligence for scrapper, hacking, science and nuclear physicist.

So Enjoy never having to scout for fiber optics aluminum and of course adhesive ever again.

Always buying anything you want cause you can, and having an over powered character that can turn any enemy into an ally and have access to the most powerful loot in the game, 

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Credits: Special thanks to Dr. Krieger for this guide.