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9 Tips to Make The Daughters of Oryx Fight A Lot Easier in Destiny: The Taken King

A few tips to make the daughters fight easier...

Tip #1: After killing the first daughter, do DPS to the second daughter from the very top of the dead daughters platform. From up here, you can place a titan bubble at the back to pop in and out of it for weapons of light during the entire DPS phase. Also the adds can't hit you up there to shake your screen. This results in MUCH more sustained DPS than putting a titan bubble in the middle and jumping up to the small ledge below the platform that most people DPS from.

Tip #2: When doing DPS with touch of malice to the daughters, make sure to crouch. This will significantly reduce the recoil of your touch of malice and allow you land many more head shots.

Tip #3: Before DPSing the initial daughter, if you have a second titan, have them also drop a weapons bubble near your initial dps position. People can hide from adds in this platform for protection until the relic runner arrives, or use the weapons of light buff to kill them (even better). If you only have one titan, save the weapons bubble for the second daughter. If you don't have a titan doing this, be careful of the adds before jumping up to the platform. Wait until the relic runner gets there and stay in cover until then or until the adds are dead. I've seen lots of people just jump up here, die and then blame their own death on the relic runner for not being fast enough.

Tip #4: After killing the first daughter, always kill the adds from inside the protective aura before running back to platforms. This will make getting back to plates much easier. Doing this also significantly reduces kick of sniper rifles. This is very useful when dpsing golgoroth for example.

Tip #5: When slamming the relic on the daughter make sure that you are : 1) On the ground, 2) At the edge of the platform and 3) Facing the direction you want to go. This will reduce the force of the slam that launches you and make sure you get launched in the correct direction (where you want to go).

Tip #6: If you have a touch of malice, make sure that you are using it and not a sniper for DPS. You will do a lot more sustained DPS. Also make sure that you are down to your last bullet and don't reload of course for maximum DPS while in the aura.

Tip #7: When killing the second daughter, consider having hunters use black hole tethers to increase your DPS. If you have multiple hunters, decide in advance who will tether first and second. Black hole is best for this because it makes the tether last longer. Edit: Some people report that using a tether may cause them to cover their faces more. So this could cause a disadvantage too. In my experience tethers combined with weapons help a lot but just be aware of this.

Tip #8: Obviously, make sure your titans have the "illuminated" perk selected so that the weapons of light damage bonus is maximized (normally I wouldn't even mention this, but there are a lot of new players now who might not know how important this is). Use bastion too for a longer bubble duration.

Tip #9: Only for normal mode: if you have a person who is initially torn who is terrible at jumps and doesnt want to learn you can have them die when the fight starts. Someone else will be torn and you can rez the dead person before starting. This can be done on hard too but it requires a the bad jumper to be a self rez sunsinger with super or a full team wipe and you have no guarantee that the same person wont be torn again. Its best to just learn the jumps but if you're desperate, there you go...

Hopefully this is helpful to some of you. Some of this may be common knowledge but I've noticed that a lot of people struggle in some way such as getting launched really far in random directions because they slam the relic "incorrectly", getting killed by adds while waiting for the relic holder, and/or not crouching while shooting the malice for more DPS...

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