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Where is Xur This Weekend and What He's Selling (October 30-31)

Xur is finally here!...again.

He is located near the Crucible Quartermaster Lord Shaxx...

What Xur Sells this Week?

". You can check out his full inventory below, and if anything is worth buying then make sure you make a deal for it in time because Xur will stay in the tower till October 31, 2AM PST.

  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis
  • Three of Coins
  • Glass Needles
  • Mote of Light
  • The Taikonaut
  • Graviton Forfeit
  • Alchemist's Raiment
  • Zhalo Super Cell
  • Legacy Engram

When Does Xur Arrives?

Time Zone     Arrival                Departure
PDT           Friday, 2:00 AM   Sunday, 2:00 AM
CDT  Friday, 4:00 AM   Sunday, 4:00 AM
EDT           Friday, 5:00 AM     Sunday, 5:00 AM
GMT  Friday, 10:00 AM   Sunday, 10:00 AM
UTC  Friday, 9:00 AM   Sunday, 9:00 AM
CEST  Friday, 11:00 AM   Sunday, 11:00 AM
JST           Friday, 6:00 PM   Sunday, 6:00 PM
AEST  Friday, 7:00 PM   Sunday, 7:00 PM

If you have second thoughts on buying items from Xur this week, check out below some of our opinions on the items that Xur sell this week.

Titan - The Taikonaut -- 51 Intellect/46 Discipline

The Y2 Titan helm comes with a healthy Int roll of 51 and a respectable Disc roll of 46, shy of its 310 database values but every bit enough to provide some meaningful cooldown. Int/Disc was once considered to be the holy grail of stat combos, and still holds up nicely, though it could be argued that Int/Strength is better for both Sunbreaker and Defender.

The Taikonaut is a curious helmet, for rocket enthusiasts and rocket enthusiasts alone. When your RL lacks tracking, Taikonaut adds it for no charge whatsoever. Amusingly (and frustratingly), the perk is currently bugged to the effect that it removes tracking on launchers that already possess it. So, Truth becomes worse. However, if you'e got a G&H baby that needs that little edge in PvE, the Taikonaut does nice things. It also increases the rate of Heavy Ammo drops, which has been known to be inconsistent on Exotics (see: Ruin Wings). You'll still want boots with +Rocket Launcher ammo, so you can get 2 rockets guaranteed on a pickup, and store enough to justify an Exotic that focuses solely on them. Honestly, Ruin Wings are probably a better and more versatile bet, though the Taikonaut has that retro-futurist style going for it. Low B tier in PvE.

Hunter - Graviton Forfeit - 51 Intellect/51 Strength

Another Y2 helm is favored by Nightstalkers the world over for CHEATING CHEATING OMG UR CHEATING QUIVER WUT CHEATERS!!!! several viable reasons. Its roll of 51/51 is impressive, and Intellect/Strength is exactly the right combo a Nightstalker wants. More tethers, more smoke bombs. Don't get me wrong, Void Wall can be a potent tool, but smoke has the versatility of defense and offense when you need it.

Graviton Forfeit is yet another highly-specialized helmet, providing Shadestep...and that's it.This frees you up to select Keen Scout or Predator (just go Keen Scout), and is a favorite for Nightstalkers in PvP for this reason. In fact, that's where this helmet will thrive best. With that said, it's still a useful tool for escaping harm in PvE, too. Golgoroth's gaze and the new HM Warpriest projectiles are obvious things for a well-timed Shadestep to make irrelevant. Still, you're only going to get so much mileage in PvE out of not shooting - the overall goal should always be to stay in the fight and support your team - so probably you have to go with a low B tier again. Definitely pick this one up for PvP, and maybe you'll find you like it for some specific PvE challenges.

Warlock - Alchemist's Raiment - 107 Intellect/?? Strength

Pure Intellect my friend - a Warlock can't complain. You can also opt for the tiniest of boosts to Strength, which is recommended if and only if you can hit another tier with that small amount. Otherwise, best to go all in for Happy Super Time. 310 in the Armory has the Int maxing out at 124, so 107, even when considering the 30 light handicap, is probably still a hair shy of the max.

As for the Exotic's worth? Well, it's super cool looking, first of all. With a neat, glowing purple bullseye for your Crucible foes to take aim at. On top of being one of the few Y2 options with straight up +Heavy/+Special ammo (HELLOOOOO SLEEPER SIMULANT), its intrinsic perk grants increased grenade/melee cooldown for every orb collected when your super is full. This synergizes excellently with several competitive PvE builds, including the never-gonna-super Sunsinger and the Tlaloc/Perpetual Charge Stormcaller. Be advised, even with full Grenade and Melee energy, you'll still currently consume any orbs you happen to trip over. If this is fixed, you could see a low A tier, but as it stands it just earns a solid B. - Oh, the Glimmer4Ammo perk? It's essentially nothing. You'll see 4 or so glimmer pop up every now and then.

Yet again, you don't want to commit to more than a B tier, and it is suggested to re: roll values is basically moot. With so many ways to increase your stats these days, a difference of 4 stat points on something 30+ under what some of you have on now really does not bear out min/max efforts. Most of us are not going to take the time - nor absurd cost - to infuse a piece here all the way up to Raid levels, especially when ToC offers another route.

This week, we've got all new stuff, so collectors do your collecting thing. Your first priority should be Zhalo, though. Even with the middling straight damage, an Arc primary is nothing to sneeze at, and it chews through weaker adds giving your Super in record time, to boot. Check out my review on PD if you're so inclined.

Bonus Tip: Those rare tiny glimmer drops show up for your entire fireteam. Warlocks like to make it hail!