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What We Know So Far of the New Secret Room in the King's Fall Raid

Everyone is so focus on entering the new secret room in the King's Fall Raid and, discover what's really in the room. So far, these are the things we know about it:
  • There is a Relic and a Statue that you can slam dunk the relic in.
  • There are 6 vents/boosts that give you extra jump towards the statue
  • 4 of these vents have lights/crystals on the front
  • There are 4 banners in the room with a hive tomb husk emblem
  • Each slam dunk lights up 1 of 6 runes, 3 on either side of the room
  • Once 6 runes are lit up, the room gets an overcharge buff
  • You lose the overcharge buff if you leave the room
  • The overcharge buff lasts roughly 15-20 seconds and is unaffected by dunking
  • The runes reset after the buff runs out
  • You can take the relic back to Golgoroth's room to respawn another relic on the platform
  • You cannot return to the relic room with the relic after leaving (the jump is not possible) Update: HM05 Managed to get the jump, so maybe it is possible:
  • Nothing happens in the exotic chest room
  • Activating the gate to the deathsingers on the final platform in the piston maze freezes the rune pattern
  • The relic makes a bell kind of chime when it respawns
  • It is apparently possible to shut off the vents, Source: http://imgur.com/a/m8SbR

  • After further investigation, looking through past broadcasts, it appears fans going off are linked to someone having Golgoroth's gaze (not sure if this is a glitch or an actual mechanic)
  • You can supposedly get the gaze by running back into Golgoroth's room, might have to be a specific person.
  • Also reports of vents being shut off with no gaze
  • Stumped, looking forward for this to be solved.
Kinda hoping it's not another random sequence

How to get to the Secret Room

1. There are 6 Light-Spikes in the piston maze area, accompanied by a multiple of spikes underneath, going 1-6.

2. Standing near these light-spikes 'activates' them, turning them from green to yellow

3. You need to activate these spikes in sequence so that they are all yellow in the end

4. The 2 confirmed sequences so far are 165243 and 416523, try either of them

5. Once activated, the right piston that is usually stationary, will instantly start to move. (By the entrance)

6. Use this piston to launch yourself across to the newly opened door / secret room.

7. Alternatively you can get onto the pipe across from the door and bladedance across

8. When one person makes it across, a pathway of platforms will spawn, leading from the door to the entrance/spawn area.

Check out the map below for reference on the lights on the secret room: