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Warframe Nova Build Guide: M. Prime and Antimatter Absorb - Speed Nova

There's not much to say about Nova, everyone knows her as one of the most powerful offensive Warframes, suitable for crowd control, much less for who likes to jump into the fray. Here's a pair of builds and strategies to get the most out of this fragile but explosive frame.

Casual Build - 2 forma

This guide is playing with Nova Prime, identical to Nova except for a +25 energy and base shield.

  • Continuity and Constitution affect the the time of expansion and effect of Molecular Prime and also the number of particles created with the first skill, Null Star.
  • Antimatter Absorb acts both as power and defence boost (more details at the end of this section).
  • Streamline, Rage and Flow to benefit my energy pool.
  • Vitality and Quick Thinking keep me alive.
According to mission and team, it will be easy to substitute:

Rage with Intensify, to slow enemies more in risky missions.
Quick Thinking with Redirection, against Corpus.
Constitution with Fleeting Expertise, in fast missions where M.Prime is needed at the moment and it's non necessary for it to expand too much.

With this build, M.Prime's wave will expand for 10 seconds (at speed 5m/s) and the enemies that will enter this 50 meters area will stay under the effect for about 50 seconds.
The speed of the expansion cannot be increased.
Wthout any strenght mod, mobs will be slowed down by 30%.

Avoid spamming, use the skill in the center of the room/map (or in the middle of a group of enemies to melee them after), use a visible energy color to immediately spot mobs under the effect and know if you need to recast M.Prime or not.

Each Corrupted Mod has their own special effect:
  • Narrow Minded increases a lot the expansion of M.Prime, but the range of the chain reaction will suffer from it (and also the max distance of the portals). Use it if you want to cover entire maps and as crowd control.
  • Transient Fortitude alone will allow the slowing effect to reach the maximum value (base 30% +55% = 85%) which, however, has a max cap of 75%. This is why my advice is to use it at rank 8 (+45% power strenght), moreover because the duration malus will affect the extension.
  • Overextended increases the range of the chain reaction of M.Prime, but also speeds up the enemies by 30% (see section Speed Nova).
  • Fleeting Expertise, is, like I said before, good in missions where the fight changes place often and it's better to prioritize energy efficiency than skill duration. If there's also Streamline, F.E. can be at rank 4 (+50% efficiency) to reach the cap of reduced energy use (75%).
  • Blind Rage is good only if at rank 4 (+45% strenght).
With few missions you will know what's the build that suits you better, if you need more extension and effect duration for M.Prime (duration mods), if you prefer to slow down the enemies a lot and deal more damage (strenght mods), or if you need a balance between expansion, strenght and efficiency.

Nova is fickle as her techniques, and just as versatile.

Syndicate augment mod Antimatter Absorb earned a permanent slot in my build after saving my ars-life in multiple occasions. 

Despite some bugs Antimatter Drop is one of the most powerful skills in the game.

If you add to it the property to absorb enemy fire, it pratically becomes a portable Nyx you can use both as offensive and defensive technique.

Use it as shield and then charge it with damage, and also to deviate Bombard missiles. Deploy it before reviving a teammate, so that it will protect you while reanimating them.

At max rank, the size of the sphere is 3 meters and can be increased with range mods.

For those who do not know how it works, Nova's second skill Antimatter Drop is a small sphere that when deployed slowly follows the movement of the aim marker. The more you move your eyes, the more it will increase its speed and then crash at the point where you head it, inflicting radiocative damage in a large area. You need a bit of practice at first, but you'll learn how to use it fast.

To load the damage it will cause when landing, you have to shoot it with your wepon when it's still slow. Few blows with your Brakk and you will have your mini steerable atomic bomb ready to bang.

Speed Nova

The relatively new property of Molecular Prime that allows it to have negative force, and thus accelerate every movement animation of the mobs, is useful to those who want to grind waves of defense in a short time, increase the difficulty of the game or for those who want to learn new insults in different languages.

VIP mod of this build is Overextended. This completely eliminates the base 30% of slowing down effect and reverses it to -30%.

This means that every movement of the enemy will be accelerated by 30%. This includes running, reload speed, fall recovery, melee attacks. They will become more dangerous.

Narrow Minded allows M.Prime to reach every corner of the map.

Overextended halves the range penalty, allowing you to still have a good chain reaction. Antimatter Drop unfortunately does not benefit from this, and instead loses a lot of power strenght.

In an Infested defense mission you will need a raised place and a Vauban friend to avoid most problems. But do not forget Tar-Mutalist Moas and electric Crawlers. Each Infested with ranged attacks must be killed on sight.

In Corpus, Grineer and Void defenses, a max-range disarm Loki is essential. This is to address the fact that the mobs under the speed effect will do everything with more enthusiasm, both run en masse against a Nyk in Absorb, but also shoot and hit you with magic wands like maniacs.

Speed Nova has to rely on a good team, and fast AoE weapons, like Amprex, Synapse, Soma, Penta, etc. (If you shoot from distance with the first two, the Sinister Reach mod that adds +12 meters range will come in handy).

If you find yourself surrounded do not hesitate to clear a path with your sword and then flee with a portal, but if possible stay out of combat. Nova at high levels falls like a twig and your skill at the moment are dampened.

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Credits: Guide by Bahamus