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Warframe Guide: How to Farm Orokin Cells Super Fast by Solo Rushing General Sargas Ruk

Okay this is a very short and specific guide on how to obtain as many Orokin Cells as fast as possible through solo rushing General Sargas Ruk.

You might ask? What the hell??!! Why Ruk?!!!

Just put it this way, farming with Nekros is time-consuming and often fails to give any Cells anyway at the whim of RNG. With Ruk, the rare resource of his planet are Cells, so you get a pretty high chance of receiving a Cell every time you beat him, so it's more efficient and faster to rush his boss fight multiple times for them.

Some of you might be saying "But Lech Kril from Ceres also drops Cells!". Well, Kril has a much longer and more annoying boss fight, plus the node is like 20 levels higher than Ruk's. You want an easy farm or a hard one?

Now that we that's it's clear why Solo Rush Ruk, let's see some important things to consider before going to battle:
  • You need a tanky frame that can't be shaken too easily. Go Rhino (Prime). Mod him as if you were modding him for solo play, or just focus on Iron Skin (max efficiency, high power strength) and mobility (Armored Agility + Rush or any of the bullet jump mods).
  • You need a good gun that can deal a lot of damage to Ruk in a short amount of time. Since he's using alloy armor, the best weapon would be a puncture-centric full-auto weapon modded for Radiation damage. Boltor Prime is recommended. The rest of your gear does not matter.
How to Solo Rush Ruk
  1. Go on a mission to Tethys, Saturn.
  2. Put up your Iron Skin immediately after gaining control of your Tenno.
  3. Run as fast as you can towards the boss room, ignoring all the enemies, arc traps and laser doors.
  4. Activate the boss battle.
  5. Stand in front of him for a moment, letting yourself be flamed and your Iron Skin to absorb the damage, waiting for him to overheat and open the hatch on his arm. If your whole Iron Skin is burned, re-cast it.
  6. Shoot that glowy spot until it explodes. Reload your weapon.
  7. Wait for him to do his Fire Blast attack and then shoot the open hatch on his chest until it closes. When it does, move behind him and reload your weapon.
  8. When the front of his suit explodes, he will automatically open the hatch on his back. Pump it full of bullets until he dies.
  9. Pray to RNG he dropped an Orokin Cell and not a Detonite Ampule.
  10. Go to extraction.
  11. Go back to step 1 and repeat the whole process until you're satisfied with the amount of cells you got.
If you're fast enough, one run like this shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes.

So far, this is the fastest way IMO to get Orokin Cells. However, if you have a better way to farm Orokin Cells, please do tell us on the comment box below.

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