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Unlimited Shadow Shot Glitch

Before anything else, I DID NOT DISCOVER THIS GLITCH...

It looks like the update 2.0.1 did not only add improvements and new stuff to Destiny but, it also add a glitch that could ruin the crucible for life!

The glitch was dubbed as the unlimited shadow shot glitch and you can see it in action below:

According to its youtube description, inn order to do this glitch, you must have the Graviton Forfeit Equipped and have the perk Quiver. Fire Two or One shot and go to the weapons menu then back out and you should have a full super!

This glitch works anywhere you can use your super in destiny and I believe it's only possible with a shadow shot hunter.

However, this glitch might get patched soon as Bungie's Derek tweeted that they are aware of this Void Hunter shenanigans (Good! As I'm really worried that IB will be dominated by this freakin' glitch!)

So guys, if you wanna try it out, try it out now!

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