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The Sleeper Stirs: Part 2 of Quest in How to Obtain Sleeper Simulant in Destiny TTK

Heads Up Guardians! The second part of the Questline on how to obtain the Sleeper Simulant is here and it looks like this is the final step!

The quest is called as "The Sleeper Stirs" and check out below where you can get the quest and finally, get the mysterious Sleeper Simulant (It looks like it was never a mystery at all...jeez).

How to Finish the Sleeper Stirs quest and get the Sleeper Simulant

1. Remember the fusion core you had from part 1, hand that over to Banshee if you haven't yet.

Update: Note that the mission "The First Firewall" is no longer available. If you completed it yesterday (10/7) while it was available, you can now talk to Banshee for the quest that awards the Sleeper Simulant!

2. Once you at Banshee, you will get the "Sleeper Stirs" quest. Now that mission will require you to investigate Vault RAS-2 as I said earlier above. Additional notes would be, that you have to defeat the FALLEN SABER STRIKE AT 280 LIGHT LEVEL.

Additional Notes: You have to complete yesterday's questline for sleeper simulant called "The First Firewall" and done all the Warsats and Archive mission needed to repair the Ikelos Fusion Core to get this quest"..If you need assistant, then you can check out our complete guide on how to finish the "First Firewall Quest" here>>> http://webjunkiesblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/destiny-taken-king-sleeper-simulant.html

3. Once you've defeated the Fallen Saber strike, you will be rewarded with the Sleeper Simulant frame.

4. Go back to Banshee in the tower and give him the frame... And BOOM!!!! You have the Sleeper Simulant! By the way, it's a Exotic Fusion Rifle with 290 Light Attack and its lasers cuts through enemies and ricochets off hard surfaces!

For those who are asking if I had recorded a video of it how did I get to finish the quest, please... it's really easy. But for others sake, you can check out the video below by Arekkz Gaming that shows you have to finish part 2 of the quest line and get the sleeper simulant. Take note that the video is NOT MIND! But seriously guys, you don't need the video trust me. It's really easy if you have finish the "First Firewall" quest and had all those WARSAT quest finish plus you have the fusion core, then it's like a walk in the park...

(video by Arekkz Gaming)

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