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The Easiest Method(s) to Finish King's Fall Raid in Destiny: The Taken King


  • Starts of as usual with 3 guardians on the outer platforms and 2 floaters.
  • The 3 guardians and floaters get all four Ogres down to half (or lower) health but do not kill them.
  • Once the Runner has the spark, the other guardians jump to the mid platforms (Daughters' platforms).
  • Runner's job is crucial here. They have to grab the brand and come back up to where everyone else is without getting killed (not too difficult if the timing is proper & the rest of the team is distracting a bit)
  • Everyone groups up on the platform that faces Oryx (Opposite the direction of where Oryx slammed).
  • Stagger Oryx then have the 4 platform-designated guardians shoot-and-kill Ogres from top then detonate bombs. Have everyone jump down in the common middle area (between platforms)
  • After Detonations, continue shooting Oryx's chest as usual.
  • Follow normal steps for Shade
  • Repeat the new strategy for Ogres.
Strategy Video:

Tips: Since this strategy makes you not worry about adds, the opportunity for ammo/orb generation is reduced. A good way to create a lot of orbs/ammo is to have the initial thrall (spawn in the beginning) group up near the middle. Tether (Black Hole + More Orbs perk) the thrall & create a ton of orbs (plenty of ammo chances as well). Knights don't spawn until Thrall are damaged. Plenty of time to do this as it doesn't waste much of the Oryx timer.

Things this strategy does well:

  1. Platform holders don't have to risk getting fucked by ads, they can comfortably take cover near the back of their platform.
  2. Damaging ogres isn't an issue, since you have 2 floats teamshooting to half health (super doable). Once they move to the next Ogre, a platform holder can hurt their Ogre a little more if necessary.
  3. Knights become a complete non-issue.
  4. Getting to your bombs is safer since the sheer height of the Daughters platforms means you can jump all the way there instead of running under fire.
This should become one of the standard strategies ASAP.

Suggestions to avoid some troubles when implementing this strategy

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