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The Best Practices on How to Farm Legendary/Rare Engrams (Omnigul & Grasp of Malok) in Destiny The Taken King


Basic Concept:

  • Have a fireteam of 3 with at the very least one Night Stalker Hunter. (Two or even all three being a Night Stalker helps immensely.)
  • Night Stalker(s) should have the perks BLACK HOLE and LIGHT OF THE PACK selected. For the rest of the perks, go for an armor and recovery build.
  • All fireteam members should be above 300 Light Level, preferably with exotic swords or any weapon combination that can deal extremely high DPS in under 30 seconds
  • Select the strike The Will of Crota from the director menu. (Located on earth and is actually a level 16 strike now, not 26 as depicted in the linked image.)
  • Run through the strike up until you open the gate leading to the first time you encounter Omnigul. (It is best to have all supers charged and full heavy ammo at this time.)
  • Open the gate and as soon as you round the corner and see Omnigul for the first time have your hunter use his super to tether her.
  • While tethered Omnigul cannot teleport, stays somewhat in place, and takes more damage.
  • KILL OMNIGUL HERE (Omnigul can be killed here without moving up the hill due to being tethered. She will drop the same loot as if you had killed her at the end of the strike)
  • Let the additional enemies in the area kill you, causing your entire fireteam to wipe.
  • You will now be spawned back at the gate.
  • Rinse and repeat.

The Finer Details:

  • By using BLACK HOLE and LIGHT OF THE PACK, hunters can chain their supers and have the tether on Omnigul last longer. These perks are the key to maximizing time allotted to killing Omnigul and regaining a super for each wipe. Call out and alternate who will use their tether so you don't have to wait for supers to charge.
  • Exotic swords, especially Raze-Lighter for the extremely high DPS and the Bolt-Caster for the ranged attack, allow you to down Omnigul the quickest. If you do not down Omnigul before she rounds the corner at the top of the hill, you will have to wipe and lose a chance at drops/wasted supers and heavy ammo.
  • Omnigul will only stay tetherd for a maximum of 30ish seconds (If anyone has actual numbers that would be helpful) and will slowly start moving up the hill even while tethered. Stay close to her and DPS DPS DPS!
  • Once Omnigul has rounded the corner into the final room, DO NOT KILL HER. This will cause you to complete the strike and go to orbit. Also, all guardians cannot cross this threshold or when you wipe you will start at the final room of the strike, forcing you to complete the strike or start all over.
  • There is no rush to wipe after Omnigul is down, so use this time to gather ammo or build up supers, just remember to leave enough adds to kill your entire fireteam.

The Loot:

  • Every Omnigul kill guarantees at the very least two rare engram drops
  • Omnigul has a chance to drop the legendary warlock bond Omnigul Bond, and the legendary pulse rifle Grasp of Malok.
  • Every time you kill Omnigul it counts as you completing a strike, causing your vanguard streak bonus to increase. When you reach the maximum vanguard streak bonus (3), your chances of receiving legendary engrams is drastically increased.
  • You unfortunately cannot farm Three of Coins (3oC) with Omnigul as she is only considered a major here.

Video Guide:

Final Remarks:

This method helps grind out for strike specific loot as well as general engrams, so if you are looking to do both of those things then this is for you. This by no means is the FASTEST way to farm engrams, it just happens to be a way to kill two birds with one stone effectively.

Bonus Tips: 

  • Have Nightstalker Hunter, Do level 16 Will of Crota Strike, tether and kill Omnigul before she makes it into the last room, wipe, rinse and repeat.
  • Use vortex grenade and throw it at the polar in front of her, it'll cause her to not go forward and/or move backwards.
  • This needs further testing: Bolt caster and raze lighter can do this but if you're using dark drinker, use supervortex in front of her and aim towards the back. It can actually move her around so if you do it behind her, she'll move forward anyway.
  • Avoid pushing her into corners. She can teleport away despite being tethered if you back get into a corner.
  • Sometimes your tether will end prematurely. Omnigul has a nasty habit of untethering herself. If this happens, don't risk getting a checkpoint. Save your ammo and just go on an ammo run.
  • If you use scabbard on your sword before you use a synthesis, you'll get 81 ammo. Switch it back and you still have 81. However, the first attack you down drops you down to 68. It sucks but it's one extra special attack you get to do.
  • Have a hard hitting shotgun on hand. If you run out of heavy and she's almost dead, swap to the shotgun and go to town. Alternatively, you can snipe her but it's not as easy.
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Credits: Special thanks to Vokey for the video and to UNDERSCOREY for the guide.