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Some Friendly Tips on How to Be a Better PvP Player in Iron Banner (Crucible)

The Tips
  • Position yourself to have the advantage in engagements.
  • Keep your crosshair where the enemy is likely to be
  • Try to engage one enemy at a time
  • Stay alive: run from bad engagements
For the first tip the most basic way to position better than most other people you see is to use cover:

In the open and can be shot from many angles.

Only visible form B-site > can focus on B site

While watching tree can be seen from right

Can only be shot at from tree and uses stairs for some cover

Sitting duck if caught trying to snipe from here

Can use room to right for cover

Out in the open again

Safe from the right, can focus straight ahead

Can be shot from warehouse and underpass to the left

By moving up the wall protects the left and the rubble part of your front

Can be shot from mid or straght ahead

Can only be seen from straight ahead

Can be shot from the left

Uses that thing for cover form the left

Can be shot from the right

Only seen from mid

You need to get into a habit of thinking where you can be seen from, so that you can safely focus on the most important area (where the enemies will be). This leads into the next tip:

Try to keep your crosshair where the enemy is likely to be. Whether you are moving around a corner or waiting for someone else to appear, you want to be able to aim at either head level or the common spots they might be when you see those spots.

The videos below demonstrate that you should keep your crosshair at head level. In this way, you can get more headshots as well as first shot kills.

Also, the videos above shows you a variety of movement and crosshair. As the player aim away from B toward the upper door, he also move out from the cover his am next to. That way if anyone appears in B they can't see him.

The next tip is to try to engage one enemy at a time. When there is a number disadvantage and you want to fight try to isolate them and deal with them one at a time so that they can't just burst you down.

The video above demonstrates that the player noticed two and then only show enough to fight one before he engage the second. If he went out on site, he surely would have died (and traded one for one at best). It's the same principle pro CSGO players follow when trying to "clutch", and when good players in 3v3 are down as the last man standing. Try to keep it in mind.

The final main tip is, as dumb as it sounds, to stay alive. There is almost never a good reason to overextend so much that you die.  Staying alive is not only the key to a better KD but to more wins. You can't help your team while dead and backing off while you recover will take less time than re spawning. The short video below will demonstrate that the player  realized that if he don't get out of there fast the guy will kill him because its his rifle vs the enemy's shotgun. He get out and then play it patiently, waiting for the right time to pop out and re-engage for the kill.

Miscellaneous Tips:

  • When in a gunfight don't throw a grenade. You will miss and they will shoot you while you are missing and you will die.
  • Reload behind walls. Don't stand in the open when you can't shoot.
  • Don't reload after every kill. You probably have enough shots in your clip/magazine to kill a second person and you should only reload when it is safe or necessary. Don't assume there is only one person.
  • If there is no one to contest for heavy drop, wait for your team before you pick it up
  • Play a higher sens than normal.
  • Don't jump except for movement and positioning purposes. It makes you easier to see and shoot and you gain no advantage in a (unless you are getting fancy up close with a sword or something).

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Credits: Special thanks to Kq Genesis for the videos and guide.