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Soloing Crota Like A Boss, Just By Using Rock Band Drum Kit

Well, there's nothing really informative here. No tips, no guides, no hints... Just a pure gimmick on how to solo Crota using a freakin' Rock Band Drum Kit.. Whaat????

In the video you will watch below, you can see Sean Gallagher soloing Crota using his Rock Band Drum Kit... Well, who ever thought that you could integrate Rock Band peripherals to Destiny? No one did! Until this kick-ass Guardian did!

Keep in mind that not only do you have to use the drum pads for many of the button presses, you have to keep your hand on the middle of the drum kit to use the directional pad to move the character. That is a strange way to keep your hands while you're playing, and you can see how much he has to adjust what his hands are doing throughout this run.

This is a purely gimmick run, and I feel a bit silly talking about it, but it's so much fun to watch, and it had to have been a major challenge. The first comment on the video nails it, in fact: "Oryx is definitely even more pissed that somebody's killed his son with DRUMS."

Enough said.. Just watch the video below:

In the future, I will not be surprised if anyone will try to kill Oryx Using All Rock Band Kits. Drums, Guitars, Bass and someone singing to kill Oryx.... Now that would be fun! :) Pretty hilarious don't you think? HAHAHA.

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