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Sleeper Simulant First Impression: Is it Really Worth the Effort Getting it?

What's up guys.. So, we have finally uncovered the mystery on the sleeper simulant. It turns out that it's not even a mystery..

So, I got the Sleeper Simulant in my hand, run a few test and this is what I've found out so far about SS:

It did terrible on the legs of a walker tank, did not get a chance to use it against the core of the tank though. It two shotted a yellow health ogre. It killed two of the yellow health wizards at the end of the mission in two shots. It appears that it may ricochet off enemies? It's hard to tell but if they are close by it should get both targets.

This gun seems amazing, we might see it overtake heavy machine guns as the go to weapon in PVE but it's limited ammo may be a problem. However, after some other tests I have come to this conclusion: Because of the low ammo capacity it doesn't beat out a heavy machine gun overall, but it's burst damage is insane. It is going to take some raiding to determine if it's better on that category. It does not beat out touch of malice or black spindle for an exotic slot though in my opinion.

Ultimately, it's a sniper rifle that you have to charge up and aim with a bit less reliable scope. High risk high reward with a nice addition of a ricochet that can do hilarious things.

Now to support my claim that it's not the best gun out there, I did included Arekkz first impression on the Sleeper Simulant. It turns out that we have something in common... Check out his point of view on the Sleeper Simulant below:

In the video above, Arekkz gives you his review on the weapon which he calls precise, more suited for PvE, and a nice gun despite the limited ammo.

Arekkz says the weapon genuinely feels Exotic and thanks to maxed out impact it hits like a truck; however, it has the ammo capacity of a rocket launcher, so you will need to use it sparingly.

“It’s a precise weapon, so critical hits from a heavy weapon will always be an added bonus on the damage front,” he says. “And if you’re in an environment that supports the ricochet bullets, then you can clear out a room quite nicely; however, for single targets, i.e. bosses, this feature ends up going to waste a little.

“It’s definitely more of a PvE weapon than PvP – in the Crucible, given the ammo it’s not really a top tier choice. Yes, it will kill in one hit. But because of the limited ammo and no splash damage, it doesn’t have any advantages over a rocket launcher – aside from the situational ability to ricochet kill someone.

“Either way, it’s a nice gun, one of the better ones out there, but perhaps not the best.”

My last words about Sleeper Simulant: All I can say is it's a nice weapon but not the best out there. I would rather stick with my Black Spindle or Touch of Malice. But the burst damage of SS is sweet but that feature was easily taken down by it's limited clip.

What do you guys think about the Sleeper Simulant?

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