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Skyforge Lightbinder Comprehensive Guide

Class Overview

The Lightbinder fills the support role in the Skyforge Universe and is one of the only two support classes currently available. The Lightbinder is one of the three base classes available for you to choose at the beginning of the game; the other’s being Cryomancer (Damage) and Paladin (Tank).

If you typically enjoy playing the healer role in MMO’s, the class may seem appealing to you at first;
however, you need to understand something very important: Skyforge does not have any healers.
SAY WHAT!? That’s right, The Lightbinder’s speciality is damage mitigation and utility, using casted shields to prevent damage (similar to a Discipline Priest in World of Warcraft), movement speed buffs and damage buffs. Healing is done primarily through items or health globes that drop as you battle.

Never fear solo players and Supports who love to DPS, the Lightbinder has the ability to put the hurt on any enemy that dares to cross its path. Still interested in being a Lightbinder? Let’s show you more of what this beast of a class has to offer!

  • You have the class unlocked from Day 1
  • Able to find groups easily via the group finder.
  • Very mobile; you can cast most spells while moving
  • Talent choices allow you to be flexible; great for solo, small and large groups
  • Shields make it hard for you to be killed – great for solo and PvP!
  • Lower damage compared to other classes; this makes soloing slower than most other classes
  • Light energy costs are high for most abilities
  • Groups tend to spread out all over the place, making it hard to land your buffs on all party
  • members
  • Extremely short dash when compared to other classes
  • You need to learn other classes main combo to use flood of light effectively.
Attributes and Other Stats

If you’re new to Skyforge, the first thing you might notice when you go into the character sheet is that there are a whole lot of attributes and other statistics to take into consideration. The tooltips for these in the in game menu are great! Still, if you haven’t started playing and want to know what they are all about (or just want to see them all in one nice big list) then this is the section for you.

Before we get into the damage stats, the first thing you will encounter is prestige. Think of this as your gearscore (if your familiar with WoW) or the games interpretation of your battle power. Prestige is gained from chapel buffs, gear and unlocking nodes on the atlas. As your prestige rises, new quests and zones become available to you. Also, you will be able to start scaling up the difficulty of your missions for higher rewards.

The one thing that you need to realize is that just because something has higher prestige, doesn’t mean that it’s better than what you have equipped. If you look only at prestige for your gearing choice, you will most likely be underpowered compared to those who are focusing on the stats, even 1000s of prestige lower than you.

Base Damage: This is your character’s base damage. Might, Strength and Accuracy are the main
modifiers of this stat.

Bonus Damage: This is extra damage that is dealt to your target based on the amount of HP your target has. The more they have, the more you do. Valor is the main modifiers of this stat.

Critical Damage: This number is the amount of extra damage your character will do when it scores a
critical hit. Luck is the main modifier of this stat.

Impulse Damage: This number is the amount of damage that you will do when your character uses an Impulse Charge. Spirit is the main modifier of this Stat.

Note: Impulse charge is represented by the lightning bolt symbol above your dash charges to
the right of your health bar. Specific skills activate impulse charge, which we will talk about in the
abilities section.

Now that we’ve got the damage out of the way (kind of!), let’s take a look at the base stats, what they
do and where you can get them.

Might: This is a general increase to your base damage. Might can be increase by upgrading your Main Weapon, Red Atlas Nodes on the Ascension Atlas (more on this later) or through the Solidity (an order buff available, more on that later!)

Stamina: Increase your max HP. Your secondary weapon has stamina on it. You can also get these
through Green Atlas Nodes.

Strength: This gives you an increase to your minimum base damage. Helps you tighten that damage
range up for better DPS. You’ll find these on rings and by unlocking Blue Atlas Nodes.

Valor: This increases your bonus damage and can be found on rings and by unlocking Blue Atlas Nodes. Increases bonus damage.

Luck: This increases your critical damage and can be found on rings and by unlocking Blue Atlas Nodes.

Spirit: This increases your impulse damage and can be found on rings and by unlocking Blue Atlas Nodes.

Proficiency: All equipment has a proficiency rating on them. If you don’t meet the required proficiency then you won’t be able to equip the gear. You will find the proficiency rating right underneath the name of the item you are looking to equip. You can gain more proficiency by unlocking Red and Green Atlas Nodes.

Greatness: Once you unlock the order system (more later in the guide), Greatness is required if you
want to continue to upgrade your temples. You can get this from Blue Atlas Nodes

Weighing In:

What to focus on first? What’s more important for me as a lightbinder overall. Proficiency and Greatness should be taking as needed.

As far as the other base stats go, allocate them on:

Stamina > Spirit > Strength/Might > Luck > Valor

When you look at the ability section, all your defensive shields are based on YOUR HP, so as a support class, keeping people alive is numero uno.

The rest of them are for your damage. Spirit works great with our abilities due to impulse charge and
how the skill modifiers (especially for sparks of anger) work. Strength and might are always advantageous as it boosts our overall damage. Critical damage is always good, but since we will focus more towards impulse damage, Luck isn’t as beneficial. One of your abilities allows you to give some of your stats to allies though, so you may find luck worth more of an investment. 

Valor is a distant last. Really, most solo and small group mobs get low HP pretty fast, so this damage
drops off fast. This is really for DPS (probably, I’m not one ) who are going to be fighting mobs,
especially bosses.

Other Stats

These stats give additional effects, often synergizing with your base stats. These are found on Amulets, Symbols, Talents, Skills and from Chapel Bonuses.

Critical Chance: Increases your critical hit chance. Not surprised, eh?

Discharge Recovery: Impulse Charge recovers faster and the amount of impulse damage. If you’re
looking to do as much damage as possible, this is great to make sure you’re beefing up. Impulse
recovery is done through chapels and symbols primarily.

Accuracy: Increases your Strengths influence on your base damage. Helps you tighten up your damage range for higher damage. This is amazing to invest in, especially early on. You can find them on rings. It is highly recommended that you try and fill all your ring slots with accuracy.

Temper: Increases bonus damage and the chance that the ability will inflict maximum bonus damage
regardless of the target's health. Pairs effectively with Valor. I wouldn’t bother making a significant
investment in this.

Crushing Blow: The chance you have to deal double damage. Boom! Awesome to have for solo, small groups or PVP. You can get this via the chapels.

Violence: If you are under 50% HP, you do more damage. The lower your HP goes, the more damage you do. You’ve got shields, nuff said. Generally, you won’t find yourself under 50% HP much.

Solidity: Converts a portion of your Stamina into Might. Bingo! Since you want a lot of HP, might as well turn that into… might! Get that damage son! Well… again, if you’re solo or in a small group. You’ll probably be too busy in large groups to be DPSing much.

Ranged Damage: Increases the damage inflicted to enemies at a distance of more than 20 yards. 
Vigor: Increases your damage when you are chasing the enemy. I can’t see you chasing many enemies so, this might not be worth it.

Health Bonus: Increases your maximum health. Yup! HP HP HP! More HP, better shields. Pick this up on rings and in the chapels.

Shield Power: Increases the effectiveness of damage absorption effects. DANGER DANGER DANGER! Get this at your own risk. This does NOT make your shields stronger on your allies, it makes shields stronger that are cast ON YOU. This is for tanks…. Or people who can’t get enough of PVP. Also, THIS SKILL CAPS AT 25% so make sure you don’t go over.

Endurance: Reduces incoming damage if it exceeds 10% of your maximum health. No brainer. Get this when you can (chapels) because not dying is good.

Regeneration: Restores part of the health lost in combat if the character does not take any damage for 4 seconds. This would be good to have. There are limited health globes so, if you can squeeze this in so your DPS can get heals, everyone wins.

Block: Occasionally decreases the incoming damage by a certain percent of your Stamina. More
damage reduction. Seeing the theme? Stay alive. You can’t support your team mates without it.

Adaptation: Incoming damage is temporarily reduced if you take consistent hits. Hopefully you won’t be taking enough hits to require this. I’d say hold onto this for PVP

Dash Activation: Reduces dash activation time. This comes on rings and, in my opinion, takes up a
valuable slot that you should be using on some other stat.

Melee Defense: Reduces damage from the melee attacks of other immortals. This works for PVP only.

Ranged Defense: Reduces damage from the ranged attacks of other immortals. This works for PVP only.

Defense Penetration: Part of your damage that ignores the target's defense. If you’re looking to max
your damage out, this is something to consider. You get an ability that gives you 60% defense pen for a few seconds. 

Control Efficiency: Increases the duration of your control effects. This would be good for PVP for your stun ability and for solo/small groups. Overall, you’ll probably want to skip this.

Control Suppression: Reduces the duration of control effects used against you. Smells like PVP spirit.

Tactical Sense: Increases the percentage of defense ignored by your attacks when fighting certain highlevel invasion monsters.

Cold/Electricity/Poison/Radiation/Hypnosis Resistance: Decreases environmental damage when you fight bosses of certain invasions. If you’re in for a fight where you will be taking a lot of damage from elemental types, you should look into getting some of this. If you don’t need it to survive, it’s not necessary.

Abilities and Talents

As a Lightbinder, you’ll have a wide variety of abilities at your disposal. These abilities can be augmented further through talents, giving the abilities even more effects. This allows the Lightbinder to always be able to select the right tools for every situation.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though; you only have 10 ability slots and 10 talent slots. Your abilities are also group in groups of 2 or 3, meaning that you cannot equip two abilities from the same group. For that reason, this guide laid the abilities and talents section out based on grouping so that you can see exactly what your options are for each slot.

Those abilities that are listed in Green are defensive/damage mitigation abilities, Red are damage/DPS abilities and Blue is for utility.

[Left Mouse Button]

[Ability] Pulsating Flare / Burning Stream: By clicking the left mouse button, you will use the
lightbinders basic attack. The animation make you look like you’re playing tennis with balls of light. If you target an ally, you can boost their next attack. This can be stacked up to three times on an ally. If you press and hold the LMB, LASERS! You basically shoot a large laser that hits any enemies in a straight line. It’s a channelled spell that drains your light energy each second for up to 5 seconds.

[Talent] Deflection: Starstorm and Burning Stream deal 30% more damage. Nuff said.

[Ability] Pulsating Flare / Flood of Light: Flood of Light is an interesting spell. Basically, it takes
your Might, Strength, Spirit, Luck and Valor and gives it to your ally for 8 seconds. The effect stacks up to 5 times. Each stack gives 20%, up to a maximum of 100%. Important: The 8 second duration starts after the first stack is applied to your ally and does not refresh each time a new stack is added. What does that mean to you? It means that your ally will only have 3 seconds of having 100% of your stats. Sure, these all help your ally do more damage; however, learning to time this right with your highest damage ally so that the highest damage part of their combo is at 100% stat transfer will take some knowledge of other classes. Using this ability to its maximum efficiency will be what separates the good from great.

[Talent] Bright Flares: Pulsating Flares used against an enemy has a 10% chance to restore an Impulse Charge. When used on a friendly target, it restores 10 points of Light Energy.

[Right Mouse Button]

[Ability] Particle of Light/Golden Sphere: By clicking the left mouse button, you toss out a large
sphere at your target which explodes, causing AOE damage to enemies around it. This radius on the
ability is very large. This ability activates impulse charge (which we’ll touch on later). If you hold the
RMB down, you will send out a large, slow moving sphere of light that pulls enemies towards it and
damages them. The sphere lasts for 8 seconds. I personally don’t like using Golden Sphere. With its high energy cost and seemly mediocre damage, spamming particle of light always seems like the better option.

[Talent] Summit: Particle of Light costs 135 less energy, from 300 down to 165. Want to
throw out more AOE Particles, this is the talent for you.

[Talent] Focused Light: All targets in the area of effect of Golden Sphere have their
 movement speed reduced by 50%, Golden Sphere's cost is reduced by 200. This takes
 the cost down from a hefty 800 to 600.

[‘1’ Key]

[Ability] Sparks of Anger: Pew Pew Pew. Get use to using this spell. This sparking ball of
awesomeness will see a lot of use during your travels. A very strong attack that activates impulse
charge. One of the biggest draws to this skill is the talent that comes with it, combined with the love it gets from the weapon and amulet slots (more on that in the gear section!)

[Talent] Sparks Power: Sparks of Anger deals 2 times more damage to targets under 50% health.

[‘2’ Key]

[Ability] Unstable Shield: Ahhh, shields. Glorious shields. Remember, since there is no healing
in Skyforge, stopping your allies from taking damage is very important. When casted, this shield lasts
only 8 seconds, so you can’t pre-shield your groups before fights. In groups, you will find that your
tank will be taking the majority of the damage (as they should be), so 99% of the time this will be used on your tank. One downside to this shield is in the way the game handles damage you and your allies  take. If you are standing in an AOE, the game registers the damage dealt and waits to see if your ally dodges it. If they do, they take no damage. If they don’t, they get hit by the damage. What that means for Unstable Shield is that you can’t post-shield someone standing in an enemy’s ability to save their life. If they are in it, then you shield them, the only way for them not to take damage is to dodge. Yikies! It sucks, but you just need to make sure you’re not wasting this precious shield on someone who is going to die anyway.

Unstable Shield shields for 12.5% of your max HP if you shield yourself, or 25% of your max HP if youshield someone else. That means beefing up your HP will beef up your shields. The shield does explodeand do damage if it’s broken or the timer runs out and does some AOE damage, but that’s really just anice little bonus and not the real reason you will be using the skill.

[Talent] Rain of Fire / Shields for Days: Honestly, rain of fire sounds like it should be a
DPS ability. I really think they should rename this to “Shields for Days” because this talent is
going to help you cast more shields! The initial cool down on Unstable Shield is 20 seconds. Rain
of Fire Shields for Days replaces the cool down with 2 charges. You gain 1 charge every 12
seconds and can cast the shield when you have a charge.

[Talent] Distorting Field: Unstable Shield reduces the duration of control effects (like
stun) by 40% and provides immunity to movement restricting effects. I’m sure there will be
some fights in the future that this will work really well on. This talent screams “PICK ME FOR
PVP” though.

[Talent] Shining Fragments: Unstable Shield explosion inflicts 100% more damage.
Another great option for PVP to help you deal with those who keep getting in your face.

[‘3’ Key]

[Ability] Starstorm: Deal damage to the enemy. It’s like raining light particles sent to destroy
your enemies. It’s damage is fairly good and does activate impulse charge. The beauty of this spell is that even though it has a long cooldown, your basic attack, pulsating flare, has a 5% chance to refresh the cooldown. It also costs no light energy, which is awesome.

[Talent] Deflection: Starstorm and Burning Stream deal 30% more damage. Nuff said.

[Ability] Blessing of the Sun: Increases damage dealt by you and your allies in a 20 yard radius
1.5 times for 7 seconds. This ability has a 1 minute cooldown. I put this under utility because it doesn’t cause damage directly, but having everyone’s damage shoot up is always awesome. This ability has no talents for it.

[‘4’ Key]

[Ability] Halo: All allies around the lightbringer (20 yard radius) gain a 50% damage reduction
for 6 seconds. It had a moderate 45 second cool down. This is an all-around great ability that you have no choice but to keep, as it is the only option available.

[‘Z’ Key]

[Ability] Radiance: For 10 seconds, this ability grants the Lightbinder and all allies in the front
half-sphere receive additional 60% to Armor Penetration. The cooldown is only 10 seconds, which
means you can have this up 33% of the time. 60% is A LOT of Armor Penetration, so don't hold back using this, unless you know a particularly nasty boss phase in on the horizon.

[Talent] Piety: Radiance increases your movement speed by 30% for 7 seconds. 
Note: This is YOUR movement speed, so, I feel like this is only really good in PVP for trying to get away from someone.

[Ability] Wanderer’s Relic: Places a relic that lasts for 25 seconds that teleports any ally to you,
up to 50 yards. When used again, it will teleport you to the relic. I currently haven’t encountered any
fight that I’ve needed to get away from anything desperately or my allies needed to move a large
distance; however, I can see this being an amazing PVP ability to get away from others or for your team mates to get out of trouble.

[Talent] Guiding Star: Every 10 seconds you gain a stack of Guiding Star, which allows
your allies to use the wanderer’s relic without triggering a cooldown. After using the relic, your
ally gets 30% movement speed for 10 seconds. More PVP boosting here; 60% Armor Penetration
seems too good to pass up for PVE.

[‘X’ Key]

[Ability] Starfury: Three stars appear over the targeted ally (or yourself ) for 15 seconds.
When the ally is attacked, a star is consumed and it stuns the attacker for 2.5 seconds and deals some
damage. This is an all-around useful ability for both PVE and PVP. Stunned enemies can’t do damage. The abilities cooldown is 35 seconds. This, combined with its talents, is hands down the best talent in this slot.

[Talent] Serenity: Starfury now also puts a shield (yumm, love them shields!) on the
target for 4 seconds that equals 15% of the lightbinders health. Unlike unstable shield, it does
not receive a bonus for casting it on others. 15% for all! Equality for all classes! Whose with

[Talent] Starpower: Starfury’s cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds, the stun’s duration
is increased by 2 AND stunned targets take 20% more damage while stunned. Umm… yeah, this
is awesome.

[Ability] Blessing of Tenacity: All negative status effects are removed from all allies within 20
yards and gives them immunity to other negative effects for 4 seconds. This has a 30 seconds cooldown and costs 650.

[Talent] Captivating Light: All allies under the effect of Blessing of Tenacity (lasts 4
seconds, remember!) absorbs 70% of the damage in the first second and decays down to 25%. Most probably, it decays at 22.5% per second, but I have nothing to support that, just a guess!

Damage reduction is always good, but remember, if you’re using this to REACT to a large AOE
that’s already been cast, the damage has already been registered. That means that if someone
gets hit by it, they are taking the FULL DAMAGE. Good thing is if you know the fight and what is
coming, you can use this to absorb a boat load of damage!

[Talent] Strength of Spirit: Blessing of Tenacity is reduced by 10 seconds and its cost is
reduced by 200. If you’re using this in conjunction with Captivating Light, that means you can
cast the damage reduction every 20 seconds. Awesome!

[Ability] Rise and Shine: This is your revive! NOT! Well, it does revive the target; however, it
reduces your light energy regeneration rate by 60% for 2 minutes!! Ouch! Don’t take this talent, the
other two options are way, way, way better. If you want to revive someone, just buy some temporal
compensators: all the revive, none of the negative effects. OH YEAH!

[Talent] Mystery of Rebirth: Activation time on Blessing of Tenacity is reduced by 5
seconds, allies gain 60% of their HP on revive and the negative effects duration is reduced by 60
seconds…. If you feel like OMG I HAVE TO USE RISE AND SHINE, at least use this talent.
In regards to these choices, I believe that using starfury with both its talents would be the best for solo, 3 man and 5 man groups (as well as PVP). The tank in these situations (you’re the tank in solo) are taking the brunt of the damage, so the shield and stuns are great. In large fights (10 man), it’s doubtful that the boss can be stunned (therefore no 20% damage bonus) and the shield will probably get taken down quickly. Blessing of Tenacity is your go to for those fights. Overall, as long as you’re not taking Rise and Shine, you are good.

[‘C’ Key]

[Ability] Sacred Barrier: Puts up a protective barrier on all allies in a 20 yard radius around the
lightbinder that nullifies all damage for 4 seconds and removes all negative effects. You should have
already read (twice) about how shields and damage work in this game, so casting this reactively won’t save anyone’s life. Still, 100% damage reduction is awesome and used properly, you can save the day! 5 minute cooldown though, so you won’t be pumping this bad boy out frequently.

[Talent] Guardian’s Gift: 2 minutes off the cooldown for Sacred barrier and the 100%
damage reduction duration is increased by 2 seconds. If you’re using Sacred Barrier, you should
be using this.

[Ability] Wraith of The Sun: Knockback nearby enemies and do a moderate amount of damage.
This is a great spell to interrupt enemies abilities. Costs 300 light energy.

[Talent] Power of the Sun: More knockback (5 yards) and costs 300 less light energy.
The best part of this is that this makes Wraith of The Sun free to cast, meaning more room for
other spells. Good for PVE if you’re not using Sacred Barrier, GREAT for PVP, because you never
want to be out of energy and unable to cast your shield. Also, it gets your enemy 5 more yards
away from you.

[‘V’ Key]

[Ability] Quasar: This throws out a big ball of energy that sits on the ground and explodes after
15 seconds or when enemies enter its area of effect. Enemies in its area of effect are pulled in, damaged and stunned for 1 second. Their movement speed is reduced in half for 5 seconds. This has a 22 second cooldown and costs 650 light energy. This is great when you want to pull a group of enemies together for your damage deals to mow down. It will also explode on impact if you toss it directly on enemies, making it useful to interrupt enemies abilities.

[Ability] Pulsar: This throws out a big ball of energy that sits on the ground. It slows the
movement speed of any enemy in its area of effect by 95% and blows up in 5 seconds. It stuns enemies for 3 seconds. In my opinion, this is better than Quasar, due to the stun duration, but it has a longer cooldown, so needs to be used with more care. They both have their merits, I think you should use which one you feel works with your playstyle. This costs 630 light energy and has a 45 second cooldown.

[Ability] Supernova: This throws out a big ball of energy that sits on the ground and explodes
after 15 seconds or when enemies enter its area of effect. Enemies in its area of effect take initial
damage and then burn for 6 seconds, taking additional damage per second. Costs 450 light energy and has a cooldown of 18 seconds.

[Talent] Quasar Stabilization: The Light Energy cost of Quasar, Pulsar and Supernova is
reduced by 250 points. The cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. Great talent since you have to
take one of these abilities.

[‘E’ Key]

[Ability] Merciful Blow: This is your finisher, meaning, once the enemies health is low enough,
you can use it. It instantly KO’s the enemy and makes your next Sparks of Anger, Burning Stream or
Particle of Light used in the next 25 seconds will deal double damage. Cha Ching! You should be using this on cooldown (20 second cooldown) because the damage increase is amazing. This is your only finisher.

[‘R’ Key]

[Talent] Incarnation of Light: This is your Ultimate ability. You basically transform into a super
holy, see through, floating and glowing character with new abilities! You give off a lovely aura that
increases your allies damage and reduces the damage they take. If an ally dies under your aura, they are revived with 40% of their HP; however, the aura is cancelled. Once Incarnation of Light ends, all allies are immune to its effects for 240 seconds (meaning multiple lightbringers in a raid can’t chain the ability). This has an 8 minute cooldown. The ability lasts 15 seconds.

[Right Mouse Button] Bright Beam: Deals single target damage to the enemy.

[Left Mouse Button] Burst of Light: Deals AOE damage to enemies surrounding the

[‘1’ Key] Sacred Barrier: Shield’s all allies in the area of effect for 25% of the Lightbinder’s
health. All enemies around the lightbinder take damage proportional to the remaining time on
Incarnation of Light. After the shield ends, the effect stops. If you’re trying to maximize the use
of incarnation of light, don’t use this until there are 1 or 2 seconds left!

[Other Talents]

[Talent] Solar Breeze: Light Energy regeneration rate is increased by 25 in combat and
by 100 out of combat. With high light energy costs and frequent casting, you should take all the
light energy you can get. I feel like this is a mandatory talent.

[Talent] Spirit of Light: When a Lightbinder dies, they turn into the Spirit of Light with
health and can continue to fight. If the spirit survives 15 seconds, the Lightbinder is resurrected. 
The effect can be activated no more than once every 8 minutes. A reraise, nice! Just don’t get
your spirit killed or you will be dead for good! If your confident that you won’t die, you don’t
need to take this. It’s hard to not want to take this for any group play, the safety net is great!


Symbols are basically equipable passive effects that you can use to further develop you class. There are two different ways to unlock symbols: either by mastering a class’s atlas fully or unlocking them in the Upper Ascension Atlas. You initially start out with 3 symbol slots and can grow it to 29 slots by mastering all the classes, but that will take a little while!

There are a total of 49 symbols, which are listed below. As for what symbols are best, I’ve placed the
recommended symbols with [Recommended] some, which means that I believe these should be the
ones you should consider picking up first; therefore, they’ve been placed in the list first. The remaining ones have been placed in no specific order, so make a decision and run with it  I’ve also broken them down into Utility, Damage and Defense. I have also indicated [Class] for any symbols that are attained by fully unlocking a class and kept them separate from the other symbols as they take a significant investment to unlock.

With such symbol diversity, you should read through them and consider which ones you feel are best.


Tactical Defense: Melee defense is increased by 5% for each level of this symbol. Ranged defense is
increased by 5% for each level of this symbol.

Defender’s Creed: Incoming damage and damage dealt are both reduced by 5%.
In groups, you’re going to make sure you don’t die, which is why these talents are so important. You can easily take Defender’s creed off if you are soloing, due to the damage reduction.

Recharging Consumables: Combat consumables are restored 15/30% faster. As you will be relying on temporal compensators to revive your allies, having the revive come off cooldown faster may be the difference between a wipe and a win.

Double Discharge: When Impulse Charge is restored, there is a chance that it can be activated two times in a row. The chance is increased by 12% for every level of this symbol.

Painful Spasms: Impulse damage applies an effect to the enemy that inflicts damage over time. Total
damage is equal to the character's Spirit.

Impulse Intensity: Impulse damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.

Element of Surprise: For the first 8 seconds of the fight, damage dealt is increased by 12% for every
level of this symbol.

Ultimate Strength: The effect of Strength on base damage is increased by 10% for each level of this

All of these talents raise your damage. The reason why they are ahead of some defensive talents is
because a large portion of the content are smaller man groups. Adding some damage to your lineup will help runs go faster. Really, dead enemies don’t deal damage. Just remember your shields, keep your allies alive!

We priorities impulse damage and related symbols because of how well our abilities work with impulse damage. This will allow you to lay down the hurt in between shields and other related cooldowns. It will also allow you to solo a whole hell of a lot faster.

Bonus Dash [Recommended – Only if using in conjunction with Clever Maneuver] : Number of Dash charges is increased by 1 for each level of this symbol.

More dashes combined with the shield from Clever Maneuver will give you lots of damage mitigation if you are taking constant damage. Remember, damage is applied when the enemy first uses their AOE, so if you are using a dash to shield an AOE, it’s too late.

Clever Maneuver: Using Dash creates a protective barrier that absorbs damage equal to 5% of the
character's maximum health for 3 seconds.

Inertia: For 3 seconds after Dash is used, the incoming damage is reduced by 12% for each level of this symbol.

[Other Symbols]

Slowing attacks: The character's attacks slow enemies down by 10% for each level of this symbol. Lasts 3 seconds.

Summon Oculat: Using attacking abilities in combat has a certain chance to summon an Oculat that will fight on the character's side for 18/25 seconds.

Pain Shock: Using offensive abilities allows you to use Shock. Pain Shock Stuns the enemy target for 3 seconds. This ability takes 25 seconds to recharge. When used together with Paralyzing Shock, both effects are applied simultaneously, and cool-down is reduced by 5 seconds.

Paralyzing Shock: Using offensive abilities allows you to use Shock. Paralyzing Shock stuns the enemy target for 3 seconds. This ability takes 25 seconds to recharge. When used together with Pain Shock, both effects are applied simultaneously, and cool-down is reduced by 5 seconds.

Breakout: Using Dash stuns nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. This effect can be activated no more than once every 21/14 seconds.

Desperate Resistance: Slowing effects used against the character are reduced by 15% for each level of this symbol.

Forced Respite: Having a slowing effect applied to you has a 20% chance to restore one Dash charge.

Adrenaline Surge: When taking damage, the character's speed can be increased by 15% for each level of this symbol. The effect lasts 5 seconds, and its activation chance depends on the character's current health.

Impact: Critical hits stun enemies for 1.5 seconds. The attack can be used against the same target onlyonce every 7 seconds.

Glorious Triumph: Using a finishing strike increases damage dealt by 10% and reduces incoming damage by 10%. Duration: 10 seconds.

Consumables Efficiency: Duration of the positive effects of consumables is increased by 12/24%. Amount of health restored by consumables is increased by 12/24%. Damage dealt increased by 12/24%.

Maximum Recoil: Critical damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.

Mobilization: Additional damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.

Warrior's Creed: Incoming damage and damage dealt are increased by 5%.

Wave: Damage: Using offensive abilities allows you to use Wave. Wave deals damage to all enemies around the character in an 8 yard radius. Cool-down is 25 seconds. When the attack is used together with Wave: Slow, both effects are applied simultaneously, and cool-down is reduced by 5 seconds. 

Wave: Slow: Using offensive abilities allows you to activate Wave. Wave slows all enemies within an 8- yard radius by 50% for 4 seconds. It takes 25 seconds to recharge. When used together with Wave: Damage, both effects are applied simultaneously, and cool-down time is reduced by 5 seconds.

Lucky Shot: Every 2 seconds, the character's critical hit chance is increased by 1% for each level of this symbol. When critical damage is dealt, the effect is reset and begins accumulating again.

Rapid Attack: For the first 3 seconds of the fight, damage dealt is increased by 6% for every level of this symbol.

Ruthlessness: Opponents under stun, fear, blind, or immobilize take 6% more damage from the
character for each level of this symbol. Opponents under slowing effects take 2% more damage from the character for each level of this symbol.

Dissection: Impulse damage applies an effect to the enemy that inflicts damage over time. Total damage is equal to the character's Luck.

Mark of Death: Your attacks may leave a mark on the opponent that, once removed, will inflict 20/30% of the damage inflicted to them while they had the mark.

Balance: The character takes 6% less damage for each level of this symbol when they are fighting against three or more enemies.

Defense Reflex: The character takes 10% less damage for each level of this symbol when under stun,
fear, blind, or immobilize effects. The character takes 3% less damage for each level of this symbol when under slowing effects.

Life Energy: Using Healing Orbs increases running speed by 30% and reduces incoming damage by 30%. Duration: 3 seconds.

Impulse Barrier: When Impulse Charge is activated, the character gains a shield that absorbs damage for 3 seconds. Each level of this symbol increases the amount of damage absorbed by 3% of the character's maximum health.

[Class Symbols]

In this section, the symbols in order of importance. Note: PVP isn’t the focus of the
recommendations, so your priorities may change if you are a PVP fanatic.

Shroud Of Light [Lightbinder]: When the character is not in combat, they gain a shield that absorbs
damage equal to 5% of the character's maximum health (three plates maximum). The shield can be
restored during combat, if the character takes no damage for 6 seconds.

Divine Intervention [Paladin]: Incoming damage is completely absorbed if it is no more than 10% of the maximum health. The character becomes immune to all damage and negative effects for 4 seconds. The effect is activated no more than once every 70 seconds.

These two are pretty much standard for all classes. Since there are no heals in the game, staying alive is very, very important. These talents help you (and everyone) take less damage. Pick them up as soon as you can. The remaining class symbols, if you choose to use them, are up to you to decide which ones you feel would benefit you most. I feel that the Kinetic and Ranger are definitely worth picking up and using, especially for solo purposes. The others I don’t feel are that great but I also haven’t unlocked/used them, so I’m basing that on just the ability description.

Gravitational Perturbation [Kinetic]: Using Impulse Charge increases the character's damage by 12% for 6 seconds.

Cold Calculation [Ranger]: Damage dealt to enemies with more than 50% health is increased by 15%. 

Strength Serum [Alchemist]: When using offensive abilities, the character occasionally receives an
injection which increases damage by 15%. Duration: 10 seconds.

Stolen Initiative [Monk]: Damage to stunned opponents is increased by 20%.

Frenzy [Berserker]: The cooldown of Thirst for Battle and Unbridled Rage is reduced by 15%. Every other class: When taking damage, an effect can be activated that increases your damage by 20% for 8 seconds. The lower your health, the higher the chance to activate it.

Jinx [Witch]: Taint inflicts 25% more damage. Any other class: The character's attacks may place an
effect on the opponent that inflicts X-Y damage every second for 6 seconds.

Active Defense [Gunner]: If the character is in combat and does not move for 5 seconds, they are
surrounded by three Drone Sentries. If there is an opponent in a 9 yard radius, a Drone flies up to them and explodes, dealing 542-1190 damage and slowing them down by 75% for 5 seconds. 

Another group of Drones may appear no sooner than 20 seconds after the previous group's attack. The Drones will disappear if the player moves more than 8 yards away from them.

Under Cover of Darkness [Slayer]: Critical hit chance is increased by 7% if the character has not been the direct target of any hostile spells for 5 seconds.

Instant Ice [Cryomancer]: Apparently the tooltip is incorrect in game – this ability freezes enemies that come within melee range? If someone has more information, please fill me in!

Invincible Will [Knight]: Duration of the control effects used against the character is reduced by 15%. If the character's health drops below 50%, this effect is doubled.

Ghostly Viper [Necromancer]: Using offensive abilities in combat has a certain chance to summon a Ghostly Viper that will fight on the character's side for 20 seconds.

Order and Chapel Buffs

In skyforge, after you reach 2000 prestige, you unlock the ability to start building your order. I’m not
going to get into the inner workings of the order feature, as this is a lightbinder guide, but I will highlight some of the benefits you’ll get by using it.

If you’re looking for a great video on the order feature, Pohx Kappa has a great video you can watch

So here’s what you need to know about your order:

When you unlock a region where you can build temples, you can select from one of six stats to benefit from. You can unlock them all and change them at will; however, you can only have one at a time. As you’ll see in the video, by upgrading the quality of your temple, you’ll also get might, stamina and % health bonuses. In fact, a large portion of your HP can come from the temples, so it’s definitely worth investing in this feature.

There are 8 provinces total: Here is a table breaking down what bonuses you can get from each

Which should you use? That will be discuss in the builds section in a little bit.


In Skyforge, the items that you can attain a broken down into 5 types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. All items have some type of skill modifier on them, that scales up based on the level of item. Common items have no skill modifier, Uncommon items provide a small bonus, Rare items provide a moderate bonus, Epic items provide a large bonus and Legendary items provide the max bonus.

Weapons, Offhands and Rings also have Boosters. These boosters provide additional bonuses as you
increase their level, as well as a larger bonus for increasing their max rank. 

Note: The information on the bonuses were pulled from the Skyforge Wikia (http://skyforge.wikia.com)

All of the items have specific skills that they modify. I will provide as much detail as I have about your choices here. Note: the recommendations on which to use will be in the builds and playstyle section below.

The lightbinder’s primary weapon is the Rod (Of Awesomeness) and provides might and prestige. The booster for the weapon adds more might and prestige. It can also have different effects.

Starstorm inflicts 10/20/?/?% more damage. Pulsating Flare has a 8/11/?/?% (instead of 5%) chance to recharge it.
Sparks of Anger inflicts 33/66/?/100% more impulse damage.
Merciful Blow’s cooldown is reduced by 2/4/?/? seconds
Blessing of the Sun lasts 2/4/?/?% seconds longer.

The lightbinder’s offhand weapon is the Pommel and provides stamina and prestige; the booster also
adds more stamina and prestige. Pommels can grant the following bonuses:

Particle of Light has a 33/67/100/?% chance to restore the light energy spend on it and recharge
impulse damage. Note: the 100% option is currently, to my knowledge, only available on the founder’s pommel, which you can’t get anymore.
Halo reduces incoming damage by 60/70/100/?%, instead of 50%
Radiance increases Control Efficiency of everyone in the area of effect by 12/24/?/?%
The Duration of Sacred Barrier is increased by 3/6/?/?%


Rings comes with a primary set of stats, and a secondary set of stats. The primary stats are Strength,
Spirit and Luck. You will find 2 of the 3 on each ring. The ring booster will boost these stats when

NOTE: The ring booster only provides you a boost for 2 stats, but take all of your rings stats into
consideration. So if you have some Strength, Spirit and Luck rings equipped, it will take an average of each stat and then only provide you a bonus for your top two. What does that mean for you? It means that you should pick two primary stats and stick with them, even if the third stat has a higher value than the ring you are wearing.

Secondary stats I’ve seen are Dash Activation, Bonus Health, Temper, Accuracy and Critical Hit chance. The booster does not affect these ring stats, so mix and match as you see fit.


To start, Amulets have no boosters, so you don’t have to worry about that. You unlock additional amulet slots by collecting ether cores, which is a pain. These amulets provide stamina, prestige and boost various damage abilities. You can get the following bonuses:

Burning Stream inflicts ? more damage every second.
Sparks of Anger inflicts ? more damage.
Particle of Light inflicts ? more damage.
Every third Pulsating Flare inflicts ? more damage.

As you increase your amulets rarity, it looks like the number of bonuses that you get increase. I’ve only seen white (no stats), green (1 stat) and purple (2 stats), so once I see more or can find out more


There are Trophy slots and honestly, I don’t quite understand exactly how they work. It appears that,
after 8k prestige, your able to gather fragments to make trophy’s that give you bonus damage to a
specific mob type. You can find a bit more information here: http://skyforge.wikia.com/wiki/Trophy
Obviously, if you’re going to be fighting a specific monster type, it won’t hurt to have the appropriate
trophy. It appears there is a booster slot too but again, not 100% sure on how it works. 

Builds and Playstyle

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Well, maybe! You may have just skipped right down to this
section because you’re looking for a quick build to use. Cool! Remember, there’s a lot in this guide, so if you’re confused about something, head on back up and take a read.

There are three builds presented in this guide: Solo/3 Man/Some 5 man, Full Support (5 man + Raid) and PVP.

Solo/3 Man/Some 5 man
You must spend a decent amount of time damaging the enemy. Note: if you’re new to 5 man content, you should probably run the full support build. If you’re with a group that you’re confident with (like friends) or have done the zone many, many times, you might be better off with this build. (Must take) means that that slot has no other options available.

After the abilities/talents/gear etc, This guide will give you an overview on the playstyle and rationale for this:


LMB: Pulsating Flare / Flood of Light (take Burning Stream solo)
RMB: Particle of Light/Golden Sphere: (Must take)
1: Sparks of Anger (Must take)
2: Unstable Shield (Must take)
3: Starstorm
4: Halo (Must take)
Z: Radiance
X: Starfury
C: Sacred Barrier
V: Pulsar / Quasar: Pulsar if you need to group enemies up, Quasar if you want to stun adds for longer.


1. Deflection: You’re using starstorm – 30% more damage is win.

2. Bright Flares: Since we’re stacking Spirit for more impulse damage, resetting impulse charge will
boost your damage.

3. Starpower: Reduced cooldown on Starfury means more stuns. Stuns now increase damage by 20%. Cast this on yourself if there is no tank in your group (solo, 3 man) or on your tank in a 5 man. Offense and defense all in one.

4. Quasar Stabilization: The cost on Quasar and Pulsar are huge and the cooldowns are long. This talent will help you use them easier, when you need them.

5. Summit: This reduces your particle of light costs significantly. Great for bombarding large groups with your Ball of AOE death. It won’t be as strong as the DPS version of the build above; however, it will still be good if the group needs extra damage to handle boss adds or trash.

6. Sparks Power: [MUST TAKE] Take this. Just.. just do it. Double damage on Sparks of Anger while enemies are under 50% HP. Sparks of Anger already does lots of damage, this takes it to a whole new level.

7. Solar Breeze: Light energy regeneration is important due to our high costing abilities.

8. Rain of Fire / Shields for Days: This just gives you shields. Some shouldn’t say “Just”, more shields means you’re less likely to die; your high damage allies (or tanks) in small groups will love you for it too. Why not Blessing of the Sun? Because, for your own damage, starstorm is a superstar. In a five man group, however, with everyone else doing much more damage than you (or at least, they should be), you could certainly use blessing of the Sun.


For your rod:
You’re going to want Sparks of Anger inflicts 33/66/?/100% more impulse damage; therefore, you’ll
also want to spend your Impulse Charges on Sparks of Anger. This is going to work amazingly well with all that Spirit you’re stacking for that big hit.

Note: The 100% is only available, as far as I know, on the collector’s edition weapon.

Starstorm is the other option, increasing it’s damage and increasing its reset rate; however, you’ll see
much higher damage with Sparks of Anger. Merciful Blow is a 1 time deal for damage increase. The
cooldown would still be super long, so there is no point in taking this. The other is for Blessing of The Sun. For smaller groups, even if you’re using it, I’d still take Sparks of Anger.

For your Pommel:

Your only option is Particle of Light has a 33/67/100/?% chance to restore the light energy spend
on it and recharge impulse damage. This means more impulse charges. More impulse charges means
more high powered Sparks of Anger. This had an internal cooldown, so you can’t just spam Particle of Light forever for instant recharges. However, you can weave it in easily as we are taking the reduced light energy talent.

You’re going for Strength and Spirit. More base damage, more impulse damage. Beautiful. As far as
secondary stats are concerned, Accuracy and Critical Hit Chance are considered the best. We don’t stack luck, but you’re bound to get some on the Atlas, making it a fine choice. I would make sure to have every ring with accuracy on it.


Take the bonuses in the following order: Sparks of Anger > Pulsating Flare > Particle of Light >
Burning Stream. As I’ll explain in a few, this is basically in the order of what you’ll be using to do


You'll be keeping multiple and switching to use the one to suit the zone you’re in for maximum bonuses. More to come on this! It’s at 8k prestige when you first get these soooooo, you’ll probably have it all figured out by then anyway.


Because you can approach the Atlas in different ways, you may feel that one symbol is easier to use than others. You should base your use on the recommended list.

If you have them, Double Discharge, Painful Spasms and Impulse Intensity. Check the symbols section for more recommendations.

Chapel Buffs:
Chapels give you a wide variety of buffs. For damage purposes, I think these chapels would give you the overall best damage; therefore, perfect for a small group stuff and solo.

Dawn Plateau: Accuracy – Great stat to increase your damage
Kesalia: Discharge Recovery – More Impulse charges work well with this build.
Symerlis: Crushing Blow – Deal double damage from time to time. Cha ching!
Ithanos Archipelago: Discharge Recovery – Again, more impulse charges
Hallaghi Valley: Accuracy – More damage is good!
Fjord Kangher: Solidity – You’ll be stacking stamina so you might as well get some damage out of it. Note: Defense Penetration may be good here too.
Thytheron Plain: Crushing Blow – Double damage whoop whoop!
Damaon Wasteland: Same as Fjord, Solidity or Defense Penetration.

Note: If you have limited time to do chapel stuff and are looking to raid faster, you may want to consider going to the full support section and focusing on those chapels first.

Playstyle and Rationale:

Particle of Light is better as an AOE. You obviously don’t have any allies to use it on solo, so take Stream in that case. But if you’re like me and too lazy to switch it every time, just leave it on there! It’s great in groups if you identify a DPS that is just WRECKING IT. If you see that Kinetic about to drop his mega-combo, beef his damage up. Chances are he’s doing more damage than you are. Most DPS take symbols that give them a supercharge right at the start of the fight, so using this first thing would be a good way to get the ball rolling. 

Shields are self-explanatory: use them on whoever has aggro to keep the ship sailing; the includes yourself to keep you alive. You should try and use Starfury frequently on the target most likely to get aggro and be hit. I recommend, unless you have a tank in your group, that you shield + starfury yourself, run in and take a few hits to proc the stuns. This will give everyone 20% more damage on those targets. Sweet! Halo is around for extra protection in case a set of mobs Is really giving you a beating. As far as the rest goes. For AOE packs, Throw out Supernova when it’s off cooldown because of the burning damage that lasts. Particle of Light DOES proc Impulse Charge, so it’s a great way to follow up with a large amount of damage.

Once you get to a single target (or you’ve decided to attack the stronger mob while your allies AOE the others down), you should do the following. 

If you have an impulse charge, you should cast Sparks of Anger. 
Then Starfury if it’s off cooldown. Sparks of Anger until you are out of light energy.
Use Pulsating Flare which will do two things: chance to reset impulse charge and change to reset
Starfury’s cooldown. If either happens, follow the priority list above.

Note: Remember, shields do cost energy, so if you need to shield yourself in between, please do so. That DPS rotation is just to give you a general idea on how to do it. Use Radiance to increase your damage when you feel appropriate. I’d try and time it before you’re using an Impulse Charge Sparks of Anger. This will also possibly for 5 man groups. Again, just to reiterate, this would be a little much
for a fresh lightbringer. Someone with lots of experience or working with a spot on group (not a PUG) could use this greatly to speed the run up. If you want to support the group
fully, this next build is for you. 


This is your full support build. This build is based on protecting and buffing your allies as much as

(Must take) means that that slot has no other options available.

After the abilities/talents/gear etc, This guide will give you an overview on the playstyle and rationale for my choices.


LMB: Pulsating Flare / Flood of Light
RMB: Particle of Light/Golden Sphere: (Must take)
1: Sparks of Anger (Must take)
2: Unstable Shield (Must take)
3: Blessing of the Sun: Increased damage for all your friends!
4: Halo (Must take)
Z: Radiance
X: Starfury / Blessing of Tenacity (More on this later)
C: Sacred Barrier
V: Supernova


1. Spirit of Light: This is a reraise – if you happen to die, you can still fight! You must take this. The
benefit is too good for a large group to pass up.

2. Serenity (Starfury): This is another shield for your tank. In big fights where they may be taking lots of damage, using this between unstable shields could be the difference between life or death. OR YOU TAKE

2. Captivating Light (Blessing of Tenacity): A decaying shield for anyone under the effects of blessing of  tenacity. Starts at 70% and goes down to 25%. Great for fight where you know the whole raid will be taking damage.

3. Starpower (Starfury): Reduced cooldown on Starfury means more stuns. Stuns now increase damage by 20%. Cast this on yourself if there is no tank in your group (solo, 3 man) or on your tank in a 5 man. Offense and defense all in one. OR YOU TAKE

4. Strength of Spirit (Blessing of Tenacity): Shorter cooldown means you can use Blessing Of tenacity (with all its buffs) more frequently.

5. Quasar Stabilization: This brings supernovas cooldown way down and makes it cost a moderate 200 light energy. This leaves you room for more Sparks of Anger or shields. Overall, this is the most
damaging option.

6. Guardian’s Gift: Longer duration on damage immunity with a shorter cooldown. Definitely worth
taking, especially for long fights.

7. Sparks Power: Double damage on Sparks of Anger while enemies are under 50% HP. Sparks of Anger already does lots of damage, this takes it to a whole new level. Useful for fights if your damage is needed for a Low Boss HP mechanic. OR TAKE

8. Distorting Field: If your tanks or raid members will suffer constant status effects, this will help reduce the duration; potentially making the fight easier. If you need this, easily take this over Sparks Power.

9. Solar Breeze: Light energy regeneration is important due to our high costing abilities.

10. Rain of Fire / Shields for Days: This just gives you shields. More shields means you’re less likely to die; your high damage allies (or tanks) in small groups will love you for it too.


For your rod:

Blessing of the Sun lasts 2/4/?/?% seconds longer is your go to. More damage for your allies for longer.
As a full support, there is any other option. If your group is desperate for damage, you could
default back to Sparks of Anger.

For your Pommel:

It’s interesting because your choice of Pommel will really be based on what you need for the

The Duration of Sacred Barrier is increased by 3/6/?/?% is a great choice because it provides more time for damage immunity.

Halo reduces incoming damage by 60/70/100/?%, instead of 50%. I think you can get 100% on the
founders pommel, which means you get 100% damage immunity every 45 seconds. Win. Just be careful using the founders pommel, if the stamina stays too low, eventually, your shields will just be smaller. There might get to a point where its not worth using. For us non-founders, if you need more frequent damage reduction, use this. If you need 1 large period of immunity, use Sacred barrier.

Radiance increases Control Efficiency of everyone in the area of effect by 12/24/?/?%. Interesting
choice. If you need periods of high Crowd control, you should use this during a raid. It’s unlikely though, so this may be simply best for PVP.


You’re going for Strength and Spirit. If you need to damage for whatever reason, this is your best bet.
As far as secondary stats are concerned, Health Bonus is by far the most important. Dash activation
would work well with some defensive symbols. Accuracy would be great for fights where you need
damage. All in all, as long as you have health bonus.

These are all damage options. Go Sparks of Anger > Pulsating Flare > Particle of Light > Burning Stream if you will need periods of single target damage, or Particle of Light > Sparks Of Anger > Pulsating Flare > Burning Stream if you will be helping with AOE damage.

The highest Stamina is probably the clear winner in terms of full support.


You'll be keeping multiple and switching to use the one to suit the zone you’re in for maximum bonuses. More to come on this! It’s at 8k prestige when you first get these soooooo, you’ll probably have it all figured out by then anyway.


Because you can approach the Atlas in different ways, you may feel that one symbol is easier to use than others. You should base your use on the recommended list. If you have them, it is recommended that you pick up all the green defensive symbols. Staying alive means you can support more.

Chapel Buffs:

Chapels give you a wide variety of buffs. For a full support build, I recommend taking talents that are
going to help keep you alive. A dead support can’t help anyone\

Dawn Plateau: Block – Helps reduce damage taken
Kesalia: Dash Activation – with other talents, etc, you can get a shield from dashing. More dashes, more shields. Shield power wouldn’t be terrible either if you need to beef up shields on yourself.
Symerlis: Block – More natural damage reduction
Ithanos Archipelago: Shield Power – only real defensive option here.
Hallaghi Valley: Endurance – Great if you’ll be taking big hits, otherwise, use Regeneration to get back some of your lost health without having to take globes.
Fjord Kangher: Block – Stay alive.
Thytheron Plain: Endurance again if you expect those big hits, Dash activation if not.
Damaon Wasteland: Regeneration – Only defensive option here (as the other is PVP only)

Playstyle and Rationale:

One of the first major decisions you’ll have to make is: do I want to take Starfury or Blessing of tenacity. Whatever you do decide, you’re going to want to take the accompanying talents that go with it. 

The highest done is the 5 man content, so if you have been going with Starfury, you will have the
additional utility and the shield. It does a great job as a filler shield between unstable shield
recharges. In more complex fights where more people are taking more damage than just the tank, or
there are any detrimental status effects, and probably blessing of Tenacity would be worth considering. Put what you feel works best for you in this slot. 

On any fight you know there will be a large amount of control effects in play, especially on your tank, take the distorting field talent for Unstable Shield. Otherwise, you can use Sparks Power for more damage: If you’re going to be tossing out a little damage, you might as well make it as strong as you can.

Overall, in this build, you’ll be weaving your cooldowns to keep your allies alive, as well as providing them great buffs.

At the beginning of a fight, you should make sure your tank is shielded. With two charges of the shield, you’ll be able to replace it if it goes down. There are some symbols and talents that boost your DPS’s overall damage during the first 15 seconds of a fight, meaning, when you first engage a boss, that’s the time to start putting the hurt on.

Once the fight gets going, pop Radiance to beef up your allies’ damage for 10 seconds. At this point, channel flood of light on your top damage dealer, right to 5 stacks, working with whoever it is to make sure their combo is starting as your channeling. Once the channel is done, immediately pop
Blessing of the Sun for another damage boost. At this point, the tail end of your DPS’s combo should
have both an Defense Penetration Buff and a straight damage buff, right on top of the start of the fight damage bonus (if they have it talented). Boom! Mega damage to get the fight off to a good start.

After that, it’s all about keeping shields up and using your damage buffs while you can. You can interrupt the channelling of Flood Of Light, so considering using that on your top damage dealing ally when you can. I usually try to pair it for when I’ve used a damage buff, but you can use it as you see fit.


LMB: Pulsating Flare / Flood of Light
RMB: Particle of Light/Golden Sphere: (Must take)
1: Sparks of Anger (Must take)
2: Unstable Shield (Must take)
3: Blessing of the Sun: Increased damage for all your friends!
4: Halo (Must take)
Z: Wanderer’s Relic
X: Starfury
C: Wraith of The Sun
V: Quasar


1. Guiding Star: Once your allies use your relic, they get the chance to move faster. Saving their lives means they live to kill another day. I love relic in PVP because you can zip around to get away from all those people who seem to want to kill you first.

2. Serenity (Starfury): More shields. More shields, less dying. Yum!

3. Starpower (Starfury): Reduced cooldown on Starfury means more stuns. Stuns now increase damage by 20%. If people are going to gang up on you, you might as well stun them. This will help your allies finish them off (or allow you to drop the bombs on them if you’re in a free for all!)

4. Quasar Stabilization: The draw in on Quasar plus the stun is really nice. Shorter cooldown and less energy means you can be annoying more often AND spend more energy elsewhere.

5. Power of The Sun: Less energy spent, knocks annoying people back further: what more could you ask for? Invincibility? The cooldown’s too long :p

6. Distorting Field: People are going to try and CC you and your allies as much as possible. This is going to help you break free faster.

7. Solar Breeze: Light energy regeneration is important due to our high costing abilities.

8. Rain of Fire / Shields for Days: This just gives you shields. More shields means
you’re less likely to die. Throw it on a friend if you want, you’ve got two!

Sparks of Anger inflicts 33/66/?/100% more impulse damage is what you want!

You don’t always attack, but when you do, it hurts like hell! More impulse damage is great. Consider
picking up the extended Blessing of The Sun if you’re in a super large battle to make more of your allies killing machines.


Your default (if you use this build) will be Halo. Damage reduction is nice, especially if you see a charging Kinetic.

Halo reduces incoming damage by 60/70/100/?%, instead of 50%

If you decided you don’t want to play around with the Wanderer’s Relic, pick up Radiance and you
definitely want this pommel: Radiance increases Control Efficiency of everyone in the area of effect
by 12/24/?/?%. Everyone’s CC gets stronger, hurray!


The primary stats by now: Strength and Spirit. Accuracy will work well here to boost your damage, but I think Bonus Health and Dash Activation make you much harder to kill. People will focus you, so being annoying and unkillable makes it easy for your allies to come in for the kill.


Usually, you will cast Sparks of Anger. Go ahead and pick up the amulets for this and drive the damage up. Pulsating Flare would be the second stat you are looking for if you have purple amulets.


Not sure if these work for PVP or not. If someone could kindly let me know, that would be AMAZING!


Any of the symbols that make you take less damage are worth it. The dash ones are recommended for PVP.

Dashing around and getting damage reduction, away from the enemy and shields. Nom Nom Nom.
People will hate you, but trust me, you’ll have the time of your life.

In PVP, you will basically try and damage with sparks of anger while using all my other abilities to
stay alive. You will be helping allies and tend to stick to the group PVP battles. If you’re looking for more of a damage build for PVP, just grab the first dungeon build. It has good damage.

Chapel Buffs:
Chapels give you a wide variety of buffs. For a full support build, I recommend taking talents that are
going to help keep you alive. A dead support can’t help anyone

Dawn Plateau: Endurance – helps deal with those burst Kinetics
Kesalia: Ranged Damage – PVP only option that reduces ranged damage. You’ll probably be targeted a lot.
Symerlis: Shield Power – It maxes at 25% but you really want to beef yours up – you will be focused.
Ithanos Archipelago: Ranged Damage is probably preferred to shield power.
Hallaghi Valley: Endurance – again, helps deal with bursty immortals.
Fjord Kangher: Take Shield Power here as well, if you’re not close to the cap.
Thytheron Plain: Endurance – Bursty immortals are probably getting pissed at you by now!
Damaon Wasteland: Adaptation – Reduces damage from consistent hits – and you’re going to get hit… a lot.

If you can make it so your opponent can’t beat you down, you can slowly pick away at them. Even with no offensive talents, you still will do a decent amount of damage. Stay alive and win!

Tackling the Ascension Atlas

If you are new to Skyforge, this is going to seem overwhelming. For the Atlas, you really have to just do what you feel is best.

When you first start out, you only have the class atlas. If you look through it, eventually you’ll find a
lightbringer symbol. That’s your first goal. Don’t be sidetracked by nodes you don’t need to get there.
The faster you get there, the faster you unlock the Upper Ascension Atlas and can start getting class
sparks on top of your normal sparks. This just flat out helps you progress faster. Once you’re into the
upper Atlas, things get wild: IT’S HUGE.

The #1 recommendation for people tackling the Atlas is that you should just find whatever
class you want to unlock and then head that way. You can right click the class you want to unlock and hit “find path” and voila, it will show you the fastest way there.

If you’re like many and you just want to be a lightbringer, you have to remember: fully unlocking other classes means that you get more symbol slots. So if you can’t find another class you want to play, look at the symbols list earlier in the guide, find the ones you want and head that way.

Note: With a premium account, you get sparks of evolution instead of class sparks after you finish your class atlas. So really, with a premium account, you never have to actually play another class, you can level them all from the comfort of your lightbinder.

This is a really shallow way to look at it though. Many agree with getting some base abilities before
diving into a new class but, by using other classes, you get to understand their mechanics. If you
understand how they are played you get a feel for when they are their strongest. This helps when timing damage buffs like Flood of Light.

How to start with Atlas? Start by heading towards Alchemist and taking a detour towards Kinetic and Archer. They both have great symbol bonuses so many wanted to get them. They also have
very juicy blue nodes around them. When you can, you grab as many Blue sparks as you can. Green sparks are great for Stamina and work well with chapel buffs but you do get a large portion of HP from the chapels already. Same with might from chapels. Many tend to be very careful with red nodes. 

Basically only use a red node if it will get me to a green or blue group that you want.
Blue nodes have juicy Spirit and Strength nodes which I think go a long way, especially when you are starting out. Obviously, picking up stamina (green) will help keep you alive and make your shields stronger, so you can’t go wrong with those.

Some people might disagree but that’s how some have chosen to pursue their Atlas. The best part about the Atlas is you go where you want to go! Have fun with it.

Tips and Tricks

Here are just a few tips and tricks I thought you should know for playing the class:

1) You can run while DPSing with pulsating flare and Particle of Light

2) With Sparks of Anger and Starstorm, after the ability is cast, you can dash to cancel the rest of
the animation and start casting something else.

3) You can be channeling an ability and still cast unstable shield (it usually casts on yourself but
HEY! It can help with solo!)

4) You can Use F1 through whatever to target your party members.

5) Use the TAB key to scroll through enemies

6) If you find that you can’t target any enemies, you probably hit the T key. T allows you to switch
right to targeting allies and hitting it again puts you back to enemies.

7) This is general but: if you target a goal waypoint, you can press SPACE and the game will run you
to it. Careful though, sometimes you get stuck on stuff.

8) Send your followers on all the missions that have followers. That the fastest way to rank up your

9) If you want to get fast class sparks, got to port naori and solo the first boss and leave. Keep
doing it over and over to your hearts content.