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Reversed Pentalaloon with "Zapquake" - Could it Even be the New Best TH9 Option?

Credits: This guide is created by Messier11

The reversed pentalaloon with "zapquake"

It took me a while to get lightning spell lvl 6 since I had just started drags to 4 when it was released, but after I got it I've been doing this attack -- that I call the reversed pentalaloon with zapquake -- non-stop. The results have been very very promising and I am starting to wonder if it might not even be the best 3-star option on TH9s. But of course it needs to be battled tested a lot more before any firm recommendation can be made either way.

This is the basics. Lets say you attack a base that fundamentally from an air point of view constructed like this: 4 AD lvl 7's in a square in the base (with fairly good lines of Ds from the outside and in so that it won't take forever for the loons to get to the ADs) in the positions NW/NE/SW/SE, and lets say that the AQ is fairly at center but in this case a little closer to the SE AD just for example (some never get the north/south stuff so like the scheme below ). 

---NW AD-------NE AD---
---SW AD--------SE AD---

Use the following spell set-up: 2 lightning spells (lvl6); 1 EQ; 2 haste; 1 rage. 

Use the following army set-up: 5 lavas (1 max in CC) and 20 loons.

-Pull CC with 2-3 loons and kill the drag (?) with your AQ.

-Put two lightning spells and the EQ on the SW AD. 

-Go in from the opposite side of all instruction videos (hence why its called the "reversed penta [...]"), on the far end from the AQ, i.e. from the north with 2 lavas each on the NW AD and NE AD followed by like 12-15 loons. Use the 2 haste spells on them to take out the NW and NE AD as soon as possible. 

-Then fairly fast send in the max lava from the CC from the side on the SE AD by the AQ followed by the remaining 3-6 loons (time-it so that the SE AD does -- not -- go down before the NE AD and the NE AD). This way all surviving lavas will travel to the last AD standing by the AQ. Then put the rage on top of that last SE AD so that it also covers the AQ, just when the first lava there starts to pop. Use king whenever (or upgrade him ).

I am not sure if other uses it or I invented it myself, but so far it seems almost too over-powering. 5 lavas against 3 AD lvl 7s survive most of the time. You always get the AQ without any problem. I've been upgrading both heros at the same time the last week, but before that I got 4 straight 3 stars on max or almost max TH9s and without both heros its still been a walk in the park getting 3 stars on TH9s when I went lower.

I don't have videos, have never done them and I am short on time as it is, but I think experienced laloons get this attack without moving picture.

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