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Possibly the Safest Strategy So Far in Oryx Hardmode on Destiny: The Taken King

Okay. I have seen and shared a lot of Oryx HM strategies and tips on this blog and so far they are just the same or they slightly differ in some part. But this new strategy is totally different from the other strategies I have shared. So far, I can safely say that this is the safest strategy in King's Fall Raid Hardmode.

Earlier today, a Destiny buddy named Zaldy has shared to me a video from a youtuber named Kenan Kajtezovic, demonstrating how they kill Oryx in HM. And, he claimed in their title that this is THE BEST STRATEGY! Zaldy told me to try it but, I really don't agree on the strategy at first as it sounded crazy because it's completely different than the other strategies I've done to beat him on HM.

Essentially, the strategy that Kenan demonstrated on the video will task you to take the ogres to 25~50% health. and then everyone goes to daughter platform furthest from Oryx, then the runner grabs the aura and jumps up too, and once Oryx got staggered, you finish the Ogres, and run to bombs while relic runner drops down to the middle between daughters platforms. Rinse and repeat.

Yeah I know... This is totally different from other known strategies but, I think you should take a look at it first before judging it.

You can check out the video below to see how the strategy works:

As you can see, they have done King's Fall Raid HM flawlessly with this strategy so, I have decided to go with my buddy and try it out for ourselves!

If you want to try it out also, Kenan has some key notes or steps on how to do this strategy (it's a more detailed note on what I have said earlier), which you can see below:

1. Everyone gets on their normal position. 
2. Everyone get their ogres to at least 50 percent or whatever possible damage without dying (you can always finish them in the next phases with malices so it shouldn't be an issue to die over) and wait for the relic guy to get his relic.
3. Team jumps on the columns where the daughters spawn after the relic guy says he has the relic, always the opposite of where oryx hits. 
4. Relic runner doesnt have to kill the vessel.
5. Relic guy comes to the column where everyone is and then we all shoot the stomach to stagger.
6. Then we split the team into 3 (the two guys in back focus on back and the two in front focus on front while also getting help from the floater and relic guy on each side if needed) while still staying on the platform and shoot the ogres from the top of the columns. count down from 5. in those 5 second the ogres should be dead and on the last second everyone should head to their bombs. then we go detonate them. If ogres die together in the same spot then only one person needs to go detonate both.
7. At this moment relic guy drops down and we meet him in the middle to finish hitting oryx.
8. Rinse and repeat.

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Credits: Special thanks to Kenan Kajtezovic for this very helpful strategy.