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Possibly the Best Rolls for Grasp of Malok in Destiny: The Taken King

What's up guys! Welcome to another Destiny discussion.

In this page, we will try to determine the best rolls for the pulse rifle Grasp of Malok.

So how can we determine the best rolls for Grasp of Malok? We can do that of course by taking a look at the stats of the weapon first.

Grasp of Malok Stats



Taking a look at the stats of the weapon above, we can see that its major weakness is stability and range.

So how can we solve that? Of course by getting rolls that enhances the stability of Grasp of Malok. However, the most efficient way to fix this problem is to enhance the stability of the weapon WITHOUT SACRIFICING THE RANGE OF THE WEAPON.

To solve this recoil problem, you can get Counterbalance to eliminate the Horizontal Recoil of the gun. The next thing to solve is the Vertical Recoil. We can do that by taking a look at some sights/perks which provides the most stability. Take a look at the tables below to determine which are the best perks to fix the vertical recoil:

Sights (Most Stable to Least)

Perks (Most Stable to Least)

So, by taking a look at the table below and analyzing the data, we can determine three options:

Option 1

(14)OAS + (25)Hand-Laid Stock = 39 Stability
(54)base + (39)combo = 93/(92)max
Conclusion: -13 Range and goes over stability cap (not ideal)

Option 2

(12)OES + (24)Braced Frame = 36 Stability
(54)base + (36)combo = 90/(92)max
Conclusion: -9 Rounds In Magazine = 24 Rounds Total.

Option 3

(9)ORES + (25)Hand-Laid Stock = 34 Stability
(54)base + (34)combo = 88/(92)max

Conclusion: With +6 Range from ORES, that only make you lose 7 Range, and you also get +4 Reload and Handling.

Now that we figured out a way to fix the stability issue without sacrificing range, the next part is find out the third perk for our Grasp of Malok. 

What's the best third perk?

Well, I leave it to you. The third perk is personal preference. But I can recommend a few. Here's what I recommend:
  • Third Eye
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Spray and Play
  • Glass Half Full
Final Thoughts

So if I were to recommend what's the best roll for Grasp of Malok, then I will recommend:
  • Sight: Red Dot-ORES
  • Perk 1: Counterbalance
  • Perk 2: Hand-Laid Stock
  • Perk 3: Preference (Mine is Third Eye, or Feeding Frenzy)
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