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Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Blood Knight Beginners Guide (Skills, Build, Equipment & Inscriptions)

The blood knight is a hybrid tank/dps with magic spells, this means you cant build full strenght or full wisdom, and a valance is need between your equipment for the full experience of a true BK. Its easy doing quests and move around the map with one of the best scapes (maybe the best) in game.

The BK uses health to cast spells/skills (not all of them) and gains Demon Blessings, a resouce for battle. Like wariors, the BK can cast diferent skills and some of them get special bonuses, this makes de Demon Blessing your right hand in battle. The BK is maybe the most used class these days its because of the hype of a new class and personally im one of those.. 


Demon Blessings

Well, this is your bread and butter!! You need good timing and practice to learn when use your skills due to the DBs. Sometimes you have to wait and hold before casting a skill, this will help you exploit your oponets weakness and win the fight.

Its shown as the purple bar next to you health and it has small folds to help you keep tracking of your DBs.

Also the DBs have an important role on inscriptions, some inscriptions depend of the DBs to trigger.

So its important to keep track of your Dbs WITHOUT FOCUSING ON IT, i personally died while paying too much attention to my DBs and splipping my health bar.



The BK has 8 skills, 7 damage dealers and 1 buff skill. Four of those 7 are AP(Wisdom) and the other three are AD(Strenght), thats right.. The BK is more like an anfibian. Lets start..

1-Dark Summoner

Summons a spirit blade to atack you target, dealing moderate physical damage. You will also receive 1 demon blesseing.


Cost: ---- 0%HP
Range: -------- 5
Cooldown (CD from now): --- 3

This is the first skill you will receive, also it has very low cooldown and costs no HP, plus you will get 1 demon blessing.

2-Demon Wave


Cost: ---- 3%HP
Range: - 11
CD: ------- 6

Emits shockwaves, dealing moderate magical damage to enemies in front of you. Each demon blessing increases damage by 50%, BUT THE SKILL WILL USE NO MORE THAN 3 DEMON BLESSINGS.

Stop stacking for ever bruh.. Just get 3 and let it roll.. GG

3-Wings Unfurled


Cost: --- 0%HP Radius: --- 4.5
Range: - 15
CD: ------ 15

Surge forward 15 m on summomed demon's wings! Deals magical damage to sorrounding enemies upon landing and stuns them for 0.1 secs.

Not the big deal.. Its more like a gap closer and scape, also you can trable faster.



Cost: ---- 5%HP
Range: - 0
CD: ----- 20

Unleash your Bloodthirst! The life drained from normal atacks is increased by 50% of the damage dealt, while most harmful conditions removed. This skill can also be stacked with Vanpire Vengance.

Thats right! Basically what it says, it works like a leach buff, if you are fighting and enemy and cast this skill, your next atacks will heal some health. Good for 1v1.

5-Demon Blade


Cost: --- 4%HP
Range: - 7
CD: ----- 20

Deals moderate physical damage to enemies in front of you! You will get 3 demon blessings.

No need to explain, just some extra DBs.

6-Begrimed Brutality


Cost: ----- 6%HP Channel: ---- 3
Range: -- 6 Radius: ------ 6

Unleash your vengance! Deals massive magical damage to enemies in front of or beside you. Each DB will enable you to restore HP equal to 5% of damage dealt.

Ok im not at this level but its actually explained.. More DB = More health restored.

7-Blood Pool


Cost: --- 0%HP Radius: ---- 6
Range: - 6
CD: ----- 30

Summoms a Blood Pool that follows you for 6 seconds, dealing magical damage per second wich is increased by 15% with each DB. The damage will be divided equally among all the enemies afected by the Blood Pool. You will recover 1% HP per second and, the enemies within the Pool will have their Movement Speed reduced by 30%.

Skills descriptions in game are well explained, it is what it is. As to spect, the best skills have longer CDs but they are more powerful, you can slow, deal damage and heal at the same time. Good for 1v1.

8-Demon's Wrath


Cost: ---- 10%HP Chant: --- 0.5
Range: --- 8 Channel: - 3
CD: ------- 45 Radius: --- 8

Drive your power into the ground, unleashing 3 shockwaves every 0.3 seconds for 3 seconds, that deal massive magical damage. Reduces damage received by 2.5%. Each Demon Blessing will reduce damage received by 5%.

Another hardcore skill, a mix with tanky buffs and damage output. Im just showing my opinion because i have not reached that level, perhaps, in the future i change my opinion.


The BK has four passives, wich of those you can equip 2. Three of them give you offensive bonuses and 1 gives you a defensive bonus. This is why the BK is not the best tank out there.

1-Vampire Vengeance

Life drained from normal attacks is increased to 10% instead of 5% of the damage dealt.

This is the first passive you'll get and it works fine with Bloodthirst, giving you extra leach bonus for endurance in fights.

2- Blood Boiled 

Skill damage is increased by 2% for every 10% HP. Attack Damage is increased by 4% for every 10% HP lost.

Great passive, can define the fight! You do more damage whe your HP is low and more AP when more health i assume?*.

3- Iron Blood

Receive an extra 10% chance to defend against damage, and you can defend against an extra 10% damage if the defence is triggered.

Simple words but confusing. Its just a defense bonus and its your only tanky passive.

4- Silencing Ichor

Targets Damaged by Dark Summoner, Demon Wave or Demon Blade will be silenced for 4 seconds. The efect can only occur once every 30 seconds.

A devastating combo with one of the 3 mentioned skills, not mentioning the inscription efect bonuses. One of the greatest passives.



Coming soon!.

Inscriptions need lot of time and research, a good combination is required between skills and incriptions.

Build and Equipment

Oookk.. In total there is 9 slots for equipment, as you have both magical and physical needs, you have to mix your gear.

For this i recomend 5 magical and 4 str as you have less str skills, its up to you, according to your needs you can mix it.

DO NOT ALWAYS FOLLOW MY ADVICE! Ahaaa!!! Remember you do not always have the same the same level and all the skills, at one point, if you have more str skills or viceverse, adapt yourself.

ALSO THERE IS A PURE MAGICAL WEAPON FOR DKs! Thats right! Its the Halberd! Its basically a big sword with magical output, this will help you and yout build combinations. I havent seen a player using this, but the game is 3 days old.. We have a lot of time..



Ok if you got this far, here's some tips for you:

- Do not waste your skill points in the first thing you see.. Always read first! By that i mean inscriptions, not all of them are good for one skill, for example: a physic dame bonification on a AP skill is not the best choise..

- Do not get too confident when you face a Ranger.. They can wreck you!! And dodge easily.

- If a Tank is needed and you are the only choice, go ahead.. But if there is a warior, let him tank.. You can help with damage.

- The BK is a Hybrid, it means it can fit well with all races, from defence bonus from Humans, to strenght bonus from Orcs.

- Dont get greedy and try to pull more than 3 enemies.. Its probably not a good idea.

***** More tips coming!

Note: This guide is a current work-in-progress

Credits: Guide by MrWasabi