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New Secret Room Found in The King's Fall Raid!

The Black Spindle was the first secret in Destiny: The Taken King that I can say made a lot of Guardians curious. The seconds one was the Paradox mission and now... yet another secret is spreading around Destiny!

Some Guardians claimed that they have found a secret room right on the jumping puzzle, right after the Golgoroth's fight! Well, at first I was hesitant as there are many secrets that appears in the universe of Destiny but in the end, it's just hoax.

Update: I have created a new page which will tackle the details on how to enter the new secret room in the king's raid. So far, the page is constantly being updated as there's no rock solid detail on how to enter the secret room, and what's on the secret room. You can check out the page by clicking this link>>>http://webjunkiesblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/how-to-enter-new-secret-room-in-kings.html

However, this new secret room seems to be legit as they have posted proofs on it. You can check it out below:


Think the images are not enough proofs?

There here's the video of those Guardians who discovered the new secret room:

After seeing those, I believe that the room does exist and one way to prove and finally end this secret is to try it myself.

You don't get any clues on how to enter the new secret room on the videos and on the image. In fact, I tried it myself and I end up getting scolded by me raid team just because I don't want to proceed to the next stage :).

So, instead of asking for Guardians to help me out on finding the new secret room, I have done first some research on how to get there.

What I have found out>>>

It looks like the new secret room is related to the lamps. I'm talking about the lamps you find on the stage right after the golgoroth's fight. In looks like you can unlock the room by jumping on those lamps by sequence.

So what's the sequence? 

I DON'T KNOW JUST YET! It's because the one that discovered the new secret room won't tell!

However, there's also a Guardian that say's that the secret within entering the room lies on the spikes underneath the lamps (now we got more precise details). As you can see, there are 6 spikes under the lights and it has been said that once you've entered the right sequence, then you can enter the new secret room.

Another Guardian did a map on the spikes and, he also illustrated the proper sequence to unlock the new secret room. Check the image below:

Someone did comment on this map that "1 is on the wrong side.... is it not? Its between the 2 platforms." I don't know if the contributor did update the map but with these info, I am trying it out!

Update: New info on the possible way to enter the new secret room.

When you enter in to that hall after golgoroth you turn to your right (instead of going left to the chest/ to the next area) you look up, and you'll see the room. the 6 lamps that you see all over that hall are how to unlock the path that leads to the room. its a fun combo and time consuming but its pretty cool when you get in it!

Special thanks to a fellow Guardian named Austin for this info! You know who you are. :)

Now, let's try it fellow Guardians and see if the secret new room is really true!