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New Iron Banner & Trials of Osiris Info

These are whole new articles, so the times are not just leftovers from the past. As always, Iron Banner will now start at reset on Tuesday, and Trials of Osiris will start at reset on Friday. Check out the full details below...

Iron Banner

The Iron Banner
Iron Banner is a timed event that appears in Destiny's Crucible for a week at a time. Character Attack and Defense levels are taken into account; Gear with higher values is recommended. Iron Banner specific Weapons, Armor, and Items can be earned.

• Players can access the Iron Banner under its specific playlist nodes. One of the nodes can be found in the Director at the bottom left of the screen and the other under Crucible.
• When available, Iron Banner runs from Tuesdays at 2:00 AM PST (9:00 AM UTC) through weekly reset. For future availability, follow the Bungie Weekly Updates for announcements.
• Character level must be 40 in order to lead a Fireteam. (Recommended minimum character Light for Iron Banner is 230.)

Reputation can be earned by winning matches and turning in Iron Bounties available through Lord Saladin in the Tower.
• Players must access this event from Iron Banner specific nodes in the Director, or Crucible playlists
• While playing, Characters will automatically receive the buff "Tempered". This buff will cause Reputation gains to increase each day through the end of the event.
• Upon a loss, players will be given an Iron Banner Medallion. Only 5 Medallions can be held at a single time. Medallions held will be redeemed for additional reputation on the following win.
• Alternate characters will have increased reputation gains until matching a players highest reputation character.

Lord Saladin will offer 3 bounties per day, as well as 3 weekly bounties.
These grant Reputation, XP, and Legendary Marks upon completion that can be used to purchase Weapons and Armor.
Normal Crucible bounties can be completed in this playlist.

Potential match completion rewards include Weapons and Armor.
The following can be purchased from Lord Saladin in the Tower for Legendary Marks:
• Weapons
• Armor
• Class Items
• Emblems
• Shaders

Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris
Trials of Osiris is a weekly Crucible event, featuring an Elimination style game type taking Character stats into account.
This playlist will be available between Friday (2:00 AM PDT/PST, 9 AM UTC) through Tuesday (2:00 AM PDT/PST, 9:00 AM UTC).

To enter Trials of Osiris, players must do the following:

• Purchase a Trials Passage from Brother Vance in the Reef
• Players may only enter the playlist if their character's Light is at 251. (The recommended minimum Light is 290)

Trials Passages
Trials Passages track Wins, Losses, and active Passage Buffs.

• If a player loses 3 matches, the Trials Passage will be completed.
• Players may play past 9 wins on a single Trials Passage, but this will not grant additional rewards
• Buffs must be purchased from Brother Vance before playing the first game of a Passage.

Winning matches has a chance to grant Trials of Osiris specific gear. Losing matches will reward Passage Coins.

The following rewards can be earned once per week, per character:
• Trials Passage win streaks will grant rewards when a player has a total of 4 and 6 wins on a single passage
• If a player completes a single passage with 9 consecutive wins and no losses, they will be granted access to the Lighthouse for additional rewards.
• Brother Vance will also offer Weekly bounties. These will grant specific rewards for completing specific bounties.

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