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Moonlord Damage Comparison: Final Damage vs. INT (Which is Better for ML?)

While I was browsing Dragon Nest NA forum, I have seen something really interesting. A post from a member named Wuggy has this post about comparing the damage of Moonlord. He compares the damage of Final Damage and INT Moonlord and you can check out below the outcome.

To make it clearer, he and his friend Karyu is comparing:


First, let's check out there stats:

Karyu's Stats:

Wuggy's Stats:

As you can see from the image above, Karyu has a higher intellect Wuggy. While Wuggy prefers to have higher FD than his INT. Now these two has put their character to test by going to the first stage of Volcano Nest.

In this stage, they both agree on using their Halfmoon Slash on Prophet Potato. They both have HMS Tech rings. They took multiple tests to make sure we got full crits on both hits of the HMS. They did multiple takes because we wanted to make sure we caught the high range dmg crit rather than the low range dmg crit.

Important Notes: We are only using our passive+ HMS. no luring or brave.

You can check out their video below:

Their damage output was pretty interesting. Here it is:

Karyu's Damage with 39498 INT and 20% FD:

Total Damage: 9,775,136

Wuggy's Damage with 32954 INT and 42% FD:

Total Damage: 10,289,101

The difference between their total damage is 513, 965.

So obviously, Wuggy wins the test in damage. It's not much of a different in damage however, if the settings were different and it was in a full light party, that 513,965 could possibly result in a few millions worth of a damage difference but the overall difference doesn't warrant the huge costs of FD in my opinion.

This is just another proof that FD is really a high value stat as a Moonlord. However, not all players can afford and FD stat. So that is why they prefer other alternatives which is INT+CRIT, which is a pretty good stat combo IMO. Other than that, Moonlords Intellect scaling is just so insane. The benefit to FD is that it is a lot more effective than Int in raids; in RDN, Wuggy you should be doing on average 12.4% more damage than Karyu.

So what's the verdict in all these tests? You can still be OP by going Full INT build with some FD rather than spending tons of gold trying to get high FD when it could be put to other good uses. 

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Credits: Special thanks to Wuggy from Dragon Nest NA forum for making this test.


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