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King's Fall's Raid Hardmode Tips & Strategies for Lower Light Fireteam/PUGs

Here's a brief but really informative guide by edibleplates on how to kill oryx in hardmode  if your team has lower light/pugs than the recommended light.

Important Note: This was a slight strategic adjustment that traded needing a little more awareness during the fight for significantly more consistency and synergy for the platform players.


Edibleplates' fireteam had a dude around 307 light who died a lot to adds, so his guessing that's common to have people die to adds. He had died on an earlier run (he was designated floor/helper person) and they got to the 3% burn phase with 3 people (2 more had died during the last ogre phase) and weren't able to kill him. The 307 guy died about halfway through the attempt we killed Oryx on, and we were still able to finish the fight 5 man.

The strategy change that got us from a lot of random wipes to adds and stupid deaths to a good amount of solid runs and finally the kill came to me when the 307 said that he died more often if he was sitting under Oryx.

The Strategy

Essentially the only difference is changing how the platform people work. Instead of having 4 people have an assigned platform, 3 people are assigned to have a number (1-3), with 1 and 3, or preferably all of them, on a safer class (cauterize sunbreaker/fireborn sunsinger) and with 1 and 3 at decently high light level. Then, two people are assigned to middle, with one focusing on the fourth ogre and assigned to blow up its bomb. I highly recommend a center person being a titan with weapons of light. Nightstalkers to fill out the team are very useful as they can tether ogres to supply orbs for everyone else and assist in the kills.

The two center players stand on top of the daughter platforms (with a weapons bubble hopefully) pumping sniper shots into the ogres in order. This allows for ample time for each platform player to kill their own knight upon spawn. Remember that knights spawn the second that their respective ogre spawns, but behind the plate across from the ogre. The center players are responsible for the fourth knight and for helping kill the Vessel after all ogres are killed. Once the knights and ogres are all dead, the strategy proceeds as normal, with everyone stacking in the center and shooting Oryx to stagger, and then running to each players' respective bombs.

Another thing to note, because add damage can be so much of an issue, it is very reasonable to save all heavy ammo for simply shooting rockets at add packs, as many people rarely if ever even use their heavy ammo over sniper rifles (especially for center/add help players).

More Concise Version For Reference

The only change from the standard NM Oryx strategy is as follows:

Each player is still assigned a role, but there are only three players that stand on platforms. They are each assigned a number, with player 1 standing under Oryx with the runner every ogre phase, player 2 standing at the next platform CCW, and player 3 standing at the next platform from that CCW. These players step on the platforms in order, and are responsible for their ogres, their knights, and detonating their bombs.

2 center players are assigned to stand on the Daughter platforms every ogre phase. One of these players is assigned to detonate the fourth bomb every time, and both are responsible for the fourth ogre and the fourth knight (everyone should still prioritize all ogres and help any ogres they can see, though; center players only need to worry about their knight after all ogres are dead). The other player is assigned to fill the role of anyone who dies and can not resurrect. It is possible to 5-man most of the fight this week. My group did it almost twice.

Lastly, the runner performs the strategy in exactly the same way as the normal strategy.

The Conclusion

I don't know how much this will help people, but this strategy made doing a large number of attempts much more consistent and allowed for significant progress and learning and gaining group synergy much more rapidly than the standard strategy, which could definitely help out PUG's like mine to finally kill HM Oryx. Good luck, guardians.

Credits: Special thanks to edibleplates for the tips and strategies.