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King's Fall Raid Hardmode + New Trials of Osiris Weapons and Gears

Saw something interesting today while I was browsing DestinyDB. It looks like they already have some info on the weapons and gears on the King's Fall Raid Hardmode plus, Trials of Osiris! Check it out below:

King's Fall Hardmode Hunter Gear:
King's Fall Hardmode Warlock Gear:
King's Fall Hardmode Titan Gear:
King's Fall Hardmode Weapons:

Primary Weapons:
Special Weapons:
Heavy Weapons:
Note: It seems like that Hard mode Prrimary Weapons wont have burns on them.

Trials of Osiris Warlock gear:
Trials of Osiris Titan gear:
Trials of Osiris Hunter Gear:
Trials Of Osiris Weapons:

Primary weapons:
Secondary Weapons:
Heavy Weapons:
Note: it seems like that Adept weapons wont have Burns on them

Classified Items:

Bungie added more classified items to the Database other than the Sleeper simulant stuff. The SS Stuff was unclassified and now there are some more classified items. There is no reason

behind me adding links to them in this post as all the classified items have no icon.

However here is a link to all of them if you are interested to see them for one reason or another:
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