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Ice Dragon Nest: Might Possibly Be a Level 90 Raid

Okay I have seen something really interesting when I was doing my daily routine of digging valuable information from reliable Dragon Nest sources.

The post from insidedn really took my attention! It was a filetable which shows possible content coming to dragon nest in the future. On the filetable, there's some named after certain equipment's like rubinat gloves, rubinat helmet and other equipments but, what really caught my attention is the one that says "HideMonster_NoTargetLook_IceDragon.act"

WOAHH!! Does this possibly hint that something big is coming?!!

If you want to see the filetable, you can check it out below:

After looking at it, I then speculated that maybe, just maybe the next Dragon Nest after the Red Dragon, will possibly be the Ice Dragon Nest. 

In addition, I then presume that Ice Dragon Nest will be coming once the 90 cap update has been released. Well, there are information that has been leaked about the 90 cap but I haven't seen any about the Ice Dragon stuff so that is why a presume that it's coming after the 90 cap update. 

Lastly, I also assume that the Ice Dragon Nest is more likely to be added on Fall or winter season. So, we can expect that it arrives on Fall Season but, I don't have any clue or hint yet whether this year or next year. Why do I say this? Because I think Winter Season is the perfect time to release a big Ice Beast in Lagendia IMO...

Well guys, these are only my speculations... I don't have any certain data yet about this but, if I will find more reliable information about the details on this Ice Dragon Nest, then I will let you know right away!

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