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How to Upgrade NBA 2K16 Badges from Bronze to Gold Without Using VC (PC Version)

Okay. It seems like you can upgrade your Badges (from bronze to gold) on NBA 2K16, just the same way as you can upgrade your badges on NBA 2K15. What I mean is, you can use cheat engine to upgrade your Badges.

Now, a lot of players are posting their guides on how to turn your bronze badge to gold using cheat engine but the problem is, they give you cheat table that sometimes not compatible with your NBA 2K16 game. So, instead of giving any cheat table, I will just show you the way on how to upgrade your Bronze badge to Gold without using any VC, with the help of Cheat Engine.

Note: Just a friendly reminder though. I only use this method on offline mode. I had never used it online and I have no plan on using it ever. Also, this is a working cheat on the PC version of NBA 2K16.

How to Upgrade NBA 2K16 Badges from Bronze to Gold Without Using VC (PC Version)

Step #1: Download the latest version of cheat engine here. Install it then after you have downloaded it.

Step #2: Open Cheat Engine and then open NBA 2K16. Tip: You might want to run NBA 2K16 on windows mode to avoid lags.

Step #3: On the cheat engine interface, click this buttonand then select the NBA 2K16.exe.

Step #4: Then go to NBA 2K16, and then check out the points on your player on MyCareer. 

Step #5: Input your current points on the cheat engine and then click "First Scan". There will be lots of values which will appear on cheat engine. Our goal here is to find out which address which will give us the ability to change the values of our points.

Step #6: To find out which value should we change, you must spend first some points. Maybe upgrade your skill points or buy an animation.

Step #7: Now, go to cheat engine once again and then input the new points value and then click "Next Scan". As you can see, the addresses are now lesser and, if you spot one address that has green color on it, then that's the once that we are looking for. Note: Sometimes, you will see one value right after you click "Next Scan" and also, that's the value you are looking for.

Step #8: Now go to your NBA 2K16 game and select the badge you want to upgrade. Then, go to cheat engine and replace the value of the green color address to -1. And the, presto! You can now upgrade your badge to silver and then, just change the value again to -1, so you can finally upgrade it to gold.

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