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How to Get "No Time to Explain" Pulse Rifle (Not Forged in Light Quest Guide) in Destiny The Taken King

Okay there is a new quest right after the hot fix that Bungie has done a few hours earlier. The quest is called "Not Forged in Light" and it has a pretty awesome reward called the "No Time to Explain" pulse rifle. So, let's cut to any long introduction and begin the guide on how to finish the Not Forged in Light quest and obtain the No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle.

Important Notes: 
  • You can only get this if you've done the Paradox daily and got the FWC ghost (prior to today.) The quest will only be available on these characters.
  • This can only be done in Paradox when it is the daily.
  • Do not waste motes trying to gain reputation if you do not have the first quest step. You can gain this quest at 0 FWC. It is on a time lock only.
Step 1: Turn in Praedyth's Ghost

  • 5 Motes of Light = 10%
  • 25 Armor Materials = 5%
  • 25 Weapon Parts = 5%
  • 2 Heavy Synth = 5%
Step 2: Talk to Lakshmi-2

Step 3: The Simulation Core

This is a GUARANTEED drop from doing the Paradox daily with the secret mission, so if you haven't done the daily yet and want a free legendary engram this is your best bet. *Major/ultra minotaurs can drop it, but red minotaurs cannot. (Still not sure if 100% drop or not)

After you destroy it,  you will be task to talk to Lakshmi-2.

Step 4: Talk to Lakshmi-2

Step 5: The Eye of Atheon

This is super easy with level 40 Guardians. We managed to bring him down in less than 10 seconds with a tether and 2 Sleeper Simulants. This does not need to be done on Hard mode!

Here's the item he drops, just shatter it like the last item.

Step 6: Talk to Lakshmi-2 again

Step 7: Approach the Twilight Gap

Step 8: Shadows at Twilight

After you spawn in, the mission updates. This can only be done as a single player. You spawn in and slowly start getting blinded, similar to a Golgoroth wipe. You can clear the blind, and prevent dying by running into pools. You must find an item, a bracelet, which is hidden in a chest. For me, it was near Point B in Control. For my friend it was near the special ammo spawn at Point C. If you're a hunter, put on keen scout as the chest will show up on your radar.

Step 9: Talk to Lakshmi-2 once more

Step 10: Approach the Black Garden

Step 11: Blood in the Garden

After you spawn in, the mission will update again. You definitely want at least one other person for this mission. At the start, you must "anger" the Groundskeeper. You do this by killing the Vex. The Goblins will give you 2% increase in his anger per kill. However, if you don't kill them quickly enough you will start losing progress. This format is similar to the speed patrol missions, except with kills. Minotaurs will eventually spawn, a lot of them. These seem to give you somewhere around 7-10% anger but are obviously harder to kill. They have void shields, so void weapons will make this a breeze. Once you hit 100%, the Groundskeeper will spawn. He's a giant minotaur and you must kill him to progress. If you drop below 100%, he will despawn. There will be tons of Minotaurs between you and the boss and they will keep respawning. Dying here will not wipe you, it is not a darkness zone.
Below is a video guide on how to get to a helpful cheese spot. For some reason, the video skips but you can just jump there smoothly. You can't die here and can easily snipe out the boss.

Step 12: Talk to Lakshmi-2 for the last time and get your reward.

Congratulations! Enjoy your No Time To Explain!

The video guide on how to get No Time to Explain is below (if you need it):

Credits: Special thanks to Snowbella and MeowzaForce Gaming for the video guides.