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How to Farm Glimmer Super Fast in Destiny: The Taken King

I have been searching on how to farm Glimmer on Destiny and so far, the following resources below are the fastest way so far that I can share and recommend to you.

For those who are asking why they should bother farming for glimmer at this moment, I tell you now my fellow Guardian! Farming Glimmer as soon as you read this post is a good thing for you as Bungie did announced that they will be bring the Iron Banner this month! So, it is really a good thing to do that you farm as much glimmer right now to buy those new and fresh good from Lord Saladin!

First, are the methods that was shared by planetdestiny.com. These methods are good and in fact, you can gain a lot of Glimmer using the method below. Check it out:

Exclusion Zone

The Mars mission “The Exclusion Zone” provides a great way to get a lot of money fast. As you can see from the video above, you can easily earn thousands of Glimmer in minutes.

  1. Play up to the first battle where the ships come in and drop off the Cabal.
  2. Before initiating, use your Resupply Code to gain more Glimmer.
  3. Jump over the hill and take out the Legionaries (majors) at the bottom, preferably with a rocket launcher or Arc Blade super.
  4. Walk back out to the middle, killing a few, and then just let them kill you.
  5. Repeat the fun process.
Running Strikes

So where is the money to be had in this method? Basically, you are going to want to roll a random strike through the highest possible Vanguard Strike playlist. Admittedly some strikes are much shorter, some have a more congested population of enemies. Probably one of the best Strikes is The Will of Crota. You will be faced with many easy-to-kill enemies right from the start. Be sure to use your Glimmer boosters Ether Seeds, Black Wax Idol, Blue Polyphage and Resupply Codes: They each give you a 10 minute Glimmer boost.

Do the missions as fast as you can, without ignoring enemies. If you don’t kill the enemies, especially the Majors, you’ll lose out on tons of Glimmer. If you damage or even just stand near an enemy that is killed by your team mate, you still get the full drop of glimmer, ammo and Engrams.

Deconstructing the gear at the end of the day can add up to a hefty supply of Glimmer and materials too.

When you’ve finally had enough of the (ROC) Strikes, or when your inventory is full, hold on to any House Banners, Silken Codex, Axiomatic Beads and Network Keys in your Vault. These all equate to Glimmer, and by holding on to them you can essentially bypass the 25,000 Glimmer cap.

Now that you know the method of planetdestiny.com, come take a look at my very simple method.

While I was with a fellow Guardian doing the Exotic Engram Farm, I have notice that the guard and Draksis both drop House Banners. These "House Banners" will give 200 glimmer each. So basically if you run it 5 times and you get lucky, you will net 2 House Banner per run which will net you 400 glimmer per run. And, if you very lucky that each run you will drop a House Banner, then that will net you an easy 2K glimmer. Now, get out here and test this method!

Source: planetdestiny.com