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How to Enter the New Secret Room in King's Fall Raid (After Golgoroth's Fight)

The New Secret Room in King's Fall Raid has been confirmed! It looks like after the Golgoroth's fight, there's a secret room that you can enter.

In this page, you will learn how to enter that secret room! Take note that this page will be updated constantly as of now, Guardians are exerting all their effort in finding how to get into that damn secret room and, give you the details on what's inside the secret room.

How to Enter the New Secret Room in King's Fall Raid (After Golgoroth's Fight)

So far, all we can show you is the long hour twitch replay of itsDatto and his team trying to find out the right way to enter the new secret room. But rest assured that when a detailed guide on how to enter the room comes out, we will automatically update this page.

Watch live video from itsDatto on Twitch

Update: It looks like you need this codes: PSN: 165243 Xbox: 416523...

Oh these are not codes that you will enter. It is more likely the sequence you need to follow to open the room.

How to use this sequence:

How to open the secret door in Kings Fall Transept Room.

There are six “light spikes” that glow green, however when you stand near them they turn orange. Each light spike has one to six regular spikes below it, thus numbering them 1-6.

Have your fire team activate them in the following order to open the door.

1 - 6 - 5 - 2 - 4 - 3 or 4 - 1 - 6 - 5 - 2 - 3

This should activate a previously not moving “piston” that can shoot you across into the secret room, however it is suggested using blade dancer to get across. This piston is located just to the right of the platform where you enter the room. The door that opens is directly across from here.

Once one person is across it will make platform for everyone to cross easily.

To clarify: This is the order you need to activate the light spikes in the piston jump puzzle room to open the new secret door in the kings fall raid..

Special Notes:
  • For Playstation try 165243 while for Xbox, try 416523..
  • The lamps have spikes beneath them showing which number it is.
Once you're inside, you will then solve the statue/relic puzzle, which is kind of hard! We'll update you if someone or maybe "WE", can solve the puzzle.