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How To Easily Beat the Ship Jumping Puzzle in King's Fall Raid (Guide)

Here's a guide for those who find the King's Fall Raid Ship Jumping hard.

Before you begin, look at your subclass and ensure that you have perks with high agility set. This will allow you to complete the puzzle without having to worry about getting enough height. Even if you have to use different gear (we used the Bones of Eao) that drops your Light level, there are no enemies here. You can drop your Light level as far as you want, and then change the gear back once the puzzle is over. With our Nightstalker subclass and Bones of Eao, we had a quad jump that made this very easy.

Pro Tip: If you have one of the three swords, equip it and pull it out. This will allow you to see your Guardian in third-person, making the jumping puzzle much easier to complete.

*We are going to give you instructions based on the idea that you are facing the front of the ship that you just jumped on. This means we’ll always assume that your 12 o’clock is the front of the ship, and will tell you where to look/jump based on that. Since the ships you need to jump on are moving, they may not be exactly where they say when you look, but it should give you a good idea of where you need to go.

*To begin, jump on top of the stationary ship in front of you. It will start to move, and you’ll want to move to your 5 o’clock and look for a ship that is approaching from slightly above you (you may even see it at 3 o’clock if you look early enough), but moving to a position below you. When it’s close, jump to it.

*For the second one, you’ll want to look for a ship at your 2 o’clock. When it’s close, jump for it, using your special jumping ability to break your fall and prevent you from taking damage.

*Your third ship will approach from about 9 o’clock, but since it’s moving you can just look to the left from your 12 o’clock position and you’ll see it. It’s just a little bit below you, and this jump should be fairly short.

*The ship you’re on now will take you directly toward a platform. Be brave and ride it out, jumping to the platform when you think you can make it. That’s the first leg of this puzzle down.

*From the platform, look for a ship that spawns in and runs parallel just a short jump in front of you. Land on it, then move to the front and face 12 o’clock as we mentioned. Your next ride will spawn in at your 11 o’clock, but again this is a short jump.

*Move to the very back of this ship, but face 12 o’clock again. You will see a ship pass incredibly close to you, and common sense would tell you to jump on it. Do not do this, however, instead waiting for the next ship that will appear at your 1 o’clock high the moment the first is out of your field of view. As always, move to the 12 o’clock point we spoke of on the ship, and as soon as another spawn in at your 1 o’clock high, jump to it.

*The second to last ship you need to jump on will spawn in at 11 o’clock, but within a second will be at your 12 o’clock. Jump from a short distance back, allowing you to get the height required to make it on top. This ship will be your longest ride, as the last ship you need to jump on will test your patience.

*Face 12 o’clock once again, but this time ride this ship for approximately 22 or 23 seconds. A few ships will pass in front of you, but the one you want will spawn in just a second before the one you’re standing on fades away. This ship you seek will appear at your 1 o’clock, so jump to and ride it close to the platform. When you think you can make it, hop over and put your feet back on solid ground once again.

The map below will give a more detailed explanation on how to successfully do the jump in the King's Fall Raid ship..

Ship Jumping Map by FireBumToo
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