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Here's the Concrete Details on the New Secret Room in King's Fall Raid

Where is this Secret Room?

The Secret Room is located in the Transept area where the piston-wall is located. This area is after the Golgoroth encounter and is not a Darkness Zone, thus you will not be able to save a checkpoint and pass it around. Saving a checkpoint at Golgoroth is the easiest means of ensuring you can revisit the Transept.

How to Unlock the Secret Room's Door?

In the Transept you will find six glowing spikes. These spikes’ natural glow is whitish-blue but once a Guardian moves closer, they change to a yellow. The glowing spikes have standard spikes beneath them, one spike will have one spike beneath it another will have two, all the way up to six spikes. This numbers the spikes from one to six.

Guardians must reach these spikes and make them glow in a set order based on the number of spikes beneath the glowing spike. The orders are as follows:

1 – 6 – 5 – 2 – 4 – 3 or 4 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 2 – 3

Note: You can use the image below for reference.

Allegedly, the sequence beginning with 4 works on Xbox, whereas both sequences work on Playstation.

Once the correct sequence is input, the inactive piston at the right-side of the entrance will activate. Guardians can move back to the beginning and prepare to reach the door.

How to Get in the Room?

To reach the door, Guardians can use the piston to launch themselves across the chasm and land at the entrance to the door. Or a more popular method is to have a Bladedancer move up as high as possible on the wall and Bladedance across.

Once one person reaches the doorway, six stepping-stones will appear allowing the rest of the Fireteam access to the room.

What's in the Room?

The room contains a Relic on a pedestal, six vents that propel the player, a statue where the Relic can be dunked, and a Tablet of Ruin (like the one in Golgoroth’s Cellar) that has been split in two and hung on either side of the wall.
What happens when…

Once the Relic has been dunked, a rune on the Tablet of Ruin will light up. Once all six are illuminated a 20 second buff is applied to all players called “Overcharge” which visibly increases movement speed.

The buff disappears if you leave the room, but reappears if you make it back in during the 20 second timeframe.

The Relic can be taken back to Golgoroth’s Cellar (through a loading zone) which causes another Relic to spawn. This method can be used to have six Relics in play. However it is extremely difficult to get back into the room once you jump down.

Players have allegedly been able to shut off one of the vents.

What to do in the Room?

Well, that’s where we come in. As first stated, use this thread to join and create Fireteams. If this puzzle is going to be solved, it’ll be through teamwork.

If you have ideas of what could be tested, please leave them in a comment below. Any new thread posts that are related to the Secret Room will be removed unless they pertain to a major discovery. We’re trying to keep this sub clean and orderly.

Theories to Test
  • Dunk the Relic from each possible sequence of vents
  • Reliable way to turn off the vents
Here's some very helpful thoughts from altron64:

1. Those jets we are jumping from to dunk into the statue...they are the same thing as the "incubators" in the chest room slightly higher up, only the actual cylindrical chambers aren't on them, which is why you see weird green gas. In the dreadnought patrol room, right next to the wormsinger rune thing, you can scan one of these cylinders with your ghost. He tells you they are incubators and something about the worms feeding off them or something like that.

2. Biggest thing me and a buddy noticed that seemed VERY important. Look at some of the big wires along the sides of the jumping maze. Some of them were lit up bright yellow for us, as if electricity was running through them! We counted 5, however, we could of missed some of the wires. This leads me to believe it might have something to do with being "overcharged"!

3. On the little stone debris in the corners of the room (they kinda look like giant batteries), there is a distinct marking on them. IT IS A CHALICE! This could either be totally unrelated, or a big clue as to what we need to do here. You will know what im talking about, as soon as you walk in the relic room, look to your left to find 3 of those battery type objects scattered in the corner. There are 2 of them on the back right corner as well. All of them have a chalice carved into them!

4. My prediction, is that this rooms ceiling opens up somehow. Maybe adds fall out? Which would be why there are platforms on each side and the vents can be turned off. Just imagine if a ton of cursed thrall were on the floor, and you couldnt jump back up to the platform if you fell down there with no vents...