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Helpful Theories on How to Obtain the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny: The Taken King

10 Moments of Triumph may = first 10 Labors of Hercules. Might be required for Sleeper Simulant Questline because the data-mined artifact references the 11th Labor of Hercules. Hope this helps someone find the Sleeper Simulant. Happy hunting Guardians!

There seem to be parallels between Destiny’s Year 1, 10 Moments of Triumph, and the first 10 Labors of Hercules. Here are the 10 Moments of Triumph listed in order, with their possibly corresponding Labor of Hercules:

1. Apprentice of the light (2. The Hind of Ceryneia) A character reached the maximum level (possible metaphor for chasing light level for a year, as Hercules chased the Hind for a full year)

2. Light of the Garden (10. Geryon’s Cattle) Defeated the dark heart of the Black Garden (Geryon had 3 sets of legs, 3 heads, like the 3 minotuars defending the heart of the black garden)

3. Light in the Dark (6. The Stymphalian birds) Prevented the Summoning of Crota’s Soul (you have to drive away, or kill, the Wakers of Crota, flying witches, before you can destroy the crystal, as Hercules drove away the man-eating birds)

4. Light of the Reef (4. The Erymanthian Boar) Captured Skolas in the Vex Citadel (capture the tusked menace)

5. Bane of Skolas (7. The Cretan Bull) Defeated Prison of Elders on Hard Difficulty (kill the horned monster)

6. Bane of Atheon (2. The Lernean Hydra) Defeated Atheon on Hard Difficulty (you have to kill the Templar, a hydra, on the way to Atheon, by removing its shield with the relic, then damaging it with weapon fire, similar to Hercules killing a head and Iolaus preventing it from growing back with fire)

7. Bane of Crota (1. The Nemean Lion) Defeated Crota on Hard Difficulty (killing an enemy impervious to mortal weapons, like the lion)

8. Public Servant (5. Augean Stables) Completed 50 Public Events (cleaning out that filthy darkness)

9. Crucible Gladiator (9. The Belt of Hippolyte) Won 100 Crucible Matches (along with other guardians, claims glory in the crucible, related to Hercules taking an army with him to retrieve a belt gifted to Hippolyte by Ares, god of war in recognition of her being the greatest Amazonian Warrior)

10. Chest Hunter (8. The Horses of Diomedes) Found all golden chests (chests across four zones, four horses)

This might have something to do with the Sleeper Simulant quest line. This theory grew from reading Paul Tassi’s recent article on Frobe’s “’Destiny’ Mysteries Deepen: A Sleeper Simulant Lead and a Secret Raid Room.” In that article he provides two links “Turning to the game’s most maddening mystery, the hunt for the Sleeper Simulant, there’s a promising new lead brought up yesterday by a redditor who unearthed a very significant looking artifact in the Destiny Item Database, which lists all Destiny items, including ones that haven’t been found yet.” The redditor is britishninja99, and the artifact is found on the Planet Destiny Database.

As britishninja99 points out on reddit, one of the artifacts quest nodes contains the text “MIDNIGHT EXIGENT: IKELOS subroutine HERCULES_11(GA=ISHTAR.ARCHIVES).” Paul expands on this further in his article “HERCULES_11 would seem to refer to the eleventh labor of Hercules, where he was tasked with finding Golden Apples (likely the GA in “GA=ISHTAR.ARCHIVES”).” (Parallels where notice because of these two source)

Some speculation just for fun: If Bungie is alluding to the first 10 Labors of Hercules with the 10 Moments of Triumph. And Hercules didn’t receive his eleventh labor until the first 10 were completed, having the Moments of Triumph completed on one account, or character, may be the key to unlocking the Sleeper Simulant quest line. Maybe even having the Laurea Prima equipped, though that would make it impossible for those who didn’t complete the Moments of Triumph in time to start the quest, so probably not.

And a little bit more speculation: We know from the mission “The Promethean Code” that Cayde-6 stole stealth codes from Rasputin, as Prometheus stole fire from Zeus. For stealing, Prometheus is chained to a mountain to have his liver torn out and eaten by an eagle every day, similarly, Cayde-6 is stuck in the tower as the Hunter Vanguard. In his 11th Labor, Hercules must steal the golden apples, in the process he rescues Prometheus from his imprisonment by Zeus, as our Guardians rescue Cayde-6 from his day to day boredom of being the Hunter Vanguard, by working with him to banish Oryx. In return, Prometheus tells Hercules the secret to stealing the Golden Apples, and GA=ISHTAR.ARCHIVE, according to the quest node on the artifact. In this whole scenario it seems pretty clear that Prometheus=Cayde-6, Hercules=The Guardian, Rasputin=Zeus. We just need to figure out how to get that artifact in the first place, so Cayde-6 can tell us how to get the apples from the archive.

Hope this helps with the search for the Sleeper Simulant. Happy hunting Guardians!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3nij5x/10_labors_of_hercules_10_moments_of_triumph_and/