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Halo 5: Guardians Complete Walkthrough Guide

Here's a complete walkthrough guides from the beginning mission to ending mission of Halo 5: Guardians.

Mission 1: Osiris
Welcome to the Halo 5: Guardians walkthrough!

Mission 1 Briefing: Fireteam Osiris is dispatched to recover the UNSC’s most wanted criminal: Doctor Elizabeth Halsey.

Mission 1 Tip: Jackals Takedown Strategy: Throw a grenade at the shields the Jackals are always dragging around to get them to lower/break their shield defense, which opens them up for the killshot.

Elites Takedown Strategy: Switch your weapon for a Plasma Pistal (often gets dropped on the floor by Grunts or Jackals) then use its fully charged EMP blast (by holding the fire button until your controller gives the vibrate cue) to instantly break an Elite’s shields, thus opening them up for a headshot kill with the Magnum gun (for more Magnum ammo look at nearby weapon racks).

Mission 2: Blue Team
Mission 2 Briefing: “Signs of hostile activity, but she’s still here.” While Spartan Locke and the rest of Fireteam Osiris are conducting business on the frigid cliffs of Kamchatka, the Master Chief and Blue Team are on a separate mission set in the deep reaches of space. A remote ONI research station called Argent Moon has gone dark, and Blue Team has been deployed to investigate. This sort of mission wouldn’t normally be a priority for Blue Team, but the Master Chief has been pushing himself hard of late — perhaps in an effort to distract himself from the loss of his longtime AI companion, Cortana.

In short: The Master Chief is reunited with his Spartan II Blue Team for a routine investigation on the lost ONI research station Argent Moon. – ONI research station Argent Moon went dark 19 months ago. Recently, a band of scavengers discovered the station and sold their find to the late Jul ‘Mdama. Whatever secrets lie hidden in the secluded station can’t be allowed to fall into Covenant hands. Blue Team’s mission is to investigate Argent Moon, eliminate all hostiles within, and reclaim the station for ONI.

Hunters Takedown Strategy: Pick up an Elite’s Energy Sword, create a diversion and get behind it, then strike a Hunter twice in its back to kill it. Alternatively, in Hunter battles after you sneak up behind them, you can use rockets / shotguns / grenades / fuel rod cannons on their back to kill them as well.

Mission 3: Glassed
Mission 3 Briefing: Osiris must pursue Blue Team to a glassed world beyond UNSC jurisdiction.

Tip: In the first section after opening the gates, be sure to activate the optional automatic turrets on the right hand side behind a breakable wall.

Vehicle Weakness Tip: Most vehicles have a weakpoint. Look for red arrows around the reticle of your weapon, which indicate a critical hit.

Mission 4: Meridian Station
Mission 4 Briefing: Fireteam Osiris learns that Meridian Station harbors many secrets.

Part 2 of Mission 4 on Meridian Station: At The Frontier colony, Fireteam Osiris saved the pinned down settlers from the Forerunner Prometheans to get the info they need from their near-rampant A.I. leader Governor Sloan. They go in to find clues to where Blue Team went next.

Ground Pound Tip: When to perform the mid-air Pounder move? Clamber up to a vantage point and use Ground Pound to decimate all enemies below you.

Mission 5: Unconfirmed
Mission 5 Briefing: Fireteam Osiris travel to the area of a dig site where Master Chief and Blue Team may have gone, only to uncover a huge underground Forerunner structure. Inevitably their search leads to a Chief VS. Locke battle!

Special Move Tips:
– Shoulder Charge Move: Sprint while you melee to do a shoulder charge to break through mid-level walls or ice stalactites.
– Hover Move: Jump and aim down your sign while in the air you will hover and slowly fall down as your jetpack gets activates.
– Thruster Pack Move: Jump further or dodge left & right to quickly get behind cover or dodge a grenade quickly.
– How to perform a Ground Pound Move: If you hold the melee button in the middle of the air (to charge the move) a circle will appear on the ground and a quarter of a second later the center circle will turn white and a beeping sound indicates you can fly down to the ground (where you’re aiming/looking) for maximum damage on nearby enemies.

Mission 6: Evacuation
Mission 6 Briefing: Osiris need to give chase to Master Chief aboard the Forerunner Guardian spaceship, but to do that they need to access the space elevator to make a Pelican escape before the outpost gets changed into a crater in the ground.

Mission 7: Reunion
Mission 7 Briefing: Blue Team arrives at the Forerunner world Genesis, where they discover the true reason for the Guardian’s activation.

Mission 8: Swords of Sanghelios
Mission 8 Briefing: When evidence reveals the Master Chief is in danger, Fireteam Osiris’ mission changes from retrieval to rescue.

Mission 9: Alliance & Mission 10: Enemy Lines
Mission 9 & 10 Briefing: Fireteam Osiris sets out to find a Forerunner Constructor. Along the way they will be battling a Covenant Kraken and the Arbiter’s forces.

Mission 11: Before the Storm & Mission 12: The Battle of Sunaion
Mission 11 & 12 Briefing: Help the Arbiter free Sanghelios from the Covenant once and for all. In turn, this will let us get the Forerunner Constructor to the Guardian and hop a ride to the Forerunner world Genesis.

Mission 13: Genesis

Mission 14: The Breaking

Mission 15: Guardians & Endings

Note: If you finish the game on Legendary difficulty level, you’ll get a new ending scene after the credits.

The End. The wait is on for Halo 6 in two or three years.

Credits: Special thanks to GameRiotArmy and CenterStrain01 for the video guides.