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Guild Wars 2 Tank Reaper w/ Zerker Damage Build Guide

This may not be a comprehensive guide on Reaper but I would like to share to you a build which I find really awesome!

With the current state of GW2 now, I think that the combination of Valkyrie Armor and Cavalier accessories will be the way to go for Reaper since we all know the 50% crit shroud trait and 2% crit per vuln stack = 100% crit chance without any precision armor stats required (since 25 stacks of vuln is pretty easy to maintain). 

I was thinking Strength runes but Reaper surprisingly can maintain 25 stacks of might solo without strength runes when I played last beta weekend. So the scholar runes really synergize with keeping health above 90% in reaper shroud. 

Unfortunately there isn't any valk ascended accessories yet but the ~1700 toughness from cavalier will really be helpful in being a tank. The only thing that's sacrificing damage is that cavalier's primary stat isn't power but other than that I would say it's like 90% full berserker damage with ~1700 toughness and ~24k health. I can see reapers being really good in raids with this build and pretty much unkillable in general PvE.

You can check out the build by going to this link>> Guild Wars 2 Tank Reaper w/ Zerker Damage Build Guide

After seeing the build, you might be wondering on why the heck did I take Signet of the Locust? And also, you might ask if I plan to use this build for PUGing or is it for a more organized group.

The answer is just for the movement speed really. The utility skills can be swapped out for preference. And tbh I don't really know how organized groups are going to look for all the HoT changes to classes. But I'm assuming raids will definitely not be full zerkers and more the likes of a couple druids and builds that are very high in damage but also high in sustain and tankiness. Just doing a lot of theory / build crafting to keep me busy before HoT comes out.

Overall all, this build can effortlessly maintains 25 stacks of vuln on its own. No worries about relying on a PUG.

So what's your thoughts on this build guys?

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