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Friendly Tip: You Have More Chance of Getting Exotics this Weekend (Destiny TTK)

This weekend, get ready to get tons of exotic and the place to be is the level 34 Prison of Elders!

And the method on how to do that is revealed below:

How can I get exotics in level 34 POE? I don't get it?!!

You can use 3 three of coins per run, and at the end get a refund of 2-6 strange coins on average. That means you can farm this all weekend with xur here and pertty much not lose any three of coins or strange coins.

Note: The result may vary though.

A 34 run usually takes 20-30 mins, so you should be good on the timer in between the boss rounds and not hit the restriction.

Take note that this isn't the most fun, and there are other rewards if you do this with draxis / strikes. This method simply preserves your strange coin count. You essentially can do this never-ending and not run out of strange coins or three of coins. They will refund themselves via chests at the end.

Important Notes: Because some people dont understand clearly, even if you do this as fast as humany possible, and do the three bosses in 5 mins, using a coin every time. YOU LOSE NOTHING. you get back 2-6 strange coins every single time your run through PoE. That means even if you did it 3 times to get an exotic, you used 9 coins, and got back 6-18 strange coins from the chests at the end. This even ignores the large chest that gives 3 coins EVERY TIME. so assuming you get at least 1 key every so often, you will average out not spending any strange coins, and may even end with more than you started, all while getting exotic drops. The only restriction is the amount of time and patience you have for PoE..

Now that the method above is explained, you can check out below a guide on level 34 Prison of Elders...

Correct me if I'm wrong about this but the level 34 POE this week is the Forever Eater...

video guide by bK

Here's some tips on how to solo it:
  • Usually a round takes about 3-5 mins depending on what it is.
  • Pop a three of coins and kill boss. Do the round in between, your at 6-10 mins.
  • Kill round 3 boss to a small amount of health and pop 3oC before final shot and you should be pushing 10-14 mins.
  • Round 4 same thing 4-5 mins, round 5 usually takes a little longer, and there is no burns or anything on it this week, so it takes even longer. Get boss very low and pop 3oC. gather rewards, go do tower to decrypt / get more 3oC from xur and you should be aorund 5-10 mins between PoE runs. Run first boss with 3oC again.
  • Even if you miss the timer, you only use 3 coins a run, and on average you can expect 2-6 coins at the end of every run.
  • 6 coins every 2 runs and can expect 4-12 strange coins. average of that is 8 strange coins every run, and you use 7 to get 5 3oC.
  • That means using 6 coins uses 8.4 strange coins to do two runs, and you can expect on average 8 coins in return for those two runs (this totally ignores the big chest, which guarantees 3). that means every two runs, on average you will lose .4 strange coins doing this. Not a bad RoI for exotics. Plus, you get rep for Varriks, various other rewards like motes and get to do this with a group of friends for a couple hours to get a couple exotics. You can expect on to drop every 2 runs, or every 40 mins on average. Not too bad.
  • The negative part is PoE is boring as hell. So it's better to do it with a Fire team.
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