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Friendly Tip: How to Gain Exotic Sword Materials Easily (Destiny: The Taken King)

What's up guys! Welcome to another super awesome tip for Destiny! This time, we will be sharing to you a method (which is not ours but a method that was discovered by a redditor named Saviado) on how to obtain Exotic Sword materials with ease.

Now, I saw a post on reddit earlier today but it has been downvoted. I don't know why they've downvoted it as that post was really helpful...Luckily, he had posted it again!

The post talks about how to easily gain exotic sword materials. The redditor, named Saviado, has claimed that he has found a better way to gain exotic sword materials. 

Here's what he has to say:
I have noticed that every time i have an exotic sword quest i get a marker when i transition from area to area, but only on the planet i need the materials from and the marker looks like this;
. Before you say it is a VIP patrol check the bottom right as i have a VIP patrol icon shown and it is different. Before you say it is a patrol way point it is not as those look like this:
Notice the first pic has a star and the second doesn't. So far anytime that star has appeared i have 100% gotten a special material in that area usually within the first 3 nodes. I do not think it is coincidence or RNG as I completed my spinmetal farming in about 40 minutes and opened about 20-30 of those and in my relic crystal i have gotten about 4 from 16 relic iron nodes. 
In addition to what he said, he also give some extra advice that you must be careful if you drive full speed on sparrow, as you may not notice it as the transision markers don't stay long in some areas.

Now, is this true??

Well,  I don't have a picture, but I can confirM that this is actually true.  I have seen that icon when going to Mothyards, even back in the vanilla game. At first, I thought it was a VIP patrol beacon or a public event taking place, and then I just ignored it. But seeing this post, I think I may have passed a very simple method to get some exotic sword materials (sighing)....

Credits: Special thanks to Saviado for pointing this out!

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