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Exotic Combo: Touch of Malice and Sealed Ahamkara Grasps- An OP Combo That Many Guardians Did Not Tell You!

While I was streaming for some good stuff to learn and share on Destiny, I have found something really interesting about an Exotic Combo that I never heard before.. Seriously guys! Don't laugh... It looks like I'm living in a cave! Damn!

Okay..Enough with that... Let's get back to the topic at hand. A video that was shared by BomberFD on youtube has showed me how really cool an Exotic Combo is....

So what's an Exotic Combo?

It talks about the Touch of Malice and Sealed AHamkara Grasps being use together!

According to BomberFD, there is a way you can still gain the benefits of the Touch of Malice double damage without the penalties of losing your health. The Sealed Ahamkara Grasps have a perk where melee has a chance to reload your primary weapon. When that unique perk procs you now have a fully loaded Touch of Malice that is shooting at the double damage perk without the penalty of losing health. The melee procs around 50% or so and throwing knives also can trigger. Not a huge thing to exploit really cause what are the places this would be advantageous?

He also added that you may not gonna try to melee things in a nightfall or raid to manage your ammo but, it's just a cool combo that anyone will find awesome once they learned it (like me).

Lastly, Bomber FD did mention that this might get patch... Well, my question is why? Well because of the fact that it's on OP combo that will make Bungie think that the game will be easier when this method will be known to all Guardians....Well, that's my own opinion... But there's also a side of me that says that this method won't be abuse by Guardians. As what BomberFD said there's no chance that you will be melee-ing everything..

Oh by the way, you can watch the video below of BomberFD explaining how to use this method...

So, what's your opinion about this guys?

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Credits: Thanks to BomberFD for sharing this..