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Elder Scrolls Online Templar Power Cure Healer Build for 12-man Trials

Character information:

This build chooses the Breton templar for the increased magicka and reduced magicka cost passives. 

Attribute points:

Attributes are all into magicka to run with 16-17K health, 38-39K magicka.

Mundus Stone:

The Apprentice Mundus stone for increased spell power.

Champion System (currently ~360 CP 19/08/15):

The Lord – 10 points in Bastion to unlock the Field Physician passive (reduced damage when resurrecting a teammate). Bastion also boosts my shields (mostly for PvP tbh, so Quick Recovery would also be viable if aiming to unlock the Field Physician passive).

The Lady – Distribute the points fairly evenly between Thick Skinned, Elemental Defender, and Hardy due to the diminished returns. Have 1 point in Light Armour Focus too.

The Apprentice – 27 points into Elfborn (increase critical damage) and 1 point into Spell Erosion, Blessed, and Elemental Expert each to unlock the 12% spell critical passive.

The Ritual – All remaining points are going into Thaumaturge (increase poison, disease and magic damage dealt).

The Lover – 30 points into Arcanist (magicka recovery) to unlock the Synergizer ability (gain ultimate for performing a synergy).

The Tower – All remaining points are going into Magician (reduce magicka cost).

Many other healers run with a lot more points into Blessed. However, this build's healing policy is to do just enough healing while maximizing my damage output. With this CP arrangement, you can solo heal the Mantikora fight in Sanctum Ophidia as well as poison phases on The Serpent. More points into The Ritual is wasteful in my opinion.

Gear sets:

  • Head: Spell Power Cure (light, infused, magicka enchantment)
  • Shoulders: Molag Kena (medium, divines, magicka enchantment)
  • Chest: Torug’s Pact (heavy, infused/nirnhoned, magicka enchantment)
  • Hands: Spell Power Cure (light, infused, magicka enchantment)
  • Waist: Spell Power Cure (light, infused, magicka enchantment)
  • Legs: Spell Power Cure (light, infused, magicka enchantment)
  • Feet: Spell Power Cure (light, infused, magicka enchantment)
Note: light, medium and heavy pieces for the full undaunted passive bonus. Nirnhoned/Infused depends on whether you want amazing spell resistance or slightly higher magicka. At this build's current CP, nirnhoned can be dropped so you can try to min/max my magicka. Molag Kena is there now as the 1-piece will provide some additional spell damage as of the latest patch. Spell Power Cure will give you 2 max magicka bonuses and another spell damage bonus. Torug will be 2-piece with my weapon bars for an additional spell damage bonus. Unsure if the traits will vary for Spell Power Cure, in which case, do the typical divines on small pieces and infused on large pieces if so.

Note on Spell Power Cure: this does not stack if used by multiple people. So 1 person per raid group wearing this is enough. The proc comes from every heal – Puncturing Sweep, Purifying Light etc. Also if you want to buff the pets of a Sorcerer you have to do a direct heal on them (Springs/Combat Prayer/Extended Ritual), things like Rapid Regeneration/Mutagen don’t seem to target them.

  • Necklace: Willpower (arcane, spell cost reduction)
  • Ring 1: Willpower (arcane, spell cost reduction)
  • Ring 2: Willpower (arcane, spell cost reduction)
Note: if you’re having zero resource issues then start swapping on spell damage glyphs.

  • Bar 1: Restoration Staff of Torug’s Pact (precise, absorb magicka/poison)
  • Bar 2: Destruction Staff of Torug’s Pact (precise, absorb magicka/poison)
An alternative to this build could be to drop the Molag Kena, have 2 Torug’s Pact armour pieces, then the Master Restoration/Destruction staves. However, this build is aiming to min/max everything to V16 with this current build. Until you can get a V16 Master Staff, don't keep using your V14 versions. This will depend on tank stamina sustain with the new 0 recovery while blocking – the enchantment from the Master Restoration Staff giving stamina back may help a lot with that. We’ll see!

Total bonuses:
  • Max magicka: 3
  • Spell power: 4
Skill Bars:

Bar 1 – Restoration Staff and Healing

  • Inner light for the 5% increased magicka, 2% magicka recovery, and Major Prophecy boost.
  • Healing Springs for a heal can spam over the entire group. Rapid Regeneration can be used here instead for a strong HoT for small group content.
  • Combat Prayer to boost defenses and give the Minor Berserk bonus to the group for more damage.
  • Breath of Life for the panic heal only a Templar can do ;)
  • Extended Ritual for a great, long-term HoT and to boost all your healing. If you will place it over the group it will keep the Spell Power Cure bonus refreshing on everyone without me having to do much.
  • Crescent Sweep ultimate. This is here for the Piercing Spear passive but can easily be swapped out for other ultimates that may be needed (e.g. Nova).
  • Rotation details: keep Combat Prayer up on the group and place Extended Ritual so it’s overlapping everyone – refresh both on cool down. Layer Springs over the tank/group when there’s heavy damage to deal with and send an emergency BoL out as and when it’s needed.
Bar 2 – Destruction Staff and Support

  • Inner Light – see above
  • Channeled Focus to keep resources high. If you aren’t struggling with resources then I’d consider Purifying Light, Radiant Destruction, Puncturing Sweep or Reflective Light as great flex slots here.
  • Repentance for the stamina builds and tank as well as being a free panic heal when there are corpses.
  • Blazing Spear is a great AoE DPS skill and the synergy will be pivotal for keeping tank stamina high with the new stamina regeneration changes. Piercing Spear passive for slotting on bar.
  • Elemental Drain to help magicka DPSers keep their resources high.
  • Aggressive War Horn ultimate. Boost all damage done and all resources for the group.
Rotation details: Keep Elemental Drain up on large adds and bosses. Make sure you’re sitting on your Channeled Focus to keep your resources up. Whenever there are 3+ corpses around use Repentance on the group to top up stamina and health. Throw Shards out to the tank and stamina builds whenever you have a chance. If no healing is needed then spam Blazing Spear.

Other notable skills: Mystic Orbs are great for magicka sustain in a group. We usually run these in 12-man trials. Try to split the support skills across 2 people if necessary. Puncturing Sweep can also be very useful to help with DPS if not much healing is needed – the self heal from this will still proc the Spell Power Cure bonus on you! Though as long as Extended Ritual is up this shouldn’t be a problem.